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Chapter 416:Big Gift

Gu Dongchen and Lian Yingxiao looked at each other, they knew the relationship between Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, they just didn’t know it was so deep that it could make this empress so mad.

As for Wu Kaiming and other big shots, they only thought that Liu Menger was angry for his disciples husband.

"Wang Quan, you might not know! This brat is an Honorary Chief Alchemist of our Danxiang Taoyuan, he is the guest of Danxiang Taoyuan."Hua Xiangyue laughed coldly

Now Divine Martial Palace knows that Chen Xiang not only had Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Huang Jintian as his backing, he also had these two powerful ladies.

Wang Quan's brows were already covered in frost, he took a deep breath, he knew that Liu Menger had crossed the Nirvana seventh tribulation, and she cultivates Cold Wind Divine Exercise, which is very formidable. Of course, Liu Menger's parents were the previous eras characters, not even Huang Jintian dared to fight them.

Although Liu Menger said that her parents have already ascended to heaven realm, no one know whether they left behind many influence and befriended hidden strong warriors when they ascended, if they were to band together with Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, Divine Martial Palace naturally wouldn’t be scared, but they must consider the lost.

"I didn’t aim him, just that…. Just that people of Divine Martial Palace have heard of his name before, and they all wanted to spar with him…."

Wang Quan haven’t even finished speaking and Gu Dongchen interrupted: "but is this fair for him? This is you dereliction of duty, are you going to just leave it like this?"

Wang Quan frowned, Gu Dongchen wanted him to apologize to Chen Xiang, but he was the highest person in power in this King's Continent, Divine Martial Palace's palace master, how could he personally apologize to the ant like Chen Xiang.

"It wasn’t because of the dereliction of duty of our Divine Martial Palace, it is just that Chen Xiang passed by the ambush locations by chance, that’s why the ambusher attacked." Wang Quan said coldly.

"That’s not the reason…"suddenly, a timid voice sounded, although it was soft, everyone basically heard it, they all looked at the same place at the same time, only to find out the person who spoke was beautiful young girl wearing blue dress, when her pair of cute eyes rotated, it even has blue lights.

The big shots waiting here all knew that this young girl was the first to reach the end, but none of them have any knowledge of her.

Lanlan seeing that everyone was looking at her, stuck out her tongue, and said softly: "earlier when i was on my way, i met those keys too, but they didn’t block me, the guys riding the lion even asked me to go further away."

Chen Xiang cant help it but to laugh, but his heart was feeling weird, he always thought that Lanlan was part of Divine Martial Palace, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t, otherwise saying these things would be equal to giving Wang Quan a tight slap in the face.

"Brat, you…."Wang Quan glared at Lanlan, only to see Lanlan make faces at him, her face not containing any trace of fear.

This made the crowd instantly liked the young girl in blue dress, and they knew that this Lanlan is also not simple, otherwise it would be impossible to fly to the end point so quickly, furthermore she is unafraid of Wang Quan, although she speaks very softly and looks very timid, her face had fearless written over her whole face.

"What i said is true, i have also seen that golden blade bear, that stupid bear even told me his plan, saying something about using a very powerful group formation to imprison this naughty Chen Xiang, making him unable to use True Qi or move, and the golden blade bears mission is to cut off both of Chen Xiang’s arms." Lanlan said angrily when she saw Wang Quan being mad at her.

Hearing Lanlan call Chen Xiang naughty, Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue rolled their eyes at Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang was so embarrassed that he can’t even raise his head up, he didn’t think that Lanlan this girl who looked timid, would dare to say so much details.

"Lan brat you… you…" Wang Quan was breathless, he raised his hands, but had to put it down, as there was a lot of people watching, furthermore what Lanlan said was also true.

Wang Quan previously insisted that he didn’t aim Chen Xiiang, but after Lanlan this King's Continent warrior testified, this was simply pushing him to the abyss.

"Don’t think that i’m scared of you because my grandfather died. Humph our Lan Family isn’t as simple as you think, if necessary, our Lan Family can destroy your Divine Martial Palace anytime." seeing that Wang Quan wanted to hit her, she was very angry and said tenderly

Wang Quan gave a cold humph, jumped and flew away, if not Gu Dongchen might force him to apologize to Chen Xiang.

This moment, and elderly said: "there is still one more challenge, after clearing the next challenge, it would be martial arts competition last, now you have three days of rest, after three days, the next challenge will start."
"Chen Xiang, you better withdraw!"Hua Xiangyue said.

"I have already reached this point, if i give up now, wouldn’t my suffering previously be for nothing?"Chen Xiang smiled lightly, if it wasn’t for the Fruit of Fortune as reward, he would have quitted long ago.

But he was confident in himself, moreover the gap between now and the final martial arts competition were also not big, he would be able to get the Heavenly Grade pill and the Fruit of Fortune quickly.

Hua Xiangyue can also see that Chen Xiang came for the Fruit of Fortune, if it wasn’t for her Danxiang Taoyuan disciple being incompetent, she will also make her disciples come and compete.

"Elder Ding, your Divine Martial Palace should be more sincere! Although Divine Martial Palace has the most influence in King's Continent, you shoul know that it is only on the surface! Our Wu Village and Blue Blood Clan is only disinclined to care about worldly affairs, if you guys do things too far, we will do the necessary move, in order to avoid you throwing the King Clan's honor." Wu Kaiming said.

Chen Xiang now know that there is till other powerful influences in King's Continent, the Wu Canghong that Chen Xiang previously met should be Wu Kaiming's old ancestor.

Elder Ding nodded: "i will speak with the palace master, he truly overdid it this time."

Wang Quan's disastrous defeat by Huang Jintian was known by many, everyone suspected that Wang Quan wanted to get revenge because of the matters in the past, so he intentionally made things difficult for Chen Xiang.

There was a lot of houses on the summit, but due to the temperature being low and Liu Menger's Ice True Qi she released just now, the house were all covered in frost, making it more freezing, but now Liu Menger released flames to melt those frosts.

Liu Menger's purple fire spirit had ice characteristics, so her Ice True Qi was more overbearing, this was also part of Liu Menger's hidden strength.

Chen Xiang wasn’t angry, he was now inside a room, digesting the memories, he treated those memories as a big present by Wang Quan, those four formation master’s knowledge on formations far exceeds his expectation, those four people studied different things, when added together it becomes more astonishing.

Other than knowledge on formations and formations setting up experiences, Chen Xiang also obtained three of Divine Martial Palace' s secret skill, these four people must be important characters in Divine Martial Palace, obtaining these secret skills was only average, the best part is that he now knew a lot of Divine Martial Palace's secret.

For example, location of Divine Martial Palace's mysterious medicine garden, how to deal with the formation in the medicine garden. And Divine Martial Palace's Martial Arts Pavilion, Divine Martial Palace's alchemy rooms and Divine Martial Palace's dungeon and so forth.

Because these four people needed to lay formations there to protect those top secret places, therefore they were very clear on it, but now, Chen Xiang had all those memories!

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