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The pills that the Three profound realm needed the most were no more than pills to step into the Six Gods Stage! There was already such a pill, but it was very scarce and its effects were unstable. After consuming it, one wouldn't be able to immediately step into the Six Gods Stage. More recent chapter access:.

The Six-gods Guiyuan Dan s that Chen Xiang had eaten before were considered not bad, but they were still not stable. One would need to eat a large amount to be able to help one step into the Six Gods Stage, and the ingredients needed to refine this pill were fewer. If one did not obtain any effect after eating this pill, it would cause one to be very disappointed.

Now, Chen Xiang was planning to refine a type of pill. After consuming it, one would be able to quickly step into the Six Gods Stage, and if he succeeded, he would definitely get the recognition of many people, especially for the Late period of Three profound realm!

There were many Late period of Three profound realm s present here, although they were all genius disciples, if they wanted to enter the Six Gods Stage, they would need a very long period of time to do so, and even if they used medicinal pills, it would still take a very long period of time!

If Chen Xiang were to succeed in concocting this pill, then there would definitely be a lot of people giving it to him, especially those Supreme Elders who wanted his disciple to enter the Six Gods Stage. They would definitely give him a vote.

Chen Xiang had refined Six-gods Guiyuan Dan before, and there were a majority of the ingredients for the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan here, so he felt that it was very likely that he would succeed!

As long as the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan was strong enough to provide sufficient medicinal power and allow a person's Three profound Divine Junctures to fuse together, they would be able to enter the Six Gods Stage.

The reason why Chen Xiang was able to rely on the Six-gods Guiyuan Dan to step into the Six Gods Stage before, was also because he was able to obtain sufficient medicinal power through the refinement of the Crash method!

Right now, it was a competition, he could not use the Crash method, because when the time came for the pill formulas to be announced, there might be some old Alchemist who would concoct them on the spot!

As a result, he couldn't even use Heavenly Alchemy Dao line.

"As long as I add more medicinal ingredients with sufficient medicinal strength to advance, I will succeed." Chen Xiang picked a few other ingredients and started refining them.

Although he could refine it quickly, the effect was not ideal. Adding that he already possessed the Six Gods Stage, he would not be able to determine the exact effect of the medicine.

"Looks like I can only continue to try. There's still time, I can't panic!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and then went to pick the ingredients to try refining it.

The other Alchemist s here were also the same, in order to concoct new pill recipes, they had to continuously try it out. Many of them felt that even if they could not win, to have the chance to concoct so many medicinal ingredients, they felt that it was worth it, as it was a huge gain for them.

Normally, they wouldn't have had such an opportunity to come into contact with so many rare and precious medicinal ingredients.

Time flew by quickly, especially for the participating Alchemist, all of them wanted to slow down a little, so that they could have enough time to arrange the materials.

However, time was not going to wait for them. The sand in the hourglass continued to flow, and time was running out.

"This furnace will definitely succeed!" Chen Xiang used the Five Elements Jade Dew Fruit and added the other five medicinal ingredients. It could be said that he had the most medicinal ingredients.

To many Alchemist, the more medicinal ingredients there were, the more difficult it was to refine them. Normally, they would only refine up to five or six of these medicinal ingredients!

Of course, Alchemist who were able to refine more than ten kinds of medicinal ingredients were also of high standards, and there were quite a few supreme dan gods who were watching from the sidelines. Just now, they had all seen Chen Xiang pouring ten types of medicinal ingredients into the furnace, yet Chen Xiang was able to refine them smoothly now.

Chen Xiang was related to the missing Master Wang, so Chen Xiang was also a topic that many people present paid attention to!

"I succeeded. The pill I refined was called the Purple Spirit Concentrating Pill. It allowed those who had just stepped into the Six Gods Stage to gather the divine power of the world and strengthen the Six yuan god! It is known to all that in the early stages of Six Gods Stage, many people's Six yuan god were unstable.

A man took out three purple pills from his pill furnace and said confidently.

"If it's serious, it could even cause me to be unable to level up for the rest of my life. However, the Purple Qi Congealing Pellet that I created could prevent Six Gods Stage from having such a situation happen during the early stages of the Six Gods Stage."

This kind of pill was indeed not bad, if their disciples were to consume it after they step into the Six Gods Stage, they wouldn't need to worry about the instability of the Six yuan god anymore.

"Amazing, as expected of a disciple from the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect!" An old man chuckled.

"Words are useless. You have to try it to know!" Anyone can say that. " A middle-aged man said.

"I have three pills. We can let our three early Six Gods Stage friends have a try." The Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect disciple laughed: "However, it can only be because of the instability of the Six yuan god!"

"The Six yuan god is unstable, anyone can see that before consuming the Purple Qi Congealing Pellet, the seniors of the Tai Zun realm can first carefully inspect it, and then carefully examine it after they consume it."

Thereafter, the ten odd elders of the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect s pulled out three early stage Six Gods Stage s and each one of them with unstable Six yuan god ate the three pellets.

After eating it, the effects of the pill quickly changed, and their Six yuan god became stable immediately. Soon after, an old man in the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect refined another batch of pills, and then took out three more to try out the pill, the effects were equally good.

Thus, the Purple Spirit Concentrating Pill had also been approved. It could be used in this competition!

Currently, there were people who were able to complete it, but even more people were able to exit. There were over a hundred people who were able to complete over ten, but the others didn't have the confidence to 'get' a good pill formula, so they all left.

"The pill I am concocting is called 'Inverse Mystery Returning Pill'!" This man was also from the Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect, and most of those who could pass were Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect's disciples.

"This pill has two advantages, the first one is the same as my senior brother's Purple Spirit Concentrating Pill! Everyone should be clear about this point, but the second benefit is that it can allow those who have stopped at the early stages of Six Gods Stage to reverse the hidden disease left behind by the Six yuan god. " The man's words made some of the old men in the early stages of Six Gods Stage pale in comparison.

Afterwards, the man applied for someone to try out the pill, and the results were quickly revealed. Although he only managed to produce two pills, he couldn't deny that this was a good pill!

The results were not bad, the people who tried to test the pills all felt that there was a huge improvement due to the instability of the Six yuan god, and were all very happy, immediately thanking the man.

After that, the old man from Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect concocted another batch of pills, proving that other people could concoct this pill, proving the efficacy of the pill.

Following that, the pills created by the disciples of the other Heavenly Alchemy Divine Sect s were all targeted at the people of the Six Gods Stage. There were those with healing wounds, those with strong Six yuan god, those with detoxification, and even some with strange effects.

However, everyone felt that the Spirit Concentrating Purple Pills were more practical when compared to the Profound Reversal Spirit Pill!

"It's finally done!" Chen Xiang was currently sweating profusely. He had finally completed his pill and the sky was about to brighten.


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