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Long Xueyi threw the Suzaku bow to Chen Xiang. After Chen Xiang received it, before he could drip his blood to recognize it as its master, the Suzaku bow had already started trembling, releasing waves of intense flames.

"There's a reaction!" Chen Xiang immediately dripped blood into the Suzaku bow, then activated the Vermillion Bird Divine Arts and fused with it.

Feeling that he had fused with the Suzaku bow, Chen Xiang suddenly felt the other three Divine Weapons inside his body appear. The Slaughter God's Hand appeared in his hands, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared in his right hand, and the dazzling profoundwu diamond armour wrapped around his body.

His left hand held a bow and his right hand held a saber. Both divine weapons were emitting an intense glow that pierced the eyes.

Chen Xiang fused with the connection between the Four Symbols Divine Weapons s, causing the Four Symbols Divine Weapons to become even brighter. The multicolored light emitted by the Four Symbols Divine Weapons did not last long, and gradually dimmed down as Chen Xiang continued to let the Four Symbols Divine Weapons merge with him.

After the strong light disappeared, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in Chen Xiang's hand changed. It was no longer as big as before, it had shrunk down a lot, and its shape also changed a lot. On the original cyan colored blade, a faint golden golden light appeared in the middle, with a golden dragon engraved on it! There was a pale silver halo around the handle of the saber, with a white dragon coiling around it.

The profoundwu diamond armour was originally glowing gold, but now it had turned deep red and mixed with some black, making it look even more low-key. It was not that stiff, just like a set of clothes that were slightly harder to wear.

The originally white hands of the killer had now turned into black gloves, revealing the fingers. The Suzaku bow, on the other hand, was no longer flickering with red light like it was before.

"What's going on? How come the Four Symbols Divine Weapons looks like a whole new level! " The green dragon said.

"It doesn't look as good as it did before, but in this way it looks very ordinary and not bad at all." Long Xueyi circled around Chen Xiang. Looking at the set of profoundwu diamond armour on his body, it didn't look like armor at all. Instead, it looked like an old set of clothes.

Chen Xiang said: "What you all have seen were only illusions, and this is the most ancient set of Four Symbols Divine Weapons. Back then, when I came to this set of Four Symbols Divine Weapons, I did not consider its appearance so it was not eye-catching, but it was very strong, I can feel it now."

The Azure Dragon said in shock, "I didn't expect those girls to have guessed correctly, and also have an ancient Four Symbols Divine Weapons. In that case, this incomplete Four Symbols Divine Weapons of yours has hidden clues about the ancient Divine Weapon?"

Chen Xiang nodded: "They are all in the Gods Realm, I know where they are, and I'm in different places. Moreover, I feel like there's something hidden inside that set of ancient Four Symbols Divine Weapons s!"

Long Xueyi laughed and said, "Old Cyan Bug, in the ancient Gods Realm, there might also be an Azure Dragon, maybe it has something to do with you!"

"Hard to say. My Azure Dragon is unique. If there had been an Azure Dragon back then, then I would have had a previous life. Then what about my previous life's memories?" The green dragon frowned and said, "Chen Xiang, if you can, can you help me go to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace to find some clues? I feel that there are a lot of secrets hidden there."

Chen Xiang nodded: "No problem, before I enter the Gods Realm, I will definitely go there and investigate. I believe that I have the strength to come out! I want to know too. "

"Do I also have a past life? Back then, we were the same batch of Saint Beasts! " Long Xueyi said, "There's also the big white cat, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise and the other ancient Holy Beasts."

Chen Xiang had broken the connection between the Four Symbols Divine Weapons and the Four Symbols Divine Weapons so the Four Symbols Divine Weapons in his body returned to its original state!

At this time, Liu Meng'er's voice sounded out, "Senior Azure Dragon, if you truly had a previous life, perhaps you would be able to awaken the memories of your previous life!"

Long Xueyi said, "That's right. When I have time, I want to see whether or not the sealed memories of my previous life are hidden deep within my soul!"

The Azure Dragon nodded. "I will definitely try it out in the future!"

Chen Xiang gave the three pellets he refined to Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian. The two of them did not have any bloodline inheritance, so their bodies were relatively weak.

"I'm about to leave too, but I still have something to do before I leave!" He wanted to find Yu Fan. Although he had obtained Peng Renyi's Divine Deity from Yu Fan, if Yu Fan wanted to kill him, he would not let this matter rest.

As for Yang Yan, he had asked Yang Yan to buy the necessary Holy level medicinal herbs from the Gods Realm, so he wanted to see if Yang Yan had managed to get any.

Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the hotel that belonged to Yang Yan in the Wind Eye City.

Yang Yan was still as passionate as before, but when he saw Chen Xiang's arrival, he quickly greeted him warmly.

"It seems like you've become a little stronger!" Although Yang Yan could not sense the change in Chen Xiang's strength from the aura, he could still make out some of it from the pair of eyes that had a confident light in them.

"The reason why I've been in seclusion for so long is for the sake of breaking through." Chen Xiang laughed: "Big brother Yang, have you gone to Gods Realm yet?"

Yang Yan poured a cup of wine for Chen Xiang and said: "I've been there once, I've brought the thing that you wanted."

Yang Yan took out three jade boxes, and introduced the contents of the boxes as he opened them.

"This is the Sacred Flame Fruit, an Inferior Grade Holy Elixir!"

"This is the Holy Ice Flower, and also an Inferior Grade Holy Elixir!"

"The last one is a Saint Origin Qi Ginseng, it's mainly used to strengthen the soul! Not to mention those rare items, they are all low-grade Holy Medicines. As for medium-grade and high-grade Holy Medicines, they are also available, they are fairly expensive and will take a period of time to obtain. I have travel to and from the Gods Realm, and have a time limit, so I can only obtain low-grade Holy Medicines. " Yang Yan's face looked a little ashamed, because he felt that he could only get things of this level, and he really let Chen Xiang down.

However, for Chen Xiang, the low rank Holy Elixir was already very good. All of these could be refined into a Holy Pellet, and they were also extremely useful for people like Liu Meng'er and the others who cultivated both fire and ice.

"It's fine, it's very good for me! How much is that? " Chen Xiang asked.

"This is my gift to you, please don't raise the spirit money with me." Yang Yan anxiously made a gesture to stop Chen Xiang from continuing to raise his spirit money.

Chen Xiang laughed and hastily toasted to Yang Yan.

"When I went back to the Gods Realm, I asked around too! The Penalty Heavenly God is powerful indeed. She was able to withstand the pressure from the Hell Divine Palace and the War God Shrine and not punish you! This is good news, but also bad news. " As Yang Yan spoke of the bad news, the smile on his face suddenly disappeared.

This made Chen Xiang a little nervous and hurried him: "What bad news? Is it against me? "

Yang Yan nodded his head, "It is indeed disadvantageous for you, but at the moment, it is not a threat to you at all. If it continues, it will be hard to say, because you do not know how long you will have to stay here before you can leave."

"What do you mean?" With the help of the Azure Dragon, Chen Xiang could leave anytime he wanted.

"Hell Devil Emperor is preparing to send down a new batch of War Gods and profound God. He used a lot of divine money before, and now he doesn't have much either, but he has promised that as long as you send your divine soul to hell, he will have a way to get the Heavenly Alchemy from you. After that, he will share the Heavenly Alchemy with the gods who cooperate with him."

"In the Gods Realm, the Heavenly Alchemy is something that many heavenly gods would want to obtain, especially those divine halls that have a large amount of Holy level medicinal herbs. If they have the Heavenly Alchemy, it would be able to raise the level of their Alchemist s."

Yang Yan drank a cup of wine and continued, "The other gods are also considering this, even the Wealth Divine Palace's God of Fortune has such considerations, if the God of Fortune joins in …"

Yang Yan did not say anything further. He knew that Chen Xiang would understand what the consequences would be.

"The God of Fortune is your Martial Ancestor. You revealed this secret to me. Aren't you afraid that he will blame you?" Chen Xiang laughed, without a trace of nervousness, making Yang Yan secretly admire him in his heart.

"But I've never seen him before, so I still have some feelings for him …" Furthermore, my brand was made by the God of Light, it has nothing to do with the God of Fortune! " Yang Yan said.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a feeling that the relationship between the Brilliant God and the God of Fortune might not be very good, even though they were master and disciple.

"Chen Xiang, your current situation is very dangerous. If the God of Fortune is also involved, with his financial resources, he can make over a hundred profound God come here. When the time comes, the Azure Dragon will definitely not be able to resist, and you will also be in danger." Yang Yan was extremely worried for Chen Xiang: "Did you know, I'm going to Penalty Heavenly God to ask about the price you paid to leave this place!"

"How much?" Logically speaking, I shouldn't have left! " Chen Xiang replied, "I killed two fellows, so I should be sent to hell."

"If you were a prisoner here, then you would have long since gone to hell. However, you only entered here by accident, and the people you killed were all at a much higher cultivation level than you, so the Heaven's Punishment Palace made it a crime for you to protect yourself. However, this is only because … Because you killed two wargods, if you want to leave, you have to pay two hundred million spirit stones. " Previously, Yang Yan thought that the two War Gods were killed by the Azure Dragon, but he didn't expect that it was actually Chen Xiang.

However, he also guessed that it was definitely the Azure Dragon that had captured the two Ares and then handed them to Chen Xiang to kill! He was extremely curious about how Chen Xiang had actually killed that powerful War God. At least, he couldn't do it, even if War God didn't have any fighting strength.

Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously: "You don't have to worry, I have other ways of getting out!"

Upon hearing his words, Yang Yan immediately laughed: "So that's how it is. You caused me to worry so much that I had to die.

Chen Xiang smiled and punished himself for three cups of wine before saying: "I plan to kill Yu Fan before I leave! This guy almost caused my death, I can't let him be so carefree! Oh right, I got a set of Divine Deity from him … "

Chen Xiang laughed out loud as he heard Chen Xiang's story of him lying to Yu Fan.

After Yang Yan finished laughing, he said: "It's not easy for you to get rid of him. He's protected by the Penalty Heavenly God, and the moment he encounters any danger, the Penalty Heavenly God will immediately appear. As long as the Penalty Heavenly God appears, you'll also be in a lot of trouble."

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