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This kind of mental test was still too childish for Chen Xiang. As long as he knew that he was taking the exam, it would be useless against him.

Just as soon as he closed his eyes, the bodies disappeared.

He looked around and found that he was in the same room as before. He was the only one here.

"You've almost passed the assessment, but there's still one more stage to go." An old man walked in. He was in charge of the assessment.

"There's still the final hurdle." Chen Xiang felt a little suspicious: "Isn't there only three stages?"

"Yes, but this stage is rather special. As long as you pass, you can become an inner disciple and enjoy a lot of resources. You don't have to go through hell cultivation like before." The old man said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Then what's the test?"

The old man waved his hand, and someone dragged in an old man tied to a rope and said, "Kill this old man."

"Why did you kill him? What did he do wrong?" Chen Xiang frowned, he looked at the old man who was on his last breath, whose entire body was covered with injuries.

"He is just an ordinary person. Because when he was walking, he accidentally stepped on my foot. I caught him in a fit of anger. As long as you kill him, we will return to the last stage." The old man threw a blade at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang picked up his blade, looked at the injured old man, and laughed coldly: "This old uncle only accidentally stepped on you, but you mistreated him like this and even killed him."

Chen Xiang looked at the elder in charge of the assessment, his expression became cold, the long blade in his hand suddenly slashed, aiming straight for the elder's neck.

"I should have killed you." When Chen Xiang's blade touched the old man's neck, a flash passed before his eyes, and he saw the few people who were resting with him just now.

"You passed." There were a lot of disciples that chose to kill the old man just now because the old man is an ordinary person and if we kill him we will become an inner disciple. For those of us who have great power, killing an ordinary person would just be crushing an ant, so everyone would not hesitate to make a move.

"Although your killing intent is very strong, you do not kill wantonly. This is rather strange."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Your exam is too easy, especially this kind of test on the soul, it's really easy, I can see through it with one glance."

The elder was speechless. He frowned and said, "Are you really able to see through me?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Yes, for no reason at all, you want me to kill people, it's too sudden, without any preparation, you are right."

"It is a bit fake, but your Fire Essence Pool and Lightning District's assessment is for this third round. After the previous two rounds, your mental pressure must be great, so you will definitely be able to make the fastest decision in the final round …" Of course, we can also quickly see the good and evil in a person's heart by doing so. "

Chen Xiang thought that this made sense. If it was someone who was addicted to killing, he would have killed the old uncle earlier without hesitation.

"No matter what, you have passed. You are truly powerful, entering the inner sect within ten days of being in the outer sect. Since you are not from Six Gods Stage, it seems that your path of growth is difficult." That elder looked at Chen Xiang with eyes full of praise.

Chen Xiang had passed the inner sect examination and become an inner sect disciple. He came to the summit of the Primal Sky Mountain, where there were many buildings.

"This inner sect is quite easy, but if you want to become strong, it won't be that simple. If you want to live through a cultivation technique or receive guidance, you'll have to pass some tests. Some require earning a large amount of Dao crystal."

Chen Xiang was free to go down the mountain. When he just entered the inner sect, he wanted to find someone to talk to, but he did not expect that there were many disciples who were busy, busy with some of the tasks assigned to them by the Yuan Shi Tao School.

"Now that I am an inner disciple of the Yuan Shi Tao School, I will just hide here if anything happens in the future." Chen Xiang looked at the jade tablet. The only reason he entered Yuan Shi Tao School was to find a place to settle down.

"Let's go down the mountain and take a look, I need to hurry up and find the pills needed to enter Six Gods Stage. In this thousand level, even though Late period of Three profound realm is a common existence, it's still too weak."

Chen Xiang rested for a bit, and just as he was about to leave the courtyard, he suddenly saw a middle-aged man walking towards him.

"Little brother, is that where Chen Xiang lives?" The middle-aged man stopped him and asked.

"I am Chen Xiang. Why are you looking for me?" Chen Xiang looked at the middle-aged man, who seemed to be at the early stage of the Three profound realm.

"You are Chen Xiang ah, I heard about your matters, so I wanted to accept you as my disciple." The middle-aged man laughed: "You are a good sapling. It's only been ten days and you have already entered the inner sect. Yuan Shi Tao School has never had a disciple like you before."

Chen Xiang had thought that this middle aged man was very weak, and did not expect that he would actually want to take him as a disciple.

"Could this guy be hiding his cultivation?" Chen Xiang thought, of course, even if the other party was very strong, he would not think like that, he could level up on his own, and did not need any master.

"Even though I look like a Three profound realm, my strength is very strong." The middle-aged man quickly said, "I am an elder here … However, let me first explain. I am only an elder in charge of the chores, and not someone as powerful as the Supreme Grand Elder. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I do not have the thought of taking you in as my master, even if it was the Leader who came to take me in, I would have refused, this is not because senior's cultivation level is low."

Really? As long as you don't despise my low cultivation, then it's fine. Since it's like this, then forget it. Although you can't become my disciple, you can at least become my friend. The middle-aged man smiled and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Of course not, I have nothing to do right now, I don't know how to address you, senior." Chen Xiang asked.

"Lin Jitian." The middle-aged man took out a bottle of wine and said with a smile, "This place is close to where you live, let's go and have a drink there."

"Lin Jitian, do you know Lin Xirong?" Chen Xiang did not ask Lin Xirong's father what his name was back then, but he was sure that his father's surname was Lin.

But when Lin Jitian heard Chen Xiang's question, he was stunned, as though he had been struck by lightning.

"To cherish Rong... You know her from. It came up from below. " Lin Jitian stared blankly at Chen Xiang for a good long while before he asked.

"So you're her father." Chen Xiang was also surprised, he had initially thought that finding Lin Xirong's father would be rather difficult, but he never expected that it would actually happen so easily.

"Tell me inside." Lin Jitian immediately let Chen Xiang bring him to the house.

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