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Below, there was a very large plaza. There were many disciples of the Spirit Demon and Fire Divine Palace were sparring and conducting combat training. There were many strong warriors present to guide them.

When Chen Xiang came to this place, he understood why Long Xueyi was so serious when he spoke earlier. Within this incomparably enormous underground plaza, there were tens of millions of people gathered here.

If such a power suddenly descended upon the Chen Martial Continent, then the consequences would be unimaginable. It would definitely cause the Chen Martial Continent to lose a large amount of blood.

The demons in this place were extremely vicious. Although it was just a spar, sometimes it was more real. They killed each other to death, and sometimes, there would even be mass fighting.

The thing that made Chen Xiang most disgusted was that once the demons died, a group of demons would immediately pounce on him and snatch their bodies away, so the disciples of the Fire Divine Palace were all far away from the demons.

Not long after entering, Chen Xiang saw many demons that had just died, and were so strong that not a single strand of hair remained. When the blood dripped down, a group of demons would rush to lick it, causing Chen Xiang's scalp to go numb.

"Fire Divine Palace." Chen Xiang looked at the tens of thousands of Fire Divine Palace disciples in the distance. Although they did not have many people, they were all very strong and were elites, different from the Fire Divine Palace disciples that Chen Xiang had talked about.

"If you want to kill them, you have to kill these Fire Divine Palace fellows first." Chen Xiang was secretly furious in his heart. Fire Divine Palace was a force of the Human Realm, but now they had to join hands with the fierce demons to attack the Human Realm. Once this group of demons reached the Chen Martial Continent, all they had to do was leave and it would be easy to control them.

"I can't sense the presence of the Immortal King, but the Immortal Monarch that cultivates the divine way is here." Long Xueyi said.

"Looks like I can only let Bai Zhan come over first."

Chen Xiang looked at the underground plaza and sneered in his heart, "You guys dug a good grave yourselves."

Of course, Chen Xiang really wanted to destroy this place in one breath, but the array protecting this place was very strong, even Immortal King would not be able to destroy it.

"Let the five hundred life roaming crossbow guards kill their elites first, and then send the disciples of the other sects over to deal with the demon using their combat skills."

Chen Xiang believed that, in this place, only the elites of the Fire Divine Palace was a huge threat. If those demons were to face a person who was proficient in the art of beheading demons, they would become extremely weak.

Chen Xiang quietly turned into a Devil Cultivator, walked to a resting place on the side, and then slowly approached the area where the group of Fire Divine Palace disciples were. At the same time, he used his Communication jade Symbol paper to transmit messages, telling those who had been waiting a long time, that the great battle was about to begin.

"Senior Bai Zhan, come over here first. There's a very powerful Immortal Monarch here, you might have to make a move when the time comes." Chen Xiang sent a message to Bai Zhan.

Bai Zhan brought 32 white tigers over, two of them were old white tigers, they were very strong as well, and as for the 30 young white tigers, they were not weak either. Long Xueyi had said it before, these white tigers would basically all be able to return alive, unless very strong people attacked them, Bai Zhan and the two old white tigers would definitely stop them.

On the other side of the Dragon Subduing School, the five hundred people held onto Death-haunting arrow, stood in the same Transmission array as Bai Zhan and waited for Chen Xiang to use the formation plate to guide them over.

When the disciples of the Fire Divine Palace saw that one of them had reached the boundary, they immediately frowned.

The boundary was wide, with a distance of over a hundred feet, the demons would not be able to enter into this boundary, and some of the Fire Divine Palace disciples had already shouted out loudly.

Chen Xiang immediately stopped, but the Fire Divine Palace disciples still took action, a long sword shooting over, the Fire Divine Palace disciples all had a teasing smile on their faces, as though they were hunting their prey, thinking that they could kill their prey with one strike.

But, the sword was actually waved away by Chen Xiang, and when he waved his hand, it released a ray of golden light, which immediately expanded out and turned into a wave, rippling towards the monsters. The monsters that were swept away by the light light immediately turned into white ashes, as though they had been cleansed.

The Devil-suppressing holy power that Chen Xiang used was not a joke, it was the super strong flames that he had just levelled up, it was easier to kill these demons than ants.

Seeing this scene, the disciples of Fire Divine Palace were stunned, the demons were also stunned, Chen Xiang then took out the array disc, and placed it at the place where it was cleared out, the array disc appeared, and quickly expanded, it was around a hundred metres wide, and Chen Xiang was also shocked by the array disc, he never thought that Divine Weapons Heavenly Country would produce it so quickly, he suspected that Divine Weapons Heavenly Country had already refined it long ago, and had only processed it slightly.

When the array disc appeared, it immediately became the largest. Before anyone could react, it lit up with a bright white light, then five hundred Death-haunting arrow s appeared, followed by the black clothed man who had already finished condensing the Innate Qi poison arrow. Bai Zhan and Duan Chong followed beside him.

"Kill!" Chen Xiang roared, and those five hundred black clothed men immediately jumped out of the array disc, and shot their Death-haunting arrow towards the group of Fire Divine Palace disciples who had just reacted.

These black clothed men were all trained, their bodies were all strong and powerful, they all had pills in their mouths, and they also brought some with them. What they wanted to do was to quickly release Innate Qi, so that the Innate Qi could absorb the poison from the bottle on top of the Death-haunting arrow, condensing it into a powerful Innate Qi poison arrow.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

The tens of thousands of people were already blocked, attacking, and dodging, but none of them could get close. As long as they were hit by the poison arrows, they would immediately lose their ability to attack.

In just a short moment, the bodies of many disciples from the Fire Divine Palace s had exploded into bursts of black blood, and the entire ground was filled with a pungent smell.

At this time, the demons also attacked, and the Transmission array plate lit up again. This sudden group of disciples from the Dragon Subduing School were led by Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, Xv Weilong, Teng Ying, Lian Mingdong and the team led by them. Each of them had around 10,000 points of strength, and the moment they appeared, they rushed towards the direction where the evil demon Qi was extremely dense.

Within this underground palace, roars and screams filled the air. Killing intent surged in the air, and the scene was extremely intense.

More and more people started to be transferred over. The Divine Weapon Sect, Icy Wind Valley, Super Martial School, Lotus Island and those people from the White Tiger Fighting Race, in a short period of time, hundreds of thousands of elite disciples were being transferred over.

"You bastards." An angry roar rang out, carrying a berserk pressure with it. Some people were so shocked that they vomited blood.

The Immortal Monarch who trained in the divine way was about to attack.

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