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The hole in the tree had a lot of space, but it did not affect the growth of the Earth tree at all.

Chen Xiang saw the formation laid down by the ice dragon. This formation was extremely special, it could borrow the strength of entire Earth tree to trap a Super Old Fire Beast.

The formation's Spirit grain was covered in a thick layer of ice. Chen Xiang tried it and found that even the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was unable to shatter it.

Long Xueyi said: "It's not a profoundbing, but the ice condensed from the strongest power that the ice dragon used; it's not that easy to break it. Hmph, this big lion, it's so hard to tell you what to do, but after going up there, I need him to give you a few more Earthly fruit. "

Chen Xiang released the Heaven fire and said: "Could it be that you really need to use a fire to melt it?"

Although the ice had not fused yet, it still showed signs of being shaken. This method was feasible, but the ice that sealed the entire array was as big as a mountain. When would the ice completely melt?

Furthermore, the entrance of the tree hole had already isolated the hot air outside. Otherwise, he would have been able to quickly absorb the fire energy outside and use the Heavenly Refining Flame to burn it down.

"Looks like I can only consume my own items!" Chen Xiang took out the bottle of Holy Water of Qiangyang. Each drop of the Holy Water of Qiangyang contained a dense amount of immortal energy, if he were to drink it, he would be able to use the Heavenly Alchemy and ignite a strong fire of heaven.

"We really lost big time. We have to really ask that big guy for some Earthly fruit to make up for it."

Chen Xiang drank an entire bottle of the Holy Dry Sun Water, then activated the Heavenly Alchemy, transforming the rich immortal energy into flames. After which, he began to fuse with his own Heaven fire, giving him an extremely violent flame.


He gathered this kind of violent, scorching power into his palms and continuously struck the thick ice beneath his feet. The violent, scorching power was like lightning, penetrating through the thick ice and causing it to crack open.

"The Heavenly Flame really does burn a lot of energy. The Holy Water of Qianyang is suddenly running out!" Chen Xiang took out the Hammer of God and madly hammered at the thick ice beneath his feet.

This Hammer of God had very good effects. After Chen Xiang injected the scorching fire energy into it, he released it using the Hammer of God. The power produced from the hammering had a very strong penetrative power.

At this moment, the crushed ice was much easier to melt!

In the following ten days, Chen Xiang exhausted all his means and finally reached the deepest part of the tree cave, standing on top of the array.

"It's much easier now!" Chen Xiang took out his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, hacked at the Spirit grain s, and cut off all their connections.

After the array formation was destroyed, a ruby bead suddenly appeared in the center of the array formation, emitting a dazzling fiery red light!

"What is this?" Chen Xiang anxiously grabbed onto the stone, he could feel a terrifying flame power, but it did not attack him.

"Could it be the crystal in the Earth tree's body?" Long Xueyi was also surprised.

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang suddenly cried out in alarm: "This stone wants to enter my body … …"

Chen Xiang held onto the crystal core inside the Earth tree's body tightly, his hands were trembling, and when he opened his palm, he saw that half of the fiery red bead had already entered his palm.

"This is bad, this thing is devouring my Heaven fire soul …" Chen Xiang's face changed greatly, while waves of lion roars could be heard, the Super Old Fire Beast must have already come out, and yet he had met with such danger.

The mysterious bead completely entered his palm and turned into a force that fiercely rushed into his body. It rushed through every part of his body, making him feel as if he was being pierced by countless scorching needles.

"My Heaven fire soul … is changing. What's going on? " Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the crystal had merged into his body, and was strengthening his Fire Soul.

Chen Xiang's body suddenly surged with pain, it was as painful as if he had merged with Fire Soul. He rolled on the ground, and after who knows how long, he realized that someone was grabbing onto his arm, and then pulled him through a very hot place.

At this moment, he was still very clear. He guessed that someone had found him and pulled him out of the hole in the tree, then passed through the core of the earth!

"The Earth tree that accompanied me for so many years was destroyed by you just like that, f * ck! "My geocentric crystal, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah …."

Chen Xiang heard a person who was complaining incessantly. It was the Super Old Fire Beast who had actually pulled him out, and the pain had only intensified, causing him to be unable to control his entire body, and he had even fallen into a coma.

Two days had passed when Chen Xiang finally woke up. He only saw a red-clothed middle aged man staring at him.

"You are … Senior Super Old Fire Beast? " Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something. Previously, he had heard the Super Old Fire Beast grumbling.

"That's me, you've fused quite well! "However, your fire has yet to reach the level of a Sky Fire; your fire potential is too astonishing. Once it erupts, your body won't be able to withstand it." The Super Old Fire Beast said.

Chen Xiang had known a long time ago that if he were to forcibly break through the flames, he would destroy himself.

Super Old Fire Beast's entire face was filled with sideburns and he looked extremely fierce. If a child saw him, they would probably be scared to tears.

"What if my flame breaks through? that is the Heaven Flame? " Chen Xiang asked. He inspected his body, but could not find anything. The Heaven fire soul was still there, and had not changed from before.

"The Core Crystal is the heart of the Earth tree and it has already been obtained by you! Do you know what the Mental Energy Crystal means? It was the seed of a divine flame, a divine flame … "It's not something that a child like Sky Fire can compare to."

The Super Old Fire Beast's words stunned Chen Xiang!

"But the next time you make a breakthrough, it should be the Heaven and Earth Sacred Flame! This is a very strong flame, almost the same as mine. However, your body is too weak. If you try to forcefully break through, you will only kill yourself! With your Divine Flame Seed, it will be much easier for you to cultivate Divine Flame in the future.

The Super Old Fire Beast arrived at the mouth of the cave. Looking at the blue sky outside, he had already brought Chen Xiang out of the You Ming Deep Abyss, "Do you have anything else to ask? This Seat is about to leave. "

"I want to ask about the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. I have already obtained the Ground killing, God slain method and Celestial Slain Method, I want to know where the other Heaven Earth Killing Method are. I keep having the feeling that if I don't gather all of them, it will be very difficult to continue cultivating. " Chen Xiang boldly asked.

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