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Chapter 473 The Heaven-Earth Fire Soul

Chen Xiang did not get much time to think before he fell into the giant fireball. The incomparably scorching heat seeped into his body, making him to feel like he was about to melting.

However, he was happy since his body was still fine although it was very painful. The heat being radiated from fusion of the Heavenly Fire Soul and the Earth Fire Soul within his body was even hotter than the earth's core!

Chen Xiang could do nothing but bear it. He felt that if he could master such a powerful flame in the future, he would be unimaginable strong, even hotter than the Earth's Core!

"Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique, now!" Su Meiyao shouted.

Chen Xiang's consciousness was still there, but he was unable to use the True Qi within his body. He couldn't making his True Qi running according to the spell on the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique. Even so, he still attempted to do it.

Now he was in the heart of the earth, which was like a huge furnace. Incomparably hot flames were frantically destroying his body, causing him endless pain. If his spirit wasn't strong enough, he would have fainted long ago, but he could definitely not faint under such circumstances.

However, it was no doubt a good opportunity to cultivate the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique. He was sure that as long as he could get through it, his strength would increase by a great deal.

In this agony of pain, his spirit was tempered, as well as his divine soul!

Chen Xiang knew that if his body was controlled by the Heavenly Fire Soul and Earth Fire Soul, there would be no good outcome for him in the end. He might be tortured to death. Now the two fire souls in his body were fiercely fighting, and Chen Xiang would not allow them to continue.

"You're both mine!" Chen Xiang made his heart hardened. His magic power suddenly surged out and circulated in his body, carrying the True Qi into his body to run according to the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique. At the same time, he urged his magic power to suppress the two fire souls, which consumed pretty a large amount of power since the two fire spirits had already melted into all of his cells.

Chen Xiang knew that his magic power had extensive usages, but unfortunately, now his magic power was insufficient and he almost used it up immediately. He had to use it to suppress the two tyrannical fire souls, while simultaneously instruct his True Qi to circulate within his body.

Just as his magic power was about to run out, the teenager in his consciousness suddenly opened eyes. This little person was Chen Xiang's divine soul. He looked exactly the same as Chen Xiang in his teen ages. He grew up from an infant and was still growing up.

After the little person opened his eyes, a surge of magic power suddenly surged out from his body, making Chen Xiang to be extremely joyful. He hurriedly used the flow of magic power to conduct his cultivation, and at the same time, fuse the two fire souls.

After he had enough magic power, Chen Xiang felt much better now, though his body was still in incomparably pain. Now, he could only control the situation inside his body and urge the two fire souls to fuse together.

The Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique was a divine technique. It utilized a very extreme way to temper one's body and allow one's physical body to strengthen rapidly. Now, Chen Xiang could clearly feel his flesh body strengthening.

"The Nine Circulation Dragon Divine Technique. It is also a good time to cultivate your divine soul." Long Xueyi shouted.

Originally, Chen Xiang was worried that his endless magic power might disappear if he circulated the Nine Circulation Dragon Divine Technique. However, since Long Xueyi had said this, he would definitely not be affected, so he immediately circulated his technique.

Two divine techniques, one of which for cultivating flesh body, the other for cultivating divine soul, could complement each other and product even better effects.

Now, Chen Xiang felt that time passed very slowly, because he was indulged in endless pain.

"Xueyi, why he suddenly has so much magic power?" Su Meiyao asked doubtfully. She and Bai Youyou had always been paying attention to Chen Xiang's condition. His situation finally stabilized, which made them much more reassured.

"I wonder why he's so lucky to comprehend the realm of 'boundless magic' so easily. Generally the little person appears only when he's in an urgent need of magic power, few in the Divine Path can do it." Long Xueyi said.

"Judging from his current speed, he'll need at least a month to fuse the Heavenly and Earth Fire Soul." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang himself knew very clear that the progress of fusion was very slow. Thinking that he would stay here for a long time, he couldn't help but shouting out loud …

The Earth's Core was filled with the heart-wrenching screams, but after a month, his voice suddenly stopped and the Earth's Core calmed down again.

After a short period of silence, still, a burst of arrogant laughter sounded out. A pillar of fire suddenly gushed out from the gigantic fireball in the Earth's Core, and Chen Xiangfei, who was in the Earth's Core, rushed out, with a huge pair of fire wings on his back.

Chen Xiang successfully merged the two fire souls. The fire souls within his body had become the Heaven-Earth Fire Soul, which, although looked like an ordinary flame, was accompanied with much stronger flame than before!

"Haha …the Heaven-Earth Fire Soul. You Bastard from the Holy Light Sect, I'm coming! " Chen Xiang's entire body was covered in flames as he fluttered his majestic Vermilion Bird Fire Wings and flied forward.

"Not bad. Your divine soul has cultivated to the figure of eighteen years old, and your Immortal Demon body is also in stage eighteen, which is quite harmonious." Long Xueyi praised.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both happy inside. Chen Xiang's flames had become even stronger, which would help him a lot when he cultivate Dan in the future.

After his soul and body had improved a lot, Chen Xiang felt that his strength was indeed much greater.

Chen Xiang followed the route he had come on to return to the passageway beneath the abyss, then flied towards the Primordial Fire Beast.

When the Primordial Fire Beast saw Chen Xiang, it let out a roar, "It is out of my expectation that you could go to the Earth's Core. Just like I thought, there's an Earth Fire Soul there. You are a lucky dude!"

"Hehe, it's all thanks to your advice." Chen Xiang said with a smile.

"Your current Fire Soul should be strong among all the fire souls. Of course, there's someone still stronger than you. Don't be too proud! Remember to fulfill your promise, and I will be waiting for you here. " The Primordial Fire Beast said.

Chen Xiang walked out of the cave and took out the Luotian Door. He confirmed his target and opened a Space Gate!

After entering the Space Gate, he came to the small island. This uninhabited island was very close to that whirlpool, and now, that whirlpool had been closed.

"It looks like we'll have to wait a few more days!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but worry. He was worried that the three Holy Light Sect martial artists were not there.

"Wait two more days, then use your Luotian Door to get in as it is about to opening. You must go in ahead of time, because now many people are waiting for the whirlpool to open, and then come in! "Long Xueyi smiled.

Only now did Chen Xiang remember that Long Xueyi had already released the news of the White Tiger Profound Realm. The strong forces in Chenwu Continent would definitely come after they knew that there was a Profound Realm.

It was almost two months now. Perhaps people from the other continents would also come. It should be know that a Profound Realm was like a treasure trove. In this era of resources shortness, it posed huge attractiveness to every sect.

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