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Yu Haorui could tell that Gu Qingtian had a pretty good impression of Chen Xiang from his expression, so he sighed: "You don't even know your own face! You all don't know, at that time I also thought that Chen Xiang was a good guy, how would I have known that he was this kind of person? "

Chen Xiang could not hold it in any longer, and went to the entrance of the great hall, and knocked loudly with all his might.

"Who?" Yu Haorui shouted in displeasure.

"I am Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang said.

Yu Haorui was stunned for a moment. He did not expect that when he was about to say something bad about Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang had come here and he did not know whether he should be happy or worry.

Because Chen Xiang knew that the father and son duo had done all those dirty things!

Yu Haorui immediately opened the door, and as expected, he saw Chen Xiang, and immediately shouted angrily: "Chen Xiang, you shameless bastard, you actually have the face to look for me!"

"Yu Haorui, you must be talking nonsense! They want to blame the death of Master Wang on me! Hmph, you father and son are too naive, do you really think that Master Wang is dead? Master Wang is a genius in alchemy, he long ago cultivated a clone and a primordial spirit. " Chen Xiang said coldly.

"You … It's obviously you who brought out the Master Wang … "

Before Yu Haorui could finish, Chen Xiang cut him off: "Master Wang is a Tai Zun realm, what right do you have to harm him with my strength? Moreover, your father is of the Tai Zun realm, so he is the one who deserves to be suspected the most. "

Yu Haorui did not know why Chen Xiang would suddenly appear at such a time either. He had to immediately inform his father, because this matter was extremely important, especially the matter of the Master Wang being still alive!

At that time, they suspected that it was Chen Xiang, but felt that it was impossible. It was because there were many arrays in the Master Wang, and only those who were familiar with the arrays could take away the medicinal ingredients inside.

Now that Chen Xiang said it, there was only one possibility, the ingredients were all taken away by the Master Wang's avatar!

"You are slandering me with your blood, my father is the hall master, and I am good friends with the Master Wang …" Yu Haorui became anxious because he saw that Gu Qingtian and the others seemed to trust Chen Xiang more.

"Great, great, great. Your father was the one who tricked Master Wang into hunting some Dragon Eagle, and then pushed him into some deep abyss."

"Chen Xiang, you slandered my father, you're courting death!" Yu Haorui took out a sword and was about to stab Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took a step forward, dodging the sword, and threw a slap fiercely landing on Yu Haorui's face.


Bang! With a clear sound, Yu Haorui was knocked against the wall. Then, Chen Xiang walked over and picked Yu Haorui up, and started to slap his face.

"You actually want to kill me? You still want my Dao meridian, right? " Chen Xiang did not hold back at all, as long as he did not kill the other party, he had nothing to be afraid of, because Gu Qingtian and the others had seen him attack first.

Although fighting was not allowed in this village, when attacked by others, one could still teach them a lesson.

"A piece of trash like you dares to be so arrogant!" As Chen Xiang spoke, he fiercely slapped Yu Haorui's mouth a few more times, causing all of Yu Haorui's teeth to fall off and blood to flow crazily from his mouth.

They were very clear of Yu Haorui's strength. Although Yu Haorui had only just stepped into the Six Gods Stage, his strength was still at the early stages of Six Gods Stage, yet he was beaten up so ruthlessly by Chen Xiang!

This only meant that Chen Xiang had also stepped into the Six Gods Stage!

Initially, Murong Jin thought that after he had entered the inner sect, his strength was close to Chen Xiang's, but he never thought that Chen Xiang had already stepped into the Six Gods Stage, far surpassing them, and a bright future.

Yu Haorui was also very surprised. He himself was an early stage Six Gods Stage, but he was unable to unleash his powers, because once he used them, he would always be scattered by a wave of energy.

"Scram!" Chen Xiang grabbed Yu Haorui and threw him out of the window as if he was throwing trash.

"Everyone, this fellow must be slandering me just now. He has done quite a few things like this!" When he had first entered the Super Origin Dan Hall, he had been schemed against several times … Now, even the Master Wang is screwed! The father and son duo plotted against us. "

Chen Xiang then told Gu Qingtian and the others about him entering the Super Origin Dan Hall, to gain their trust. If someone were to pursue the matter of him causing trouble here, then they could come forward to testify.

"Chen Xiang, don't worry! We have long since heard of some of Yu Haorui's affairs and would not completely trust him. " said. He had fought with Chen Xiang before, and back then, Chen Xiang had held back, not injuring him at all. That was why he had a good impression of Chen Xiang.

Liang Jinjun's brother had also been taught by Chen Xiang, and since then he had become much better. Therefore, Liang Jinjun was secretly grateful to Chen Xiang in her heart.

At this time, the few genius disciples all supported Chen Xiang.

"Then, thank you very much! I plan to participate in the pill refining competition, when that happens, I would like to invite everyone to come and support me. " Chen Xiang laughed: "If you need me to concoct any pills in the future, I will definitely help you all."

"Chen Xiang, you are still a Alchemist!" Mu Rong Ling exclaimed, "Amazing! With such strength, you actually know how to concoct pills!"

"He only knows a little, and that's all thanks to the guidance of the Master Wang. It's a pity that the Master Wang's fleshly body has been destroyed, and only his soul is left. However, he will be able to cultivate it very quickly." Chen Xiang said. He did not tell them that the Master Wang was inside one of his divine artifacts.

After that, Chen Xiang chatted with them for a while before he left!

Although Yu Haorui had beaten Yu Haorui up badly, he was not dead yet. Moreover, he had brought some people with him, and they carried him away right now.

When Yu Haorui saw his father, he immediately told his father about him meeting Chen Xiang.

When Yu Jinggong heard this, his expression turned gloomy, he never thought that Master Wang was still alive, this was something he did not expect, and now, only Chen Xiang knew where the Master Wang's clone was hiding!

"Father, what should we do now?" Yu Haorui's injuries had already healed a little as he said this with a sullen face. He was very unwilling to be beaten up by Chen Xiang in such a way.

"Hmph, you are too reckless!" Otherwise, he wouldn't have had the chance to fight back. I never expected that he would actually step into the Six Gods Stage! " Yu Jinggong was also thinking of a way, "If Yuan Shi Tao School knows that we have plotted against them, at that time, we will be in a lot of trouble! It seems like we have no choice but to admit it, do you understand? "

Yu Haorui nodded!

Master Wang's reputation was not small. Although many people did not know his real name, they were extremely familiar with the three words "Master Wang"!

Chen Xiang had told them yesterday that he wanted them to spread the news of the Master Wang's murder!

Therefore, when Yu Jinggong woke up the next day, he was cursing in his heart. At this time, there were many friends of the Master Wang in the hotel that wanted to ask him about this.

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