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Seeing that Chen Xiang agreed to a competition of strength, Kunyun and the others were extremely happy. Even if the Heavenly Alchemy soul was obtained by Chen Xiang, but they could beat up Chen Xiang and their hearts would be much more at ease.

Chen Xiang could also guess what they were thinking at the moment. In Chen Xiang's eyes, Kunyun and the others were like children.

"Could it be that you all want to fight me together with twenty of you?" Chen Xiang said: "Are we fighting here?"

It's just this place. This place is big enough, and with this many seniors, setting up a barrier shouldn't be a problem. You only need to be big enough for me, I'm the representative of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect. For Kunyun to be able to create the Inverted Profound God Pellet, it could be seen that his strength in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect was not bad.

People of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect were not only good at concocting pills, they also trained in a part of the Heavenly Alchemy. Different people would have different effects when training in the strange technique of the Heavenly Alchemy.

Kunyun cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy to Six Gods Stage, and he definitely used it when he was refining pills, which meant that his cultivation in the Heavenly Alchemy was not bad.

"Alright, then let's fight here. I'll make you convinced." Chen Xiang said: "Can I use my weapon?"

"No, you just obtained the Heavenly Alchemy soul. If you use a weapon that has fused with the Heavenly Alchemy soul, then I won't be your match at all, so I'll fight with my bare hands." Kunyun said: "Rest assured, even if you are injured, our Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect will still protect you, and will not let your enemies take advantage."

Chen Xiang looked at the Great Clan Elder, who nodded to him. Everyone present knew that Chen Xiang and Yu Jinggong had a deep grudge against them.

"Good, fight with bare hands until the opponent admits defeat or loses the ability to fight." Chen Xiang said.

Since he had entered the Six Gods Stage, he had never fought before, so he was also looking forward to fighting.

After the many Thrones set up a barrier, Chen Xiang and Kunyun entered the spacious hall.

"I would actually like to see how powerful the person who received the Heavenly Alchemy soul's acknowledgement is." After Kunyun finished speaking, he waved his hand. A streak of purple light streaked across the sky, continuing to burn a purple chain.

Kunyun held onto the two purple flame chains. These were not weapons, but flames that Kunyun had condensed out.

"This guy really has some skills. I can't underestimate him." Chen Xiang said: "Let's begin."

The moment he finished speaking, a burst of purple light swept over like a gale, and Kunyun had already made his move, and quickly as well.

Kunyun flung the two purple flame chains in his hand in a flurry, and continuously lashed at Chen Xiang, as if purple flames were shooting all over the sky, enveloping Chen Xiang.

The oppressive purple flames had already engulfed Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang's body was instantly wrapped by the two purple chains.

At this moment, the purple flames had turned into many fists that continuously struck at Chen Xiang. Every single punch that landed on Chen Xiang's body emitted a strong purple radiance.

The crowd looked at the continuously flashing purple light in the middle of the hall and felt horrified.

Yun Kun was in the early stages of Six Gods Stage, but he was extremely powerful. Some of the mid to late stage Six Gods Stage present felt that they were not Yun Kun's match.

"Hmph, don't tell me that's all you can do." Yun Kun used his powerful purple flame chains to coil around Chen Xiang, causing him to be unable to move.

At this time, the fire had turned into a huge purple lightning hammer, which continuously smashed onto Chen Xiang's head, and when it landed on his body, it exploded out with purple lightning bolts and purple fire.

Chen Xiang's body was wrapped up by the chains and felt an incomparable heat. Although that kind of scorching pain did not harm him at all, the purple flame chains were extremely powerful, and after binding him, he was unable to move.

And when the Purple Flame Thunder Fist had struck him just now, it had been extremely painful, to the point where he couldn't help but cry out. Now, the Purple Flame Thunder Hammer that struck his head brought wild and intense pain to his soul.

"This guy is merciless. I don't have any huge enmity with him, yet he wants to cripple me." The flames of fury in Chen Xiang's heart suddenly shot out.

Chen Xiang was wrapped in purple chains, and everyone could see him very clearly, but suddenly, Chen Xiang's body released a fiery red blaze.

Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly shot out two beams of fire, following that, a large area of flames exploded out from Chen Xiang's body.

"Haaargh!" Following Chen Xiang's angry shout, the great hall that was originally covered by purple fire was instantly enveloped by a sea of red flames.

In that instant, the purple flame chains binding Chen Xiang were already shattered, and the purple flame lightning hammer that was striking at Chen Xiang was also shattered by the flame waves released from his body.

"Are you really that ruthless? There is no deep hatred between you and I, yet you actually want to destroy my Divine Sense Sea and destroy my soul." Chen Xiang's eyes burned with flames, his voice filled with killing intent.

Seeing that, the Great Clan Elder was stunned, the elders of the other Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect were also stunned, one of the elderly said in shock: "Heavenly Alchemy soul... This is the power of the Heavenly Alchemy soul. The Heavenly Alchemy soul actually merged with his body and did not merge with the divine tool.

"The Heavenly Alchemy soul never treated humans as objects of fusion, and at most, stayed within the human body. Only after Master found a good divine tool did the divine tool merge with the Heavenly Alchemy soul, but now he has actually fused with the Heavenly Alchemy soul." The Grand Elder was extremely shocked as well.

The flames on Chen Xiang's body, was the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power.

"Kunyun..." Just as the Great Clan Elder shouted out, two streams of flames shot out from Chen Xiang's eyes and struck his body.

The speed of the two fireballs was extremely fast, and when they were shot out, they exploded with an extremely terrifying impact. The impact actually tore open an extremely sturdy space, and then smashed onto Kunyun's body.

After being struck by the two balls of fire, not only did Kunyun's body have two holes, his entire body was also being pressured by the extremely strong impact, causing the muscles in his body to shatter, and his entire body became deformed.

The Great Clan Elder rushed over and caught Kunyun.

"I'm sorry, I've already shown him mercy. With his personality, he won't remember much without a painful lesson." Chen Xiang said, and the Heavenly Alchemy immortal power enveloping his body started to dim.

Earlier, Chen Xiang didn't know why, but the Heavenly Alchemy soul had actually completely merged with him, and had even caused him to become extremely furious, as if his emotions were affected by the Heavenly Alchemy soul. He believed that it was very possible that the Heavenly Alchemy soul was the one who released the suppressed emotions from the bottom of his heart, allowing him to unleash an even greater power.

The Heavenly Alchemy soul did not disappoint Chen Xiang, it had only fused with him, and yet it had already made him so powerful. With just a glance, it had defeated Kunyun.

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