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This was already the center of God Living Mountain. Long Fei had asked Flower Fairy to go ask incessantly these few days, but … There was no information about the fairy beast at all.

This meant that there were no fairy beast in a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers or even larger.

This gave Long Fei a headache.

In the beginning, Long Kuang didn't tell him that the side effect of devouring beast blood was beast transmogrification.

Now that he knew, he couldn't find the fairy beast.

After swallowing the beast blood, Mu Yun looked up at Long Fei and smiled faintly: "Boss, I'm fine. Even if I can't find a fairy beast to absorb the immortal crystals, my entire life will be worth it."

"Heh heh …"

"Haha …"

Mu Yun looked at his own two fists, and said. "Right now, I have even mastered the Sixteen Explosive Fists, but I never thought that I would be this strong. Hahaha …"

"If I can make her …"

Mu Yun did not finish his words.

He was still thinking about Mu Yao.

Of course, he also knew that it was his one-sided wish. Mu Yao probably didn't even know his name.

Long Fei said: "She will remember you."

Beneath his sleeves, Long Fei secretly clenched his fists, "No matter what, I have to find a way for my brother."

"Flower Fairy, continue asking for me."

Flower Fairy said: "I have been asking the entire time, but I do not think that the chances are high, and fairy beast are not everywhere."

Long Fei did not speak.

Flower Fairy said: "Master, you must have a plan."

Long Fei replied: "Help me ask. You don't have to worry about other matters."

If he couldn't find the fairy beast, it wasn't like there was no chance at all. Long Fei still had one chance, berserk!

The Striking Energy Value violently produced a Celestial Crystal.


This probability was extremely low, and the system wasn't set by him.

It was just a hope.


Flower Fairy suddenly said: "Someone is coming."

Long Fei frowned, then looked at Mu Yun.

Mu Yun also instantly leaped up and flew to a tree.

The two of them had been in contact for half a month, and with just a glance, they could already tell what was going on.


A figure flew out.

It directly landed beside the corpse of a third stage demon beast. Raising the center of his brows, he looked behind a large tree, then looked towards Mu Yun's hiding spot and said indifferently: "Stop hiding, come out right now."

He saw through it with one glance.

Long Fei was startled, he had hidden his presence just now, but it was still seen through. That meant that the guy's cultivation was higher than his by more than ten levels!

Long Fei walked out and looked at the jade tablet on the man's waist.


A disciple of the South Area?

That is a West Region disciple?

The God Living Mountain was very big, but most of the people here were from the Mu Clan.

The blue identity card was either an elite disciple of the South Area or a disciple of the west region.

The man looked at Long Fei, saw the white jade tablet on the Great Long Fei's waist, and was slightly shocked and said: "Why did a disciple from the Eastern Region come here?"

"That's not right!"

"The disciples of the east region should have green identity tokens while yours is white identity tokens. Are you a service disciple?"

As he spoke, he was even more shocked.

Long Fei also noticed the blue identity badge on the man's body, and politely replied: "Senior Brother."

The man said: "My name is Mu Changfeng, call your other brother out."

Long Fei looked at Mu Yun's seat.

Mu Yun jumped down from the tree, politely said: "Senior Brother."

Mu Changfeng asked: "Is it just the two of you?"

Long Fei nodded.

However, without waiting for Long Fei to speak, Mu Changfeng continued: "Forget it, I'm too lazy to ask that much. I've chosen a mission for you guys."

"Mission?" Long Fei was puzzled.

Mu Changfeng said: "Yes, I am issuing a mission, are you willing to accept it? Rest assured, I will give you guys this task reward to make up for when I return to Mu Clan. "

Other than daily quests in Mu Clan, the only other missions that could be issued were missions above the elder level, and all of them were purple-ranked!

Mu Changfeng didn't think that they would be old. How old was it that he could post a quest with a blue identity card?

Mu Yun wanted to raise a question, but Long Fei said: "Please speak, Senior Brother."

Mu Changfeng said: "I need your help to send a wounded person back."

"Quest level..." "Just treat it as an [A] class. I'll give you the [A] class reward when I return."

Mu Yun shook his head at Long Fei, he knew that the disciple with the blue identity badge did not have the qualifications to issue the mission, it was obvious that Mu Changfeng wanted to lie to them.

However …

Long Fei actually wanted to know who Mu Changfeng wanted them to escort back to the sect.


Judging from his words, they shouldn't be here alone. There should be a team here to gain experience.

With their cultivation, demon beast would definitely not be able to harm them.

Now that they were injured, it meant that they had met a strong demon beast.

Thinking of the strong demon beast, Long Fei thought of the shining golden BOSS!

Thinking of this...

He couldn't help but be excited.


Long Fei said: "We are very willing to help Senior Brother."

Mu Changfeng glanced at Long Fei, and said: "Relax, I won't let you guys help out for no reason."

"Come with me now."

"Increase your speed to the fastest."

"Follow closely!"

While they were talking …

With a heavy leap, Mu Changfeng directly jumped to the branch that was over twenty meters tall. With a tap of his feet, he flew another hundred meters.

He was even deliberately controlling his speed.

Otherwise, with his cultivation speed, he would have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Long Fei could not even see him clearly.

Mu Yao said in a low voice: "Boss, he is only a disciple with a blue identity badge, so he doesn't have the qualifications to issue the mission. Why should we go and cause trouble for him? They just want to use us. "

Long Fei replied: "Nothing, I'll go take a look first."

He felt …

Mu Changfeng and his group definitely met a strong demon beast.

If it was a fairy beast …

That would be perfect!

"Hurry up and follow." From afar, Mu Changfeng's urgent voice came out.

Long Fei and Mu Yun chased after him with all their might.

Although the two of them were only at the eighth stage of the God of Heaven Realm, their speed was not slow at all while training in the God Living Mountain.

It could even be compared to some Divine Moon realm powerhouse s.

This also caused Mu Changfeng to be secretly shocked in his heart.

An hour later.

The three of them arrived at a waterfall.

"Senior Brother, did you only find him?" A disciple walked up. At the same time, there was also a blue identity token hanging on his waist. It was not only him.

The other two disciples who were on guard were also wearing blue identity cards.

They were all blue.

There were two people lying on top of a huge rock by the waterfall. One of them was really helping them, but it didn't seem to be working very well.

There was a lot of blood on the rock.

These people also frowned, their expressions ugly.


Their clothes were torn by the claws several times and they suffered light injuries. Their breathing wasn't stable and they were probably injured as well.

Seeing Long Fei and Mu Yun walking out, one of the disciples revealed a look of contempt and said: "A disciple with a white jade token?"

"Senior Brother, what's the use of them being trash?"


"Senior Brother, why did you find two people like that?"

They looked down on him.

After all, their identities were different from others.

Mu Changfeng said: "Even though their identities are white jade tokens, to be able to survive in the God Living Mountain's hinterland and to be able to enter here is enough to show that they are different from the masses. I felt it just now, there's no human within 5,000 kilometers! "

"Only them!"

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