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When Gu Qingtian entered the fighting arena, the aura around his body was completely different from before. Previously, he had always been careless when he entered the arena, which meant that he had never paid attention to those battles before.

Therefore, when everyone saw Gu Qingtian's stance, they all thought that he would lose.

After all, this was the last match. Gu Qingtian could flip it over and let it go, because he already had nothing to worry about in the future. He did not need to worry about being too tired to fight in the next match.

Since Gu Qingtian came to participate in this exam, it could be said that he had always been victorious, so he had to guarantee that he would be victorious in this final battle.

Chen Xiang did not plan to use the spatial laws for battle previously, because he did not want so many people to know that he had mastered such a terrifying law. Otherwise, if others were to think of a method to deal with his spatial laws in the future, it would be limited to his strength.

At this moment, he was also very conflicted. If he used it when he was forced to, it would be exposed. If he did not, he might lose this battle. He could only wait until next year.

"Kid, you will definitely lose, hehe." Gu Qingtian rubbed his fist and chuckled.

Even though he knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, he had never felt that Chen Xiang was a threat to him. After all, he had already won many matches and defeated many geniuses, which gave him the confidence to do so.

"Don't be so sure. It hasn't begun yet." Chen Xiang didn't think that he would lose. After all, he had opened all his doors wide, and he also cultivated many powerful divine arts.

Even if Gu Qingtian had opened all the profound doors, there would still be a gap in power. Other people would train in Dao Energy, but Chen Xiang trained in Primitive Tao Power.

Although he had fought in so many matches before, he had never used it once. This was the power he was hiding.

Chen Xiang had seen quite a lot of battles, but he had never seen anyone using Dao of Dragon Power. This showed that these Rule Dao line were very rare.

Even the top five geniuses didn't have that many rare dao meridians.

During the month that Chen Xiang was here, he had already understood that the number of Law beads here was lesser than the hundred floors. The main reason was that the time that the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele appeared was very short and they often changed places.

There were only a few forces that could get Law beads from the Hundred Floors, but coming here was also very tiring, which was far from enough for them to use.

"I can defeat you in ten punches." Gu Qingtian was extremely confident, because like many other people, he thought that Chen Xiang had worked hard these past few days. Even if he had saved his strength, he would not be able to beat him.

"I want to see how powerful your ten punches are." Chen Xiang smiled faintly, then looked at an elder standing at the side. He nodded towards him, indicating that they can begin.

Gu Qingtian was also ready, and shouted to the old man: "We can begin."

"Begin." With the elder's words, Gu Qingtian immediately rushed forward and seized the initiative to attack Chen Xiang first.

Gu Qingtian cultivated the Heavenly spirit kunfu, so he liked to use his fists in battle the most. His fist techniques were also very terrifying, if it were not for the restrictions preventing his opponents from dying, many people would have died under his two exploding fists.

Gu Qingtian looked big and tall, giving off a feeling of awkwardness, but on the contrary, he was very agile. When he arrived in front of Chen Xiang, although he raised his fist, he did not smash it down immediately.

He nimbly avoided Chen Xiang's Heaven Blasting Palm, and arrived beside Chen Xiang, the fist energy that had been congealing for a long time was unleashed with a loud bang, that unceasingly gushing fist energy was like a tidal wave, imposing and vast, containing an endless amount of power, as though it was tens of thousands of mountains that were smashing down nonstop.

"This is from the Heavenly spirit kunfu... The power of ten thousand stars, huh. " Chen Xiang only trained Heavenly spirit kunfu s for defense, but rarely used them in battles. The reason was mainly for defense.

Just that aura alone was enough to shock and scare people, but Chen Xiang was not an ordinary person, moreover, he had a better understanding of Gu Qingtian's Heavenly spirit kunfu.

He knew that this move of Gu Qingtian's was mostly an illusion, mainly to investigate the opponent's true strength, and the majority of the people were completely stunned by his first punch. After becoming terrified, they would be forced out of the competition arena with just one move from Gu Qingtian.

Chen Xiang saw that after Gu Qingtian threw out his first punch, the Shrinking step stepped forward and in the blink of an eye, it had dodged the incoming fist wind.

If they didn't dodge, the violent wind from the fists would be enough to push him out of the fighting stage. Many people had lost because of this.

Chen Xiang's Shrinking step was also extremely strange, its speed extremely fast, which made many young geniuses more curious. The moment Gu Qingtian punched, Chen Xiang actually walked on the Shrinking step and arrived behind Gu Qingtian.

Boom boom boom boom. Chen Xiang struck out multiple times with his palms consecutively, but only the extremely violent and powerful Heaven Blasting Palm power remained. He would not show any mercy right now, because Gu Qingtian's body was extremely terrifying.

Gu Qingtian never thought that the limit of Chen Xiang's Shrinking step would actually be this terrifying.

Previously, he had also paid attention to Chen Xiang's battle. He knew that although Chen Xiang's Shrinking step looked strange, it wasn't as fast as it was now. This was mainly because Chen Xiang had not used his full strength previously.

Gu Qingtian did not expect Chen Xiang to hide it so deeply, and cursed in his heart, before releasing a few punches to blast outwards, forming balls of white light. The balls of light exploded, and produced wave after wave of thunderous roars, dispersing all of Chen Xiang's Heaven Blasting Palm power.

However, just as Gu Qingtian was releasing a ball of light, the fighting arena was suddenly enveloped in a dense fog, which was released by Chen Xiang.

"What a cunning fellow." Gu Qingtian suddenly lost sense of Chen Xiang, it was obvious that the dense mist was not normal, as he would be able to hide within it.

Just as Gu Qingtian was unable to sense Chen Xiang, he started to panic in his heart. However, right at this moment, an earth-shaking dragon's roar sounded out, accompanied by a violent tremble that was even more intense than that of the arena.

"The Raging Dragon Heaven Blasting Palm, this was released using the combination of the Primordial Dragon's Dao Energy. Right now, I'm using all of the profound entrances."

The dragon's roar was filled with rage. The force of the palm strike was so terrifying that it caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Chen Xiang seemed to have gone mad as he continuously struck out with the Raging Dragon Heaven Blasting Palm.

The dense mist had already been swept away by the wind from Chen Xiang's palm, everyone only saw Chen Xiang's entire body releasing a gold light, his palms continuing to release outwards, releasing a faint gold dragon-like Qi from his palms, hitting Gu Qingtian's body which was covered in white light.

A white barrier appeared on Gu Qingtian's body. The white light was dazzling, especially when Chen Xiang's palm strike landed on his barrier, the light emitted was even more intense.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! One after another, Chen Xiang's palm energy landed on Gu Qingtian's body or even on his surroundings. The shaking power surrounded and suppressed Gu Qingtian's barrier, and Gu Qingtian was also forced to retreat continuously by the palm energy.

The current Chen Xiang, could almost be said to be using his strongest power, but this Gu Qingtian could still hold on.

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