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Wu profound never thought that Chen Xiang would be able to step into the late stage of the Heaven realm in a few short months.

The Heaven realm had troubled many people for many years. Many Rankers and Alchemist were searching for a method to quickly and steadily break through, but they did not make any progress.

Now, Chen Xiang had actually found a way, but this method could only be done by Chen Xiang himself, and not by someone who could refine a Law Pill.

"Competing with the arena in the inner area …" From here, the fastest way to get there will be two hours. Wu profound replied: "It's still too late for us to go."

"Let's go." Chen Xiang nodded, and then quickly dashed away with Wu profound towards the fighting arena.

The Center of Flying Dragon City going to the Inner District required them to pass through an uninhabited forest. Last time, Xue Qing brought Chen Xiang here in order to kill him.

Therefore, after Chen Xiang entered this uninhabited mountain forest, he became extremely cautious.

"Wu profound, be careful. Qin profound is not the only one who wants to kill us." Chen Xiang suddenly said to Wu profound.

"Oh, who else would it be but him?" Wu profound was shocked, he only knew that they had offended Qin profound.

"Evil Soul." Chen Xiang said softly: "Evil Soul definitely knows that I am also here, and the reason they were discovered, was also because I exposed them, so they suspected me."

"There is one more thing you need to understand. As long as the Evil Soul does not do evil, it is a very strong power. Do you think the Divine Beast Sect will let go of this opportunity to use this power?"

Chen Xiang's words sent a shiver down Wu profound's spine. He understood more about the sects of the divine beasts than others and it was indeed possible. After what happened with the Flying Dragon Association, he understood more about the faces of the sects of the divine beasts.

Of course, back when his family was in charge of the profound Marital School, it was not like that.

This was also a clue that Chen Xiang got when he was searching the memories of the three profound practitioners. According to what he knew, the higher ups of the Divine Beast Sect had secretly met with a force.

For safety's sake, Chen Xiang released a Space Domain that he could immediately sense if anyone approached him.

An hour later, Chen Xiang and Wu profound's journey was extremely peaceful, but Chen Xiang did not let his guard down.

"He's coming." Chen Xiang suddenly said to Wu profound: "You go first, I'll hold those guys back. There is a total of two people, all of them from the Three profound realm, they seem to be from the Evil Soul."

"Can you do it, the strength of the Three profound realm's dao force is around 10,000, can you handle it alone?" Wu profound was a little worried.

"No problem." Chen Xiang replied: "As long as you're fine."

"Alright, then I'll be leaving first." Although Wu profound was worried, he knew that he would not be able to help in any way, so he left quickly.

Chen Xiang stood in place and watched as Wu profound safely left. The two Three profound realm Evil Soul s also appeared, and two of them were actually Tai Bao and Tai Bo.

"It's all of you." Chen Xiang's heart turned cold. Tai Bo and Tai Bao had also been noticed by the Evil Soul earlier.

"Not bad, I didn't expect you to come here yourself. Your progress is truly beyond our imagination. You are truly worthy of being called a genius alchemist." The Evil Soul had taken over Tai Bao's body and soul, and thus knew Chen Xiang's secret, as well as the speed at which he was refining the pills.

To them, this was a good method to make money. If they could control Chen Xiang to refine pills and sell it, they could earn a lot of Dao crystal.

"It seems like this was done by you guys on your own." Chen Xiang was not afraid at all at the moment. Although the other party was a Three profound realm, Tai Bo and Tai Bao were originally only at the late stage of the Heaven realm, so he was sure that these two Evil Soul s were only at the early stage of the Three profound realm and had just broken through.

"You are quite smart. It seems that you have realized that we have joined forces with the forces here." Tai Bao laughed: We are indeed acting on our own, but to you, this is a good thing, if our boss from above were to make a move, you will be in for it.

After all, the Evil Soul was a group of people who had escaped the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Although they were a group of people who had escaped the Myriad Tao Mausoleum, they had their own little thoughts, especially the two Evil Soul s who were in charge of taking over Tai Bao's and Tai Bo's bodies.

"As long as you obediently sign a master and servant blood contract with the two of us, we can guarantee that you will live well. Furthermore, in the future, when we have the strength, we can bring you into the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Tai Bo rubbed his hands together as he laughed sinisterly: "Kid, this is only a good thing for you, it's not a bad thing."

"Yeah, yeah, you know, now that the people who are hosting the Flying Dragon Association know that you have pill refining skills, they have the same thoughts as us … "However, he's much rougher than us. They wanted to use soul-searching techniques to plunder your alchemy techniques." Tai Bao laughed: "As long as you cooperate with us, we can bring you to a safe place."

"In your dreams." Chen Xiang puffed: "I'll tell you three things. Firstly, I'm not afraid of you two pieces of trash, and secondly, I'm not afraid of those Evil Soul s who come out from Myriad Tao Mausoleum. Thirdly, I also won't let those fellows who host Flying Dragon Association go."

"Yo, you are such a tough kid. Do you know that we have learned a lot of ways to force people to submit in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum? Now that we have used it on you, we will let you experience our might." Tai Bo laughed sinisterly.

Suddenly, a cold light flashed, Tai Bo's laughter stopped. A thin red line appeared on his throat, Chen Xiang's swift sword had already slashed across his neck.

"This... "This, is impossible." When Tai Bao saw it, he could not help but tremble and continuously retreated a few steps. At this point in time, he could not see Chen Xiang at all.

Chen Xiang had not appeared ever since he had disappeared.

"Impossible, just try it and you'll know." Chen Xiang's voice came out, and another bone-piercing cold light flashed, bringing with it a suffocating killing intent.

Tai Bao's head was also chopped off.

"Your Dao-strength is not more than ten thousand, and you want to deal with me?" Chen Xiang looked at the two heads that had faces full of astonishment, and sneered.

Neither of them died. Their bodies were just damaged.

"Don't underestimate us." Both heads suddenly emitted black Qi, with a buzzing sound, it enveloped Chen Xiang.

"We want to take your body, hahaha …" Evil Soul laughed sinisterly.

"Wishful thinking." Chen Xiang teleported away from their encirclement and used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to cast a black flame.

"Ahh …"

The two Evil Soul s screamed as they were burned. Chen Xiang's Soul Devouring Devil Fire was specially used against souls.

Chen Xiang looked at the two corpses on the ground and sighed. With that, he waved his sleeves and released two streams of flames, burning the bodies of the two elders.

"Come in." Chen Xiang took out a cauldron and placed the two Evil Soul s inside. He wanted them to be like the Evil Soul s who had taken over Xue Qing's body, and had them be burned by flames for ten thousand years, to endure the pain of soul devouring.

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