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Chen Xiang clenched his fists, and said word by word: "I will not leave, I must let them know, I, Chen Xiang am not someone that is easily bullied, and I still have a month's time, right?"

Wu profound suddenly thought of something. Chen Xiang had asked him to buy the ten billion corpse of the Dragon beast before, and Chen Xiang had a way to quickly break through the Heaven realm. This was Chen Xiang's chance to turn the tables.

"Come, let's hurry back." He still had to go back and refine all of the Dragon beast's corpses. Right now, he had to break through to the late stage of the Heaven realm before he could remain undefeated in the upcoming battle.

The location where the third round of chaos was held was on the 100th floor. And now, they had come to the 110th floor just to make it easier for them to kill some people.

Chen Xiang asked Wu profound about it. In the second round, there were already a lot of people who did not return, and all of them went missing.

Some groups only had a few dozen people left. By that time, the number of people entering the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation would definitely not reach ten thousand.

Those who entered the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, with the highest cultivation level, could only enter the Three profound realm. Now, as long as the experts from the Six Gods Stage could place their own people among the people entering the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation, they could use this method to seek profits.

But after the three matches, the hosts who presided over the Flying Dragon Association had all arranged for the seats to be filled.

Thinking about this, Chen Xiang became angry in his heart. Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation was originally meant for outstanding people to enjoy, but now he was being manipulated like this.

Even if they knew, they couldn't say anything, because these were the work of several powerful sects on the 100th floor, unless they could report to a place above the 200th floor.

However, those who had the ability to go there did not care about so many things, and most of these people were from powerful sects.

After returning to the Flying Dragon Pagoda's Hundred Floor, Wu profound also gave him a lot of Dragon beast's corpses, which were enough for him to refine two hundred of them.

Wu profound could understand Chen Xiang's current mood. He had experienced that kind of feeling of being suppressed and being unable to resist, and in the end, he could only endure and choose to avoid it.

But now, Chen Xiang chose to resist.

Right now, Chen Xiang was refining his Law beads in a relatively remote area in the Central Region for his own safety. He was already being watched, and with a Three Profound Ranker being killed, Qin profound and the rest would definitely want to get rid of him even more.

Chen Xiang, who was in the middle stage of the Heaven realm, refined Law beads much faster than before.

Right now, he called the Law beads a law pill because it was like he was refining pills. In his eyes, it was no different from a pill.

"After the middle stage of the Heaven realm, it would actually increase by such a huge amount, opening up two profound God s would be different. If I were to open the third profound God s, my strength would definitely increase by ten times, and at that time, I would no longer have to be afraid of Qin profound. He is also only at the late stage of the Heaven realm, and is at the same level as me, it will not be that easy for him to win against me."

Chen Xiang was very confident in this.

Right now, the Law Pills he was concocting were much more effective than the ones he had concocted before. Because he had an additional Crash, he believed that he would definitely be able to use these Law Pills to advance to the late stage of the Heaven realm.

In order to ensure that he wouldn't be killed in a battle of attrition, Chen Xiang was currently refining the Rules Pellets in a crazed manner. He was in an extremely excited state and could be said to be brimming with fighting spirit.

He had to let Qin profound and the other disciples who wanted to kill him know that he, Chen Xiang, was not someone they could casually take away.

To have one's life being looked down on, in Chen Xiang's eyes, was like having one's dignity trampled upon. This was something that he absolutely could not tolerate.

Under this state, Chen Xiang worked even harder, his progress in refining the Rules Pellet was much faster than before.

"Seems like it's exactly what I thought, to open the profound God Barrier requires an extremely strong and berserk power of law to rush out in one go, requires an unending stream of power of law to rush out, all the Law Pills I've consumed before contain an extremely strong power of law, able to open all the obstacles in the profound God Barrier like a long stream of water."

"Now, as long as I continuously consume these Law Pills, I'll be able to break through the third profound God and step into the late stage of the Heaven realm."

After Chen Xiang had refined two hundred of them, he had swallowed five at a time, swallowed twenty in a day, and ate them five days in a row. Just now, he had felt an extremely distinct sensation;

"It looks like I only need a hundred Law Pills to break through the last hurdle of profound God and step into the Divine Heavenly late stage." Chen Xiang had previously predicted that he would need two hundred pills.

He still had a hundred pills in his hands, and there were only ten days left before the chaotic battle.

"I ate them all." After Chen Xiang thought about it, the dead zone would eat ten pills every day for ten days, seeing if it could break through and enter the Three profound realm.

If he had entered the Three profound realm, he believed that dealing with these disciples would be as easy as pinching ants. Thinking of this, Chen Xiang became inexplicably excited.

Ten days later, he finished consuming the remaining hundred Law Pills. The Spirit of the Dao gods and the three profound God s inside it had all become much stronger, but he didn't have any signs of breaking through.

"The Three profound realm requires three profound God s to be in one body. Although the three profound God s are in the Dao God Realm, there is no connection between them. What do I need to do?"

Chen Xiang was regretful now, because he was unable to use the Three profound realm, but he felt that with his current strength, he should be able to protect himself.

"It's starting tomorrow morning, I have to hurry to the Center of Flying Dragon City's fighting arena." After Chen Xiang became invisible, he used the power of space.

At the late stage of the Heaven realm, he had also extracted more and more Primitive Tao Power. Right now, the distance he was teleporting to was getting further and further away from the Spirit of the Dao gods.

He had told Wu profound before to head for the Center of Flying Dragon City himself first, so he didn't need to wait for him. Thus, he wasn't with Wu profound right now.

Chen Xiang and Wu profound had made an appointment and met up at the profound Wu Dan Pavilion. When Chen Xiang arrived at the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, he saw an extremely anxious Wu profound.

"What, you think I don't dare to come?" Chen Xiang laughed. He was still hiding two of his profound God s, so he looked like he was only at the early stage of the Heaven realm.

"Indeed, there is such a worry. I am relieved to see you here now." Wu profound was indeed worried that Chen Xiang would not come because of fear.

"You underestimate me so much." Chen Xiang laughed: "Let's go to the fighting arena now."

"You … "You broke through." Wu profound asked in a low voice.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, causing his entire body to tremble, Chen Xiang had previously displayed astonishing potential when he tested his cultivation, and now that Chen Xiang had reached the late stage of the Heaven realm, it meant that Chen Xiang was someone as strong and powerful as Qin profound!

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