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Chapter 427: The battle in the canyon   Chapter 427: The battle in the canyon

Chen Xiang was truly amused by the fact that Gongsun Jie didn't immediately leave the array after he's freed from the dreamland.

After Gongsun Jie saw Chen Xian expression, he immediately reacted and hurriedly fled backward while continuously bombarding the ground, he's trying to ruin the array by splitting the ground apart, from this point, it can be seen that he has a slight knowledge about arrays.

“Chen Xiang, what your intentions behind trapping me inside an illusion array?” Gongsun Jie shouted at him from a distant place, although his tone is quite fierce and threatening, but he didn't dare to approach him in the slightest,

Chen Xiang said with a smile “What intentions can I have? I just saw a wild boar coming over so I activated the array, and I didn't expect Brother Gongsun concealment skill to be this outstanding, I only managed to discover you after I killed that wild boar.”

After hearing Chen Xian response, Gongsun Jie gawked for a bit, he was just immersed in the dreamland for a short while, and Chen Xiang unexpectedly managed to kill that boar-man in such short time, Although such strength surprised him, but it isn't enough for him to fear him.

“Chen Xiang, your snatched my prey, it would be best for you to immediately hand it over, otherwise......”

Chen Xiang coldly laughed and walked toward him “otherwise what? will you kill me?”

“You can't blame me of this, because I saw that boar-man first, and it's me who took the trouble of leading him here, so he naturally belongs to me, if you don't hand over his demon heart, then I can only take it by force” Gongsun Jie coldly said, and took out a long spear which is entirely covered by intense yellow flame.

Gongsun Jie pointed his spear at Chen Xiang, and immediately the heat from the flame burning in the long spear erupted, and all of the leaves of the surrounding tree dried up, and started falling all over.

After he sensed the heat emanating from it, Chen Xiang was greatly surprised,he didn't expect that Gongsun Jie posses a fire spirit, this yellow flame can only be used by those who possess a fire spirit.

Afer he saw Chen Xiang's complexion, Gongsun Jie disdainfully laughed “Your little flame is nothing in my eyes, because my fire can make even old monster specialized in using fire admit defeat.”

He knows that Chen Xiang is a fire expert, and because of this he becomes quite complacent, because he thought that Chen Xiang feared his flame.

In the fire spirit rank, the yellow Fire Spirit is ranked third from the bottom, and Chen Xiang's Heavenly Sun Fire Spirit is actually one of the strongest fire spirits, And it can be considered a King among Fire Spirit, however, because Chen Xiang controlled it quite well, its domineering aura wasn't exposed at all.

Elder Dan repeatedly urged him and Wu Qianqian to not expose their Fire Spirit, otherwise the Fire God Palace will set their eyes on them.

Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue also know this matter, Liu Meng'er managed to successfully fuse with her Fire spirit under Chen Xiang's help, As for Hua Xiangyue, Chen Xiang suspect that she also has a Fire Spirit.

Witnessing Chen Xiang maintaining his silence, Gongsun Jie started ridiculing him “Are you afraid of this type of flame! I will inform you why it's this strong, It because I obtained a Fire Spirit, as an alchemy master, you should know what is a fire spirit, it's supreme treasure for alchemists.”

Gongsun Jie also knows that he should absolutely conceal the fact that he posses a Fire Spirit, and it's only because he believes that Cheng Xiang will soonly die that he doesn't have any misgiving.

In response to his taunt, Chen Xiang coldly laughing in his mind Even a trifling yellow fire spirit dares to flaunt in front of his Heavenly Sun Fire, in a while he will take care of him.

“So what? a true battle isn't only about whose fire is more powerful!” Chen Xiang lightly smiled and said, and a burst of pure and vigorous water attribute True Qi erupted from his body, while at the same time several thick water vines suddenly erupted from the ground under Gongsun Jie feet.

Since his opponent uses fire, then he will use water to deal with him, Although honestly speaking, it's still impossible for his Black Tortoise True Qi to suppress a fire spirit's flame.

The water vines which Chen Xiang summoned quickly intertwined around Gongsun Jie whole body, and they intertwined even around that his spear, and a screen of mist was formed from the water evaporated by the flames, which made GongsunJie can't help angrily cursing Chen Xiang in his mind.

“Such  methods are useless against me!” Gongsun Jie roared, and a burst of flames erupted from his body which instantly evaporated Chen Xiang's water vines.

By the time he completed all of this, Chen Xiang already took out his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and arrived beside him and slashed toward him.

However, Gongsun Jie was already paying attention to Chen Xiang's movement when he was dealing with the water vines, so he promptly blocked his strike with his spear.

Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon lightning collided with Gongsun Jie flames which give birth to a strong explosion which illuminated the entire canyon, and stirred wave after wave of winds which created a fierce storm which pulled the tree from their roots, and in several breaths time, the land was razed down.

From the land state, one can imagine how powerful was their collision.

Chen Xiang was shaken and forced to draws back, and his hands are still shuddering a bit from their exchange, Gongsun Jie is more powerful than Wan Xuan which he met.

Gongsun Jie also feel quite pressured from the ferocious strength which Chen Xiang displayed, Although in the past, from Chen Xiang previous fight, He knows well that he's proficient at hiding his true strength  , but he didn't put it to heart, because he's confident about his strength and didn't believe that he will be any weaker than him, because his bloodlines power is many time more powerful than normal martial artist.

Chen Xiang grasped his blade hilt and slightly frowned, the bloodline power is truly outstanding, if he was facing a normal martial artist which just reached the Peak Realm, then it will be impossible for them to block his strike, and they may not even be able to deal with his water vines.

Gongsun Jie didn't fare better, from their previous confrontation, he feels as if Chen Xiang blade weigh tens of millions Kg, and this in itself s quite terrifying, without even mentioning the terrifying lighting which it contains.

Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade will become heavier the more Qi he put into it and in the previous exchange, he has only used the Azure Dragon True Qi.

Gongsun Jie doesn't want to show weakness, he shook his long spear, and immediately a violent flame erupted from it which went after Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang raised his brow slightly, and immediately a lifelike azure dragon appeared in the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, which immediately becomes red, then golden...... it continually changed to various color with extreme speed.

This time, Chen Xiang used his Universe True Qi, which's formed by fusing the five types of True Qi in his body, Such Qi is many time more powerful than his normal Qi, and in fusion, the increase in power isn't as simple as one plus one.

The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade started angrily roaring, and along with its shocking roars, a burst of violent wind erupted from the blade, which formed a storm which submerged Gongsun Jie.

Angry Dragon Cut! It's one of Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, it's one of the fastest to use and it can be used repeatedly until his True Qi dry out.

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