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After arriving at the Thunder District, Chen Xiang and the others heard sharp cries of pain.

Just hearing the sound made everyone's body turn cold. Everyone had just rested for an hour and the pain had already disappeared. This showed that their endurance was still pretty good.

But now, he could hear the cries of pain. It was as if the pain that he had previously eliminated had returned!

Within the lightning zone, thunder and lightning constantly struck down. The sound it produced was already terrifying, let alone wanting to enter.

"Those women are screaming so much!" Gu Qingtian could not help but mutter.

"Hehe, when you wake up, you won't be any better than them." The middle-aged man smiled slyly and said, "Prepare to enter. The rules are the same as before. You are not allowed to use your Dao power to resist."

Everyone stood by the side of the spacious underground room. They were all unwilling to enter, because entering this place meant immediate suffering!

"Let's go in!" Gu Qingtian then kicked Murong Ling's butt, right into his butt. then kicked Murong Ling in, causing numerous bolts of lightning to strike over, all striking Murong Ling's body.

"Ahhh …" Mu Rong Ling screamed like a pig that was being butchered. His throat was about to crack and his body was still trembling uncontrollably.

Gu Qingtian originally wanted to laugh, but he was unable to do so because all of them had to do this later!

"You (a) (read) the novel ybdu. "You b * stard …" Mu Rong Ling cursed angrily.

Just then, Chen Xiang had already walked in, and countless of lightning bolts charged towards him, in the blink of an eye, it struck his body, producing crackling sounds.

Chen Xiang frowned slightly. This was indeed a bit painful, but he could still endure it. After that, he sat down in a corner earlier and closed his eyes, allowing the lightning bolts to strike his body.

"All of you, come in!" As the middle-aged man spoke, he released a powerful force, pushing in all the people who were standing at the side. Soon after, this place became like a pig slaughtering field, and everyone started shouting loudly to their heart's content.

Another day had ended. After the cultivation in the Thunder Dominion had finished, everyone's body was releasing smoke, many of them were already charred black, while Chen Xiang's face was only black. The others were fine, at least he was the only one who was able to leave the Thunder Hall, while the others were all climbing out!

"Rest for four hours before you continue. There are eight more days!" The middle-aged man looked at these half-dead people and smiled.

And in the next eight days, they would be alternating between cold and thunder. As two people left the arena, everyone could understand this point. They didn't know how much longer they would be able to last!

Every month, they had to cultivate like this for ten days. Now, they could rest for twenty days, but everyone's mood was not very good because after twenty days, they still had to continue this hellish cultivation.

"I say, Chen Xiang, how did you manage to withstand that kind of pain?" Gu Qingtian was extremely curious, he crawled to Chen Xiang's side and asked.

"If you were to cultivate in the outer sect for hundreds or thousands of years, you wouldn't be afraid of pain." Chen Xiang said. This kind of painful cultivation, was something that he had experienced many times.

"Hundreds of thousands of years?" Gu Qingtian could not help but shiver, "Could it be that you walked over like that?"

"More or less!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "There's nothing I can do. I was born into poverty, and in order to obtain powerful strength, I needed to cultivate a powerful body.

"I don't believe it! How can you possess such a powerful technique when you are born of such a poor background? Even the so-called chief disciples of the Azure Dragon School are not as powerful as you in terms of Dao of the Dragon. " Gu Qingtian curled his lips.

"That's the nod I received after going through some tough times." Chen Xiang smiled and said: "You've suffered so much. You know how to make yourself stronger, and there's also ways to get more Dao crystal!"

"Sigh!" Are you really going to take the inner sect examination? The instructor said that it would be many times scarier than it is now. " Gu Qingtian still did not quite believe what Chen Xiang said. From start to finish, he still felt that Chen Xiang was very mysterious.

"I must go!" Chen Xiang said: "If I'm not able to make it here, I'll only be returning here."

The cultivation here was extremely difficult for many people, especially for the spoiled children from influential clans.

Chen Xiang rested for a moment, also recovered a bit, and then returned to his stone room.

"I will properly adjust for another day and then participate in the inner sect examination. I want to enter the inner sect!" Chen Xiang had already heard some things about the inner sect from the instructor's words, it would be much easier to enter, at least he did not need to undergo such a dry and painful cultivation.

After resting for a day, Chen Xiang immediately went to register. At this time, many people were present, all of them had passed the examination and entered the outer sect, they were originally the children of Venerable families, but now, their arrogance had been wiped out, and they no longer had the haughtiness that a Venerable Family disciple had.

After registering, everyone felt that Chen Xiang was very unfamiliar, because most of the people participating in the examination right now were old disciples, and some of them had even failed a few times. Only after everyone had understood that Chen Xiang had just entered the outer sect for ten days!

He had only been here for ten days, and yet he was already taking the examination! This caused many people to be shocked!

In the past, many people had thought of entering the inner sect as soon as they did, but after experiencing the first ten days of hellish cultivation, none of them had this thought!

This was because the inner sect examination was much crueler than hellish cultivation.

After reporting their names, everyone was brought into a cave. There was also a pool of lava inside. As soon as they approached, they could feel the scorching heat!

Chen Xiang and the rest were immersed in the water, a majority of them only lasted for an hour before retreating, while the rest endured the pain, with more people screaming in pain.

A day quickly passed. Originally, there were several hundred people who entered, but now there were only a few dozen. All of these people had passed the first stage.

"This exam is not simple at all, even I feel a great deal of pain!" When Chen Xiang was soaking in it, he circulated the Heavenly spirit kunfu, transforming the stimulation brought upon by the pain into a type of body strengthening.

The second trial was to enter the lightning zone. This was an existence that was even more terrifying than the fire liquid pool from before. It was just that a few people had already climbed out to leave from the start.

And there were only ten of them who were able to last till the end!

"The second test has been passed. It's still considered successful!" This second stage made Chen Xiang uncomfortable, and made him have the thought of leaving, but he still persevered.

Now, everyone can rest for four hours before the final test!

After going through the first two tests, everyone's mental energy was greatly damaged, and even Chen Xiang was feeling dispirited, so these four hours of rest time were too little.

, who was resting with his eyes closed, suddenly smelled a strong stench of blood. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a grassland filled with corpses, and the people who died, were all his familiar family and friends!

When he saw this, he felt like he was about to collapse!

However, he quickly recovered and knew that he was undergoing the assessment. He immediately took a deep breath and stabilized his mind!

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