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Just a moment ago, everyone's attention was on the air, and when they entered the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, they were standing right beside them. They thought that Chen Xiang would definitely not come out, but they never expected that he would disappear in the blink of an eye.

After Chen Xiang broke through, there was the fastest way to grab onto Wu profound and let him enter the You Yao Mountain Villa. At the same time, they used invisibility and then used the White Tiger Jump to jump out of the extremely weak light barrier.

"Quick, attack!" Everyone immediately joined hands and frantically struck the light barrier. They felt that Chen Xiang was still inside, but he used invisibility, so they had a better understanding of Chen Xiang's invisibility.

With them working together and attacking with all their might, the barrier was quickly destroyed. Now, they had surrounded the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation and were searching for Chen Xiang.

And the moment Chen Xiang came out, he flew into the air!

At this moment, he was in the air on the battlefield, where the Qilin Leader and Black Tortoise Leader were currently fighting extremely fiercely with the Flying Dragon City Lord.

"Enough is enough!"

At this time, Flying Dragon City was tied up with a metal chain by Black Tortoise Leader, trying to pull him down. However, the Qilin Leader used a very strong fire barrier to envelop Flying Dragon City Lord inside.

You dared to provoke us today, and wanted to ruin our big plans. You should stop at the end of the day, if you agree to properly get the hell back to become your City Lord, then we can let you go today. " The Qilin Leader sneered, "If you don't accept, then don't blame us for being impolite."

"Wishful thinking. Even if I die, I won't compromise!" The Flying Dragon City Lord roared in anger. He wanted to shake off the bindings of the Qilin Leader and Black Tortoise Leader, but he did not succeed.

The two Leader s were also fighting desperately, because they knew that the Flying Dragon City Lord was not easy to deal with.

"Then we'll just exhaust you to death little by little. In any case, we've already offended you, so we're not afraid of killing this untactful fellow."

The Flying Dragon City Lord was not weak, it was just that he was cautious of the Flying Dragon City from the start, if he used his power, the place would definitely be destroyed, and many people would be implicated, as the City Lord, he did not wish to see such a thing happen.

At this moment, he felt that he would not be able to struggle free. If this continued, he would definitely be killed, and just as he was thinking of a way, he suddenly saw an azure light shooting over, piercing through the head of the Qilin Leader!

Although that cyan light was very fast, Flying Dragon City Lord could clearly see that it was formed from an azure dragon!

The moment the head of the Qilin Leader was penetrated, his entire body exploded!


Two explosive sounds rang out. One was the sound of the body of the Leader being shattered while the other was the sound of the Flying Dragon City breaking free from his shackles and exploding!

"It's Chen Xiang!" The Black Tortoise Leader shouted in shock, "Chen Xiang is up there, he just killed the Qilin Leader!"

Chen Xiang actually had the strength to kill the Qilin Leader, which made the other Leader s and elders panic, because their strength was on par with the Qilin Leader!

Chen Xiang could kill a Qilin Leader, but he could also kill them!

"I'll let you talk too much!" Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind the Black Tortoise Leader, the Emperor seal in his hands heavily smashing onto the Black Tortoise Leader.


The Emperor seal shook and the green dragon roared out, piercing through Black Tortoise Leader's body. Everyone could clearly see that Black Tortoise Leader's body was pierced through like paper in an instant.

That was the Leader, he was actually killed one after another!

The Flying Dragon City Lord was also dumbstruck as he watched the floating Chen Xiang. When this young man killed these Leader s, his eyes didn't even blink.

"Sorry, I didn't expect them to be so weak. They should have been left for you to kill." Chen Xiang laughed and said.

Without waiting for the Flying Dragon City Lord to speak, he suddenly disappeared!

Just as Chen Xiang disappeared, a group of golden-armoured people suddenly appeared in the air. They were all dressed in golden armors, and the golden peepings they wore covered their faces.

Chen Xiang also felt the aura, hence he immediately ran away. He originally planned to exterminate the Leader s, elders and the others below, but who would have thought that such a group of people would suddenly appear.

"Flying Dragon Guard!" The Flying Dragon City was shocked, and hurriedly walked over: "Hundred Floor Flying Dragon City Master Yi Tianqi greets you, Flying Dragon Divine General!"

The leader, that tall and sturdy golden-armored man, nodded his head, "There's a lot of stuff going on here, what's going on?"

"The seven major sects are going to war with the Center of Flying Dragon City. Once war begins, it will definitely affect the entire Center of Flying Dragon City. I will stop them, but they will actually fight with me." Yi Tianqi said.

"Flying Dragon Divine General, all of the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele were taken by someone. We did all of this to capture that person! But it was all stopped by the Flying Dragon City Lord! Just a moment ago, the Qilin Leader and Black Tortoise Leader were ambushed and killed. " The Azure Dragon Leader hurriedly said.

"We already know that the Myriad Tao Divine Stele has been taken away, it is not something important. Every time the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation descends, it is a very normal thing to have it taken away. It has happened many times on other floors." Flying Dragon Divine General said: "I want to know how the Flying Dragon Association is doing this time, because I heard that it was very unfair!"

"I will always report to you about this matter. Please come take a seat at my residence." Yi Tianqi looked at the group of people below and said.

"Alright, let's go!" Flying Dragon Divine General nodded, then slowly landed on the ground. Looking at the group of Leader and elders, he said, "You guys come together as well!"

… ….

Chen Xiang had already arrived at the central region and released Wu profound.

"So dangerous. There's actually such a terrifying person. Where exactly did they come from?" When Chen Xiang thought of that aura, he immediately felt fear. "Wu profound, have you ever heard of Flying Dragon Divine General?"

Wu profound didn't know what had just happened, because he was brought into You Yao Mountain Villa by Chen Xiang.

"Flying Dragon Divine General? You met it? " Wu profound's expression changed, and said: "This guy actually appeared, something big is going to happen!"

"Hurry up and tell me!" Chen Xiang anxiously said: "This guy is scary!"

"Flying Dragon Divine General is at the Supreme Realm, above Six Gods Stage! The scariest thing is that the Divine Soldiers and Divine Generals led by the Flying Dragon Divine General are experts within the Six Gods Stage, there are more than a thousand of them! " Wu profound said.

"The Supreme Realm!" Chen Xiang thought of the Natural Law Divine Lord. He felt that it should be the Supreme Realm.

"That's right, this is a realm above Six Gods Stage, it is very difficult to reach. Anyone with that kind of strength can leave the top levels of Flying Dragon Pagoda." Wu profound said, "Within the Flying Dragon Pagoda, there are a total of ten Flying Dragon Divine General s. No one knows their names, and no one has ever seen what they look like."

"Their main mission is to maintain order in the Flying Dragon Pagoda. This time, the Flying Dragon Association is so dark, they should be here for this reason."

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, "Right now, I'm a bit worried about getting targeted by them!"

Wu profound laughed: "Don't worry, these Flying Dragon Divine General are very reliable … Oh right, you should be free now, right? You want to help me refine those Law beads? "

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