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Chapter 412: Unending Obstacles

Chen Xiang spun unceasingly, the large tornado looks like it won’t stop madly extracting everything from the ground, wherever it went, it turns the area into a flat land.

Those Golden Griffins that got sucked into the tornado will collide with either a huge rock or another Golden Griffin, while being baked by the heat and struck by the lightning, those few people were also the same, but they didn’t die immediately, only physically devastated.

The Golden Griffins and the few Extreme realm warriors are only at beginner stage of Spirit Martial realm, their strength are far below Chen Xiang, so it was very difficult for them to escape Chen Xiang's domineering techniques, furthermore they were now heavily injured.

When Cheng Xiang felt that he was only left with half of Vermilion Bird Qi and Azure Dragon Qi, he quickly stopped his skill, only to see those Golden Griffins and few people dropping, thousands of Golden Griffins wailing in low voices and falling heavily to the ground, leaving a lot heavy casualties.

Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief, and the wings behind his back turned small again, he found his direction, flapped his wings, flew up to the sky and continued towards the destination

Wang Quan came when Chen Xiang just left not long ago, he rushed here immediately after receiving an emergency notification saying that there were very heavy casualty here.

Seeing the group of unconscious Golden Griffins on the ground, and listening to these weak cries, veins popped out from Wang Quan's fist

"Old Wang, as i have said before, don’t belittle him, it was you who originally planned to use the Golden Griffins to stop him, so his counter-attack was very normal! You can only say that you brought this upon yourself, i advise you to better not use dirty moves, if you make him mad, it might cause deaths."Gu Dongchen said

Wang Quan gasped for breath, suppressing his anger as it slowly disappears, he gave a cold humph:"this was part of the rules, i didn’t stop him on purpose!"

Seeing Wang Quan, Gu Dongchen followed behind as he was afraid that Wang Quan would attack Chen Xiang.

"Ai, there is only death of Spirit beasts now, if you were to stop him again, the next death would be some people!" Gu Dongchen sighed and said, those who were riding on the Golden Griffin's didn’t die but they were very heavily injured.

From the start, those who tried to stop Chen Xiang all died, except for those few just now who had heavy injuries.

Wang Quan didn’t want to stop Chen Xiang, all he wanted is to delay Chen Xiang, but he didn’t know that Chen Xiang had such a strong killing skill, even thousands of Golden Griffins can’t do anything, instead they got suppressed by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang is blowing whistle while soaring in the sky, at this point his mood was very good because he knew that the deaths of those Golden Griffins would bleed Spirit Hall, furthermore this was all because they asked for it

"His mother, if someone tries to stop me again, i will personally attack them!" Chen Xiang suddenly very look forward to meeting people sent by Spirit Hall.

"Hey, your move just now was very powerful, but the consumption is very high, it is only suitable for people who are weaker than you, if it was used against me, it would be useless."Lanlan came again from the top of Chen Xiang.

"Brat why do you always follow me? I am a big meanie! Is it because i’m too handsome?"Chen Xiang happily said with a smile.

"Pei! You narcissistic guy, i was only bored, i don’t know how long i would still need to fly, this competition was too boring,there is also nothing to relieve my boredom."Lanlan gently sighed.

"Why don’t you go find your King's Continent warriors! Why did you find me?" Chen Xiang also don’t understand why he was targeted by this brat.

"They are too slow, and you are the only one that flies, the others are all running, totally unable to talk to at all."Lanlan said

"Forget it, i better fly faster and reach the destination as soon as possible, so bored!"

Lanlan's speed made Chen Xiang jealous, and she seemed like she was flying with ease, he could only sigh as he still didn’t know how many more things would be waiting for him on the road, he guessed that his competition was held because of him, because he had the powerful Dragon Force, if it was a face to face fight, Wang Quan had no confidence in his disciples at all.

For Chen Xiang to lose, this was the only method to eliminate him, thinking to this point, Chen Xiang was furious, this was also the reason why he purposely didnt hide himself was to allow those waiting in ambush to discover him, this way he could heavily injure them as a way to relieve his dissatisfaction in his heart.

Two days passed, in the middle of the night, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a beam of light shooting from the ground to the sky, just as he felt odd, he sensed a very strong pressure, making him stop immediately.

Chen Xiang flapped his wings, allowing his heavy body to land on the ground, he found out what the beam of white light was, it was a formation that that creates pressure.

If it wasn’t for his quick reaction, he would most likely crashed fiercely.

"This was a big formation, in order to eliminate you, the Spirit Hall has spent quite a lot!" Su Meiyao said

Chen Xiang roared,he used a palm with Dragon Force on the ground, only to see to the circumference of several miles split open, the ground starts to shake crazily, and the forest was immediately ruined.

"There’s people, watch out!" Su Meiyao abruptly shouted.

Chen Xiang already sensed those people’s aura, it was four person and all of them are at Extreme realm.

That formation along with the ground had already been destroyed, so the pressure was also gone, but Chen Xiang didn’t choose to fly but to confront the four person walking towards him.

In the darkness, four people in black suddenly appeared around Chen Xiang, seeing Chen Xiang's natural face, as if he was waiting for them, their hearts all felt very shocked.

After they appeared, the raised their hand without any second words and a strange energy spout out from their palms, in a blink of an eye, appeared a complicated Spirit pattern formation under Chen Xiang's feet.

Once the formation appeared, Chen Xiang's complexion changed drastically because he can’t use True Qi, the worst thing is that his body cannot move too.

Seeing Chen Xiang’s complexion, those four men in black looked very haughty.

Chen Xiang quickly calmed down, he coldly laughed:"Aren’t you guys gonna attack?"

"We are only responsible to hold you down, the person to attack you will come shortly after!" a person coldly said.

Chen Xiang wrinkled his brows, feeling hateful in his heart, both his feet are now closely attracted to the ground and unable to move at all, furthermore he could not use True Qi, if someone were to come, he would be in a dangerous situation.

"It seems like this big formation is laid down by you, but it was easily broken by me!" Chen Xiang was unexpectedly calm now and this made the four men in black feel worried.

However when it comes to this formation where they collaborated, they were still quite confident, furthermore the person that is coming to deal with Chen Xiang is also reaching soon,when the time comes it would be Chen Xiang's turn to be heavily injured.

Chen Xiang could not use True Qi or move! But his mouth can still move, so his magic powers can be used! This way, he could display his Divine Sense, and use magic to gather strength using Qi of Heaven and Earth to attack.

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