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She thought that Shen Xinglan was seized by a whim, but Le Yi sent her a photo the next morning.

The man in the photo worn a floral apron and stood in front of the pot with a thick book in his hand. A ray of sunlight falling between his eyebrows, his picturesque canthus slightly wrinkled, and his serious expression was rather impressive and moving.

"It must be treasured! It is rare." Le Yi had such a sentence on it.

A Miao collected the photo with curving lips.

Shen Xinglan stared at the pot and he doubted that it should have had a nice smell at this time as the book said, but nothing happened.

"Young Master..." Aunt hiding in the door couldn't help reminding him, "You have forgotten to open the fire."

The man's back was stiff for a moment, and then he slowly opened the fire. He turned around and said peacefully, "I'm confirming whether all the ingredients have been put in or not."

When he left the kitchen, Aunt laughed.

Shanshan was sitting in the living room, holding a tablet computer to learn social etiquette, because Shen Xinglan had said that he would take her to the ball.

"Brother Xinglan, I'd better not to go out, or I will make you awkward," she said in frustration, seeing Shen Xinglan sitting down.

Lil Xi found Shanshan in a small border town. She was adopted in an orphanage. It was said to be an orphanage, but frankly speaking, it was that an old couple adopted more than a dozen orphans with a bad condition both in hardware and software.

"What's more, my skin and hair are so bad." Shanshan touched her yellow and dry hair as well as her yellowed skin.

Staring at her, Shen Xinglan was in a trance. He suddenly vaguely remembered that A Miao seemed to be the same the first time he saw her. The hair was dry, the face was dark and yellow with the dull eyes.

"You are no ugly at all."

"Ah?" Shanshan thought he was talking about her. "Not at all? I had a peep at A Miao that day. She is really beautiful!"

Shen Xinglan bent his mouth. "Well, A Miao is always beautiful."

"Lil Xi said that my eyes were very similar to A Miao's, but I don't think so." Shanshan muttered a sentence and glanced at Shen Xinglan. "How do you say, Brother Xinglan?"

"She is herself and you are yourself." Shen Xinglan stood up. "I am sending you to the hospital."

"Oh." Shanshan went out with him. "By the way, Lil Xi hasn't come back yet, and I don't know where he is."

"Who are you?" Ling Lang looked at the sneaky boy in front of him.

Lil Xi didn't expect someone to come. He put away the tools and said with impatience, "It's none of your business!"

"Okay." Ling Lang took out the work card. "I am a policeman. Now I am charging you of destroying other people's property. Please go to the police station with me."

Policemen? Lil Xi glared at her. "Why? I just visited my friends."

"Prying the door of a friend?" Ling Lang glanced at the door lock. If she came later, the door would have been opened.

When they confronted with each other, the door opened. A Miao looked at Ling Lang with amazement and frowned at Lil Xi.

"You can ask her whether I know her!" Lil Xi said, looking at A Miao with warnings.

A Miao was a little bit speechless that such an arrogant boy was really annoying!

"Do you know him?" Ling Lang asked.

"I don't know him."

"You don't know me?" Lil Xi was angry to grasp her but and his shoulder was grabbed and shackled by Ling Lang. His face changed, and he freed himself easily, looking coldly at A Miao.

"You are really a stupid woman and your brain is probably as small as a fish." Lil Xi looked at her disgustedly. "Let me tell you, Shen won't love you and you are just a substitute. In addition, don't try to bully Shanshan, or I won't make you easy."

Ling Lang frowned. She had heard about the engagement banquet more or less. It seemed to be a rather complicated situation.

"You won't mind if I send him to the police station?"

A Miao shrugged indifferently. "Never mind."

"Dare you!" Lil Xi pulled his face. If not afraid to expose too much, he would directly kill the two women. Even if Shen would be angry to know that, it was useless.

He didn't believe that he, as one of his best friends, was unable to defeat a woman.

"Hey! Security guard, we have caught a thief. Yes, please come to Building 8..." Ling Lang called the security, ignoring him.

After a while, three uniformed security guards came to take Lil Xi away.

"You just wait, and Shen won't forgive you!" He didn't resist and even followed the security guard with complacency.

A Miao invited Ling Lang to go into the house. "Have a seat. You just got out of the hospital, so you can only drink the boiled water!"

"You know that boy, don't you?" Ling Lang nodded and sat down. "Is he a friend of Mr. Shen?"

"Yeah." A Miao gave her a glass of water. "Nothing, if you shut him away for a few days, I will get a piece of quiet."

Ling Lang laughed. "I see that he was deliberately to let the guards take him away."

"Yeah, if I call Shen Xinglan now, we will have a quarrel because of him. But if I send him to the police station, then he can turn back with complaints."

A Miao said indifferently, "Don't worry. There is nothing to be sad about if Shen Xinglan really breaks up with me because of this."

"It's very good for you to think like this." Ling Lang sneered. "It's meaningless to be with such a man."

"Don't talk about this. Are you going to leave City S after you go out of the hospital?" A Miao asked.

Ling Lang looked at her with a faint smile. "Your president has stopped tossing, so I naturally go back to the police station."

"Sorry..." A Miao chuckled. "If you are not transferred, you won't get hurt."

Ling Lang waved her hands. "You have forgotten. That is what I like and staying at the police station is the most boring thing for me."

When they were chatting, Shen Xinglan in the hospital received a call from the police station.

"What's wrong?" Le Yi saw that he looked bad.

"Lil Xi was caught by the police."

Just after the inspection, Shanshan heard this sentence and she was anxious. "What happened to him? Why did the police arrest him?"

"Let me see."

Le Yi said, "Together."

In the police station, Lil Xi sat there with disdain and said no words whatever the policeman asked. Probably knowing that President of Ji Group was going to bail him, the police didn't bother him.

"Handle the procedure for him." An elder policeman came in. "You can go now."

Lil Xi went out unhappily to see Shen Xinglan and Le Yi. Shanshan rushed to him on the first time and grasped his hands to look carefully from left to the right. "What's the matter with you? Why did you pry other's door?"

Le Yi nodded toward the policeman. "Okay, go back and talk about it later."

On the way, Shen Xinglan didn't look at Lil Xi with a cold face, not saying a word. Shen I was driving in the front and couldn't help complaining to the Shen II next to him.

"I don't know how Miss is doing. When I was on the island, I felt that Lil Xi was fine except often looking down upon others. Why is he such a boy..."

"Okay." Shen II interrupted him. "Never say what you are not supposed to."

Shen I curled his lips, but he felt unfair. He had contacted Lil Xi before. Although he had the lowest force value, he was very smart.

Le Yi said that his IQ was absolutely as high as one hundred and thirty.

However, he was only interested in computers and completely an idiot in other aspects. In addition, he always looked down upon others and believed that those who were less smart than him were unicellular fish.

"Brother Xinglan, are you angry?" Back to the villa, Shanshan gathered the courage to ask.

Lil Xi sat down. "How can you not be angry? I was taken to the police station due to that woman!" He looked at Shen Xinglan with excitement. "What are you going to do with her?"

After saying that without waiting for Shen Xinglan's answer, he answered to himself, "I will go to hack her mobile phone! Her mailbox! And her bank account!"

"Lil Xi, how long are you going to stay here?" Le Yi didn't want him to die too badly, and quickly transferred the topic.

Shanshan hurried to say, "Lil Xi said that he would stay with me!"

"Le Yi! What do you mean? Do you want to drive me away?"

Le Yi looked helplessly at him. "Can you guarantee that you won't do it next time?"

"Next time?" Lil Xi blinked, and then shouted with glaring eyes, "Are you blaming me? Now it was me, being sent to the police station by the woman. You blame me?"

"Who should be taken into the police station? You were the person who pried her door." Le Yi was annoyed but also amused by him. He had a call with Ling Lang and so he knew the whole story.

It was Lil Xi's fault. He was worried that Lil Xi would always aim at A Miao. If something bad happened, it would be too late.

Having been silent, Shen Xinglan said, "Now you have two choices, either go back to the island or l will arrange for you. Go to Shen III or Ouyang."

"Shen?" Lil Xi stunned. "If you will not deal with that women for me, that's fine. But you want to drive me away?"

Shanshan's eyes turned red. "Brother Xinglan, please don't drive Lil Xi away. I'll look at him, and won't let A Miao get angry any more."

"Shanshan." Shen Xinglan looked at her. "A Miao isn't angry with him; I am."

Shanshan flashed her eyes. "Yes, A Miao won't blame Lil Xi." She took Lil Xi's hand. "Let's apologize to A Miao and Brother Xinglan, please!"

"Apologize?" Lil Xi snorted. "She never deserves it!"

Shen Xinglan looked at him coldly, "A Miao is my lover and you don't have to like her, you can hate her, but..." His field suddenly changed. "This is the last time I warn you. If you hurt her again, don't blame me."

The air pressure seemed to drop several degrees suddenly and was condensed, and the harsh breath even made people breathless.

"You didn't treat me as your brother at all!" Lil Xi shouted with red eyes, "just for a woman, a woman!"

"What about you?" Shen Xinglan closed his eyes. "If you treat me as your brother, how can you hurt my lover?"

Lil Xi still didn't think that he was wrong, pointing at Shanshan and saying, "What about Shanshan? What does she mean to you?"

"Lil Xi." Le Yi couldn't stand it anymore. "Why must you persist in this? We all regard Shanshan as our sister. What's wrong with this?"

"But you said that you would marry her if we found her!" Lil Xi looked at Shen Xinglan with a grievance. "Didn't you? And now you don't mean to admit it?"

Shanshan secretly pulled the sleeve of Lil Xi. "Please don't say it again. It's a childhood business."

"Yes, I said that." Shen Xinglan said calmly without unwillingness and embarrassment.

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