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When Chen Xiang heard this news, his heart was moved, this was a golden opportunity!

When Yu Haorui took the Gold pagoda Ganoderma up on stage, with Yu Haorui's strength, he would not be able to defend against him, furthermore, he would be using his fastest speed. More recent chapter access:.

"This must succeed!" Chen Xiang was starting to get a little excited. He tried his best to calm down and waited patiently for the moment the Gold pagoda Ganoderma appeared.

At this time, the Heavenly Refining Conference was being held, and most of the people here were from Alchemist, so most of the people auctioned off pills.

The Taizun Dan s were also being auctioned. Although they were only middle tier Taizun Dan s, they could be sold for more than a billion!

"The Taizun Dan that are auctioned off at this kind of auction are all of lower quality. Alchemist that are able to refine one of these are all more ordinary." Master Wang disdainfully said when he heard from Chen Xiang that someone was selling mid-ranked Taizun Dan.

"The quality is indeed very ordinary, but to be able to refine a middle tier Taizun Dan is already quite good." Chen Xiang said, the Taizun Dan s were relatively hard to refine, Master Wang had mentioned it before.

"Indeed! If we can constantly refine high quality Taizun Dan s, then we will be like supreme dan gods, not poor to the point of selling pellets. " The Master Wang said.

The reason why the Alchemist was poor was only because of the purchase of medicinal ingredients. The higher ranked Alchemist, in particular, required an astonishing number of Dao crystal to purchase medicinal ingredients.

More than two hours later, the last pill was also ready!

The Gold pagoda Ganoderma was actually the main attraction of this auction, it could be seen how famous the Gold pagoda Ganoderma was, many people came today to wait for the Gold pagoda Ganoderma.

"I think everyone should know about the Gold pagoda Ganoderma too! This is something that the three hall masters of the Super Origin Dan Hall, Yu Jinggong, have brought out for auction in the Original Tao's Gate. The host said.

At this time, Yu Haorui slowly walked out from the side. He was alone, as he walked towards the auction stage with the gold-colored small pagoda in his hands.

This Gold pagoda Ganoderma seemed to have nine pieces of Lingzhi stacked together, it also looked like a tower, glowing with a golden light.

"The host is in the late stage of Six Gods Stage, but there is an early stage Tai Zun realm in front of the auction stage … But it doesn't matter, I will definitely succeed. " Chen Xiang had already taken out three small pellets.

The name of this pill was the Illusory Mist Pill, it was a middle tier Taizun Dan, many supreme dan gods knew how to refine it, but the ingredients required were relatively rare, thus this pill was also relatively rare.

However, Master Wang had the ingredients to refine the Illusory Mist Pills. When he previously knew that Chen Xiang was going to snatch Yu Jinggong's Gold pagoda Ganoderma, he gave the Illusory Mist Pills like the one Chen Xiang gave to Chen Xiang to use his spatial power. He threw the three Illusory Mist Pills at three places in the auction center and then controlled the explosion of the three pills.

Yu Haorui originally wanted to show off, so he deliberately walked very slowly, allowing the other disciples to see him carrying this Gold pagoda Ganoderma!

However, just as Yu Haorui was feeling complacent, a burst of white light suddenly flashed, and then the inside of the auction was full of forests, there were even the howls of Dragon beast, and from time to time, a thick mist would roll over.

"It's the Misty Mirage Pill!" An old man shouted.

And the moment Chen Xiang exploded, he had already teleported in front of Yu Haorui, using his fastest speed to transfer the Gold pagoda Ganoderma over to him.

Yu Haorui's reaction speed could be considered to be extremely fast, seeing that such a thing had suddenly happened, he immediately kept the Gold pagoda Ganoderma inside. It was just that Chen Xiang's reaction speed was too fast, he did not realise that Chen Xiang had used a fake Gold pagoda Ganoderma.

The medicinal power of the Illusory Mist Pill quickly dissipated, and the scene returned to normal. No one knew what happened, as everyone was trapped in their own illusions. At that time, everyone was on their own, so they couldn't see anything.

Even the old man in the early stages of the Tai Zun realm was trapped in an illusion!

However, because there were too many people here, all the medicinal energy was absorbed by the crowd and dispersed. Therefore, everyone's hallucinations did not last long and it only lasted for a few seconds.

But this allowed Chen Xiang to succeed, and also quietly left the auction place, leaving behind a clone inside, if not he would suddenly be missing a person, which would arouse suspicion, and at that time, when he checked the jade plates or something, he would expose Yu Jingming.

"Rui Er, where are the Gold pagoda Ganoderma?" Yu Jinggong anxiously walked over and asked anxiously.

"I have it!" Yu Haorui anxiously took out his Gold pagoda Ganoderma.

After seeing the Gold pagoda Ganoderma, Yu Jinggong heaved a sigh of relief, but he felt that something was amiss! He had possessed the Gold pagoda Ganoderma for a long time and was very familiar with it. However, he was not familiar with the Gold pagoda Ganoderma in front of him, especially the aura.

"Father, what's wrong?" Yu Haorui immediately asked, he also felt that he was extremely clever, and kept the Gold pagoda Ganoderma after encountering a sudden situation.

"Follow me!" Yu Jinggong anxiously brought Yu Haorui and left, while the people in charge of the auction also followed along, as they realized that something was amiss.

This kind of auction was very large, but there were people causing trouble here in an attempt to snatch the Gold pagoda Ganoderma s.

At this moment, everyone was discussing this matter!

"Are you selling the Gold pagoda Ganoderma?" A man shouted impatiently.

"That's right, we came here today to buy Gold pagoda Ganoderma."

"What happened just now?" "Who lost the Illusory Mist Pill!"

The crowd was filled with doubts.

Chen Xiang was currently in his room, lying on his' bed '. Looking at the Gold pagoda Ganoderma in the You Yao Mountain Villa, he chuckled.

At the backstage of the auction venue, Yu Jinggong angrily said: "What's going on in this venue? To actually let this kind of thing happen, this Gold pagoda Ganoderma is fake! "

Yu Jinggong crushed the fake Gold pagoda Ganoderma with a palm. The fake Gold pagoda Ganoderma turned into mist.

"This Gold pagoda Ganoderma was obviously taken away by your son. We even saw him take it out of the Storage magic treasure. What does this have to do with us? We are still suspecting that you were the one who released the Illusory Mist Pill, do you really want to frame us? " The old man, who was holding the auction, sneered.

Yu Jinggong couldn't explain it now either. After all, his son had just said that the Gold pagoda Ganoderma had been taken into the Storage magic treasure's grasp, and from start to finish, the Gold pagoda Ganoderma had been in his son's hands!

The moment the Fog Pill appeared, it was also kept by his son. He couldn't blame the auction house for this.

"Someone used a very clever method, the moment the Misty Mirage Pill appeared, they switched the Gold pagoda Ganoderma in my son's hands. The speed was very fast, so my son did not feel it either! I am the hall master of the Super Origin Dan Hall, why would I do such a thing to scam you? " Yu Jinggong calmed down and thought carefully about it. He felt that this was the only possibility.


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