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Chen Xiang was also shocked by Gu Qingtian's strength, this defensive power was released by Gu Qingtian himself. If it was a normal Six Gods Stage, they would have already died under this kind of attack, but Gu Qingtian was only suppressed to the extent of not being able to retaliate.

"We can't let this continue any longer. Once this guy recovers and finds an opportunity, it'll be the time for him to retaliate." At this moment, Chen Xiang could clearly feel that an extremely terrifying power was being concentrated within Gu Qingtian's body.

Chen Xiang was extremely terrified of that power. If he released it, the consequences would be unimaginable!

"Azure Dragon!" Chen Xiang immediately used the Azure Dragon within the second Divine Sense Sea, and let the Azure Dragon flow into his arm, so that it would not be exposed.

Even so, his arm suddenly swelled up, shattering his sleeve. On his arm were green dragon scales, flashing with terrifying lightning!

"This boy really hides a great deal of his strength. What he used just now should be the power of the Dao of Dragon Laws. He entered into the cultivation of the Dao of Dragon Laws!" Murong Jin's expression was solemn, at this moment, he felt that Chen Xiang was even more mysterious.

"Dao of the Dragon Laws!" A hundred Law beads required fifty billion, it was obvious that this fellow had the support of a terrifying old man. Otherwise, where could he have gotten so many Dao crystal? If we want to cultivate this kind of rare Rule Dao line, we have to first step into the Six Gods Stage and fight for it when we return to our families. " Mu Rong Ling looked at Chen Xiang with a bit of jealousy.

"That's right... "Now, I know what kind of technique he is using, and it actually makes his arm feel like it is being possessed by a green dragon. I wonder if Old Gu can withstand it." Liang Jinjun stared at Chen Xiang's arm and frowned.

"The power that Old Gu has condensed is also very terrifying!" Zhao Yunqiao said, "But... I wonder if there will be a chance to release it! "

After Chen Xiang allowed the green dragon to attach itself to his arm, he felt that the green dragon had already fused with his arm, and then, he immediately threw a punch!

This time, it was even the Berserk Dragon Heaven Blasting Palm!

Chen Xiang's palm exploded with a burst of glaring green light!

A flashing green dragon roared out from the resplendent green light. The roar of a dragon shook the heavens, causing everyone to tremble in fear!

With this palm, Chen Xiang used all his strength to control the power. If he felt that something was wrong, he could immediately control it and retrieve it!

Gu Qingtian was also frightened, he never thought that the hidden strength Chen Xiang possessed was actually this terrifying. In that instant, the energy he had accumulated in his body suddenly disappeared, which meant that he had given up on resisting!

When Chen Xiang sensed that the condensed power on his body had disappeared, he shouted loudly and controlled the green dragon to explode.

The green dragon did not directly land on Gu Qingtian's body, but the moment it exploded, the berserk force it produced pushed Gu Qingtian out of the fighting arena!

"Chen Xiang wins!" The old man below the stage was also frightened, but he quickly regained his composure and shouted.

"Are you a disciple of the Azure Dragon School?" Although Gu Qingtian had lost, he did not complain. After all, Chen Xiang had defeated him with absolute strength.

"No!" Chen Xiang knew why Gu Qingtian would ask such a question. It was because the Dragon Power and Azure Dragon power that he had used just now looked just like those of the Azure Dragon School s no matter how one looked at it.

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he hastily went to the registration area to add his last point, so he could enter tenth place just in time!

Even though he was ranked tenth, he could defeat the one ranked first!

"This kid is really scary!" Gu Qingtian came over to Murong Jin and the others and sighed: "If not for him suddenly stopping, I would be lying down right now."

"No wonder my brother is so convinced. So it turns out that he also felt Chen Xiang's power." Liang Jinjun chuckled, "But of course, I'm not afraid of him. It's as they say. Although he's strong, he might not necessarily be able to defeat me."

Murong Jin laughed: That's right, if we are to compete in sword techniques, I feel that I can definitely win against him!

Gu Qingtian shook his head: "All you are saying is that when you fight with him, you will already know how terrifying he is. Under such circumstances, for him to be able to remain calm and collected, it goes to say that he has a lot of battle experience, and that he carries a killing intent with him! That killing intent is even more terrifying than your two brothers' God-killing sword. "

"Those in the top ten, follow me." A grey robed old man suddenly appeared and shouted.

Chen Xiang immediately walked over, and the people who were in the top ten all rushed over.

"I am an outer sect elder of the Yuan Shi Tao School. From now on, you are all outer sect disciples of the Yuan Shi Tao School." As the grey-clothed old man spoke, he took out ten Storage bag s. "One for each of us, take a good look at the things inside."

After Chen Xiang obtained it, he took out a book from within. Inside it were written the rules of the Yuan Shi Tao School. Other than that, there was also a cultivation technique, but it was only the first part of it.

"The sect rules are already written on it. You should know that cultivation in the outer sect is very difficult, right?" However, you only have ten days each month to cultivate. You are free to do so for the rest of your time. " The old man had already brought Chen Xiang and the others and was walking towards the Primal Sky Mountain.

"Elder, do you think that someone with strength like ours can withstand the cultivation of the outer court disciples?" Mu Rong Ling asked.

"It's hard to say. I have seen many imps that were even more talented than you, but there are only a few that managed to endure through it! Of course, although you guys are not as strong as those guys, but your character is not bad and you have also been chosen by the Supreme Elders in the inner sect, so even if you guys can't go through with it, you will definitely become a true disciple, and that is even higher than an inner sect disciple. "

Murong Jin said: "I will definitely not be able to hold on, if I do not, I will not have the face to enter the inner sect, and will only make those honorable disciples laugh."

Mu Rong Ling also nodded.

"Good ambition, I hope you guys can really endure it." The old man smiled.

"Elder, is there any method that doesn't require the outer court to conduct cruel cultivation every month?" Chen Xiang kept looking at that book, which had a lot of information on cultivation.

"Don't you want to cultivate?" Then why did you enter the Yuan Shi Tao School? " The old man asked, "Many people enter the outer sect just to train and gain experience!"

"The reason I entered the Yuan Shi Tao School was to find a safer and more stable environment to let me grow up." Chen Xiang said: "It's not that I don't want to cultivate, but the cultivation in the outer sect is completely useless to me. This kind of cultivation can also be described as cruel, and I feel that it's an insult to the word 'cruel'."

When Chen Xiang saw the content of the cultivation, it was no different from tempering his spirit and body. It was extremely extreme, especially when it came to tempering the body … He needed to soak in the primordial flame pool, or be struck by the primal wild lightning, etc …

To Chen Xiang, all of these were just a piece of cake!

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