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When Chen Xiang returned to the Original Tao, there were also rumors about the Dragon Devil Dead Land here!

However, they did not panic like Chen Xiang had imagined. Instead, everyone was extremely excited and only after hearing what Chen Xiang had said, did they find out the reason.

So it turns out that after the legend of the Dragon Devil Dead Land spread, there was another story as well!

Back then, it was not only the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect who died in battle in the Dragon Devil Dead Land, the strongest ancestors of the Four Great Divine Sects all died in the Dragon Devil Dead Land!

And the divine tools that they had used back then, had naturally fallen into the Dragon Devil Dead Land as well.

The ten mighty Overlords that they led all possessed Heavenly Alchemy soul s. Adding the Heavenly Alchemy Venerable Ancestor's divine artifacts, there were eleven divine artifacts with Heavenly Alchemy soul s scattered around the Dragon Devil Dead Land.

Therefore, at this time, many people felt that there was definitely a Heavenly Alchemy soul's divine tool in the Dragon Devil Dead Land. Even if there wasn't, there were definitely a lot of good things, because the number of experts who died in there back then was just too many.

Being able to unleash the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power was something that many people wanted to possess. Now that the legends of the Dragon Devil Dead Land had been told, many people believed that although the Dragon Devil Dead Land was dangerous, it was still a treasury.

What surprised Chen Xiang was that some of the Rankers in the Original Tao also thought the same way. They actually planned to head to the Dragon Devil Dead Land to look for treasures!

"Why hasn't Uncle Lin come out yet!" Chen Xiang had known that Lin Jitian had been here for a long time and that he knew many secrets. He wanted to ask Lin Jitian about the Dragon Devil Dead Land.

Lin Jitian did not come out, so he had no choice. At this moment, he already knew that there were a lot of people heading towards the Dragon Devil Dead Land.

"This won't do, I can't be at ease!" Chen Xiang also wanted to go to the Dragon Devil Dead Land to have a look. In the end, he hid it from the Master Wang and stealthily made his way to the Dragon Devil Dead Land.

According to his knowledge, many of the Supreme Elders in the Original Tao Sect had brought their disciples there, but the Leader did not stop them. Chen Xiang felt that the Leader s in the Original Tao Sect must know a lot of things, and if the Dragon Devil Dead Land was in danger, he would definitely stop them from going there.

Chen Xiang's speed was extremely fast, and before long, he arrived at a city that was very close to the Dragon Devil Dead Land. He wanted to find some useful information, and at this moment, he also wanted to go into the Dragon Devil Dead Land to try his luck, and see if he could find a Heavenly Alchemy artifact that possessed the Heavenly Alchemy soul.

If the legends were true, then there were 11 Heavenly Alchemy artifact inside. The chances of him obtaining them were very high, and many people had the same thoughts as him, so they all headed towards Dragon Devil Dead Land with their lives on the line.

Chen Xiang had met Gu Qingtian inside the city, and was walking on the streets alone. Compared to not having met his master once before, he was currently in the early stages of Six Gods Stage.

"Brother Gu!" Chen Xiang suddenly patted Gu Qingtian's shoulder. Although he had changed his appearance, he still used the original voice, so when Gu Qingtian heard the voice, he immediately recognized that it was Chen Xiang.

Seeing Chen Xiang's change in appearance, Gu Qingtian could understand. Now that news of Chen Xiang had spread, he did this to avoid trouble.

"Brother Gu, are you alone?" Chen Xiang asked, and then chatted with Gu Qingtian as they walked.

"Of course not, my master and I came here! You're the one who came here yourself! " Gu Qingtian laughed: "Brother, it's all thanks to you that I managed to enter Six Gods Stage now, if not I would have been waiting for so long!"

"There's no need to be so polite, I didn't waste any effort anyway!" But are you really not afraid of going to Dragon Devil Dead Land? " Chen Xiang said: "You have just broken through, yet you want to go to such a dangerous place?!"

Gu Qingtian did not immediately answer Chen Xiang. Instead, he brought Chen Xiang to a place far away from the city and towards a quiet place where there were few people.

"Dragon Devil Dead Land is indeed very dangerous. We all thought so too! However, our Original Tao s tell us that there is no danger inside. Even if there is, it is very deep inside, and all we need to do is to walk around outside. " Gu Qingtian replied, "His news came from the six Divine Sects s, so it shouldn't be a fake. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many of them."

"Is this true? If it was outside, would it be possible to find Heavenly Alchemy artifact? " Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised. At least, the inside wasn't as scary as he had imagined.

"You already have a Heavenly Alchemy soul, and you even assimilated into your own body. You are a very strong Heavenly Alchemy artifact yourself, and you still want it!" Gu Qingtian laughed.

"The more of these things the better!" Chen Xiang laughed: "People are always so greedy!"

"Are you sure you want to go in there yourself? If you were the only one, you might be in danger. "We have quite a few of them. They are the teachers of Mu Rong Ling and his group. They definitely wouldn't mind if you join us." Gu Qingtian said.

Chen Xiang had teleportation and invisibility. He felt that it wouldn't be a problem for him to be careful.

"No need, I'm not sure if I want to go in yet!" I always thought it was weird inside. " Chen Xiang had initially been floating in the air outside of Dragon Devil Dead Land, but he could feel that an extremely terrifying evil energy was hidden inside.

"Alright then!" If you decide, you can come find me anytime. I'll stay at the hotel on the street. " Gu Qingtian patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "We will leave in three days. When we are certain of the situation inside, we will leave immediately!"

"Determine the situation?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"Yes, this is mainly the news from the six Divine Sects s. Their news is extremely reliable! However, there are already people who have entered. It shouldn't take long for them to find out more about what is going on inside. " Gu Qingtian said: "This Dragon Devil Dead Land is also strange. In the past, he was always enveloped by a barrier, but after the wyvern was bathed in blood, the barrier disappeared!"

Hearing that, Chen Xiang had a bad premonition, he was willing to be enveloped by the enchantment of the Dragon Devil Dead Land, and now that it was suddenly gone, coupled with the strange sight of the wyvern being bathed in blood, it was definitely not a good thing.

Suddenly, someone shouted: "Good news! Someone just obtained a Heavenly artifact from Dragon Devil Dead Land, it was used by one of the Supreme Elders back in the days. From this, you can see that there are people who have preserved the Heavenly Alchemy artifact in the Dragon Devil Dead Land."

"I heard that the people from Flying Dragon Palace obtained it too."

When Chen Xiang and Gu Qingtian heard this, they both had the same thought, and wished that they could go in and see.

"I'll go back and find Master. Are you coming?" Gu Qingtian said, he wanted to quickly go in.

"No!" Chen Xiang shook his head.

"Alright, farewell!" Gu Qingtian ran away hastily.

Chen Xiang also immediately went to the Dragon Devil Dead Land. When the news of the Heavenly Alchemy seal seeing the light of day spread, there would definitely be more people heading to the Dragon Devil Dead Land.


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