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Chapter 410:Fire Lightning Wings

Chen Xiang flew so high to avoid being blocked by others, but he never thought that there would be people waiting in the sky for him.

“Are these guys waiting for me? How did they know that i will go pass here!” although Chen Xiang felt suspicious but he wasn’t worried.

“Just charge through them,they should be using talismans to communicate to allow them to prepare, who asked you to have such an eye catching pair of wings, if you were like the brat just now, it would be hard to discover you.”Long Xueling said.

Chen Xiang’s wings suddenly increased its size by onefold, allowing the wings to be more powerful hence the speed increased.

There was indeed six person floating in the sky in front waiting for him, Chen Xiang could tell that they used quite a bit of energy to allow their bodies to float from the aura they released.

If they were to fight, they will definitely lose to Chen Xiang, and their motive for being here was just to delay time, making Chen Xiang slower than King’s Continent disciples, finally making him lose the competition.

“As expected that Wang Quan cheated, all is good, i can let him know that Chen Xiang isn’t someone easy to bully.”Chen Xiang was slightly furious in his heart,his wings suddenly shone with a bright golden light, making him look like he turned into a golden eagle, only that the light given out is mixed with red and gold instead.

This is what happened when Chen Xiang merged Fire True Qi and Metal True Qi, he was very proficient in controlling the True Qi within his body and very flexible in using it so doing this merger wasn’t very hard.

Those six Extreme realm warriors all had a bad feeling after seeing Chen Xiang’s huge golden eagle wings.

Chen Xiang’s wings was very big, when stretched it can reach tens of zhang, looking very shocking, it makes people think that it was a Pacific huge bird, and those golden eagle wings looks like it contains a very horrifying power.

“Its coming!”said big guy with a dignified face,at this point, he wanted to run because he knew that the wings that are currently charging towards will surely bring about a very strong impact force.

“Can’t stop it, quick run!” one person shouted, the distance between Chen Xiang and them aren’t very big, but seeing Chen Xiang posture, they all knew that it won’t be long before colliding with Chen Xiang, and it looks like Chen Xiang intentionally charged towards them.

Chen Xiang laughed loudly:“you guys don’t have the chance anymore!”suddenly his pair of wings wreathed with soul-stirring electric glow, allowing his speed to increase multiple folds.

“Ill bang you to death!” shouted Chen Xiang, showing off his golden wings that is filled with powerful electric snakes, and Chen Xiang’s body leaks out waves of golden light, bringing about incredibly towering killing pressure, like an furious dragon with wings.

In an instant, Chen Xiang already went past where the six of them were at, while charging through there were a lot of heaven shaking thunder cries along with those people’s pitiful yells resounding throughout the area.

Chen Xiang was able to feel the six person getting hit by the horrifying wings, his wings had energy of metal, fire and lightning, when it exploded at the same time the strength was very big adding on the speed of impact the strength will multiple higher.

With Chen Xiang’s impact, he didn’t know what happened to those six people as he had gone far away from that place, he also didn’t care whether those people lived or died as he did not attack at all, what he did was very normal, he was just charging through!

Chen Xiang is currently high up in the clouds, very far away from the ground, if people Extreme realm fell from this height, the consequence would be very serious, they won’t die but it would definitely result in serious injury.

His wings once again restored his wings to Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, although the speed was very fast just now, it also taxing to maintain, because he still didn’t know how long he would need to fly to reach the destination, and there would definitely have more obstructions in front, so he had to save some energy for it

“Its that brat!” Long Xueling said.

Chen Xiang saw a young girl flying around the clouds, exuding strings of clear laughter, playing like a child, when she saw Chen Xiang, she flew towards him and flew together.

“I’m so bored, if your speed is faster, we could fly together to the destination!” Lanlan pouted while saying, unexpectedly she was waiting for Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly:“i had to defeat six people who were blocking me, haven’t they block you?”

Lanlan laughed:“of course not, why would they block me?”

Chen Xiang felt more depressed:“that’s it, your King’s Continent is blatantly bullying foreigners,aiming me purposely!”

“Who asked you to be so powerful, making us lose face, of course we would aim you”Lanlan laughed.

Chen Xiang curled his lips, although he knew that this was not fair, he did not care, besides this could be considered a test of his strength, to him this wasn’t so bad at all.

“Why were you waiting for me? Wouldn’t it be over if you fly to destination first?”Chen Xiang raised his head and looked at Lanlan who was flying above, this look could really kill, because he can see Lanlan and her chest that doesn’t tally up with her appearance,even through the blue dress, it still looked very big.

This made him think of the legend about having a childish look and huge….

“Brat, even though you look very small, but your chests are very big! Other would definately not think that you are a little girl.”

Chen Xiang was stunned when he heard this, because this was said by Long Xueling, as Long Xueling have not feigned his voice for pranks for a very long time, Chen Xiang had already forgotten this naughty dragons prank move.

Lanlan’s adorable small face turned red, her delicate eyebrows wrinkled and her face looked angry:“Chen Xiang, you….you are a meanie!”

Chen Xiang secretly scolded Long Xueling as he hurriedly said:“ahem,this…. This is true, you need to know that when men look at women, most of them will see the chest first, don’t you think so?”

“Of course i know! You don’t need to tell me.”Lanlan gave a charming humph

“Can you let me rub it?” Long Xueling once again mimicked Chen Xiang’s voice and said, while Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were laughing in the ring.

“Rub your head, you meanie, im not going to talk to you anymore, heng!”Lanlan sped up, flying away with a blush on her face

Long Xueling laughed:“Can’t even handle a bit of teasing”

Chen Xiang angrily said:“little butt dragon, when you grow up you better pray that you won’t have a big chest, if not i’ll rub on it everyday! It wasn’t easy getting to know a chick in King’s Continent, now it’s all ruined”

“Ya! Wasn’t easy knowing a big chest brat, you’re having bad thoughts aren’t you! You already have your sis Meng’er and Xianxian’s problem to solve! And both Xianxian and your Meng’er’s chest are as big as this brats one, sis Meiyao and sis Youyou’s are also quite big, you should have seen before, hehe.”Long Xueling laughed.

Chen Xiang thought about it, grinned:“True, but this is troublesome, that brat will definitely hate me, perhaps during the sparring match she will not have mercy on me.”

“Meanie, stop laughing, there are thousand of Golden Griffins in front! Quickly fly lower!”Chen Xiang suddenly heard Lanlan’s voice travel to his ears.

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