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Ten Thousand Swords will fight!

He was the publicly recognized number one powerhouse in the mortal world.

The leader of the Sword Sky Sect.

He was going to fight?

This meant that he was going to die with Long Fei.

Not only that.

This was also why the ten thousand swords wanted to show goodwill to Xuan Ming abyss.

Xuan Ming abyss could see that Long Fei's strength was decreasing, and the ten thousand swords could see it too.

This was the best time to fight.

This was because the energy that exploded from Long Fei's body was no longer able to kill them. Even those Strongest Emperor Swordsman s just now could not be killed, so he would definitely not die.

What was the realm of the ten thousand swords?

Emperor Swordsman!

At the same time, his cultivation was comparable to those second stage god's powerhouse.

If it was the explosion of that power just now, he had enough confidence to block it!


He had another purpose.

Protect song xianhu!

song xianhu would appear as a disciple of another sect, so he had to protect him well and not let song xianhu get heavily injured again.

Otherwise, song xianhu would really be crippled.

"Since Sect Head Wan is going to fight, then I …"

The voice was loud like a bell.

When it exploded in the air above god's matrial ground, Aotian Zong's sect master took a step forward and directly landed in the air above god's matrial ground, and said: "I will also participate in the battle, I will definitely exterminate this demon."

Aotian Zong's sect master also went to battle.

The top ten ranking sects all understood.

Since these sect masters were already in battle, could they still be afraid?

"I represent the Mountain River Sect!"

"I am representing Sky Flame Sect."

"I …"

Each and every old man who had cultivated for hundreds, or even thousands, of years flew out. These people were all powerhouse s of the Emperor Swordsman.

It could be said.

They represented the strongest power in the mortal world.

Ninety-nine sects and over a hundred and fifty sect masters had come out to battle. This battle … It could be said to be the strongest battle in the mortal world.

Baili Tianhai frowned, "This is the strongest person in the mortal world."

Zhao Dahan said: "Aren't these old things being too shameless? So many people bullying my boss? Second Brother, are we really not going to fight? "


"Brother Tianhai, we can't just watch our boss deal with so many people by himself."

"This clan congress has no meaning at all. Let's go as well."

"That's right!"

They couldn't help it either.

Was this still called clan congress?

This was a killing convention.

He wanted to destroy Long Fei!

This was also the truth.

If Long Fei did not die, they would continue to be cannon fodder.

Baili Tianhai shook his head and said: "Boss can do it by himself, we believe in him."

Zhao Dahan said: "I'm really angry. I just watched them bully the boss, but there's nothing we can do."

"It's really f * * king useless."

Baili Tianhai patted Zhao Dahan's shoulders and said: "Raise your head and look at how many people there are in god's matrial ground."

"There's still a lot left!"

"When the time comes, we will have time to vent."

Baili Tianhai trusted Long Fei's arrangements.

Right now, they were waiting for Xuan Ming abyss to fight.

Zhao Dahan clenched his fists tightly, looking at Long Fei on the god's matrial ground, his teeth chattering loudly.

… ….

One by one, sect masters flew into the god's matrial ground.

One by one, they landed to the left and right of Long Fei, their eyes were cold, the might of the Emperor Swordsman unceasingly surged towards him.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

"Rumble …"

Explosions continuously sounded in the sky.

The pressure was like rolling thunder, constantly crushing Long Fei's sea of consciousness. But... The might of the Emperor Swordsman Rank was nothing to Long Fei!

It wouldn't crush him in the slightest.

Long Fei looked at the surrounding sect masters, smiled slightly, and said, "Everyone's here."

"Alright then!"

"Save me the trouble of going to collect my debts from all of you."

With a heavy shout from the ten thousand swords, he said, "Brat, you've killed so many of us, do you think you can still live?"

"Obediently kneel down and accept your death!"

"You're right. Kneel down and wait for death."

Their voices were like thunder, floating high up in the air.

Long Fei stood alone on the ground.

They stared coldly at Long Fei as if they were gods and buddhas.

Long Fei laughed: "What nonsense are you speaking, just directly attack."

"To be a dog for the Xuans is to go against me, Long Fei. None of you will live!"


Long Fei let out a loud roar.

song xianhu's eyes turned sinister, and said heavily: "You dog, take this strike of mine first!"

"Sword World!"

"Heavenly God's Sword Shadow!"

song xianhu took a step forward, then, an extremely strong sword intent appeared. The sword intent formed an invisible sword world, and the hundred thousand mountains of the sword world heavily smashed towards Long Fei's head.




The sword world came crashing down and the explosive sound of the god's power caused the space above Long Fei's head to shatter.

"What a powerful sword intent."

"This cultivation must have surpassed the Emperor Swordsman, right?"

"Is this the sword intent of Sword Sky Sect's number one genius, song xianhu?"

"He's really too strong."

… ….

Many of the Emperor Swordsman s could not bear it and could not help but take a few steps back.

Beneath the Heavenly Sword Realm, Long Fei's clothes were popping and his hair was flying wildly.

song xianhu looked down from above, a green rainbow sword in his hand, the sword shining with a gold light, his body also releasing a gold light.

god's power.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "Oh, not bad, you actually stepped into the god's state?"


"Seems like the lesson I taught you last time was not enough. Since that's the case …" "Then go to hell this time."

Long Fei's voice sunk.

He rose up from the ground and summoned the great sword in his right hand.

He roared in his heart.

"Level Six Ancient Dragon Body, open!"


With a dragon's roar, an incomparably powerful image of Holy Dragon Emperor appeared on Long Fei's body. The dragon's roar directly shattered the pressure of the Emperor Swordsman.

Long Fei pointed his long sword towards the sky.

"Break for me!"


The power of the Heavenly God Sword Realm shattered as Long Fei glared at the space between his eyebrows.

The power of the Sword World completely shattered.

Long Fei took a step forward and landed in front of song xianhu.

Looking at Long Fei's golden dragon eyes, song xianhu's heart sank once again. The fear in his heart rose, fear …

His body trembled.



"I am already a god's powerhouse, I can't possibly lose again, I can't possibly lose again …" song xianhu clamored.

Golden light exploded from his body as well.

With both hands, he furiously slashed at Long Fei.

Long Fei dodged it easily.


The sword slashed down.


The ten thousand swords roared as their bodies bounced heavily in midair.

song xianhu glared at him furiously.

Facing Long Fei's sword move, he started to tremble and was too scared to move. The demonic feeling in his heart became more and more intense.


Fear filled his entire body.


The sword cut song xianhu into two.

Long Fei slightly curled the corner of his mouth, and said: "A single lesson is not enough, the second time would be death."

Then. Long Fei looked at the ten thousand swords that flew over, looked at the sect masters, laughed sinisterly, and said: "Now it's your turn!"

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