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Chen Xiang took out the Emperor seal, and secretly tried to use the power of his Second Divine Sense Sea's green dragon.

What he did not expect was that as soon as the green dragon released its power, the Emperor seal started to shake violently, releasing waves after waves of Qi.

"Not good, we've been discovered by that guy." Chen Xiang never expected that after he used the power of the Azure Dragon, it would make the Emperor seal possess such immense power that even he himself was unable to restrain it.

As expected, after the old man sensed the Qi, he immediately became vigilant. He was in charge of assassinating Chen Xiang, so he naturally had some understanding of Chen Xiang's concealed ability, and guessed that Chen Xiang was nearby.

"Let's give it a try and see if we can get rid of him." Chen Xiang originally wanted to see who the old man would meet up with, but now he was discovered by him.

As he was in the air, he immediately teleported to the ground and appeared behind the old man. At the same time, he released his strongest strength in an instant, urging the Azure Dragon in the Second Divine Sense Sea to explode.

All of the Azure Dragon's power was channeled into the Emperor seal.


The arm where Chen Xiang held the Emperor seal was wrapped by an azure dragon, the green dragon's power was continuously transferred into the Emperor seal, and that boundless power, caused Chen Xiang's entire arm to continuously shake, as if he was about to be knocked out.

His Emperor seal pushed the old man horizontally, and at the same time, the seal glowed with a green light, and an incomparably large illusory green dragon appeared behind Chen Xiang.

The green dragon let out a roar and a violent power surged out from his seal, shaking the world. At the same time, the huge green dragon phantom behind him also shot out a violent green lightning, like a tide pouring down from the nine heavens, densely packed and enveloping the area.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Xiang held the Emperor seal, gritting his teeth as he constantly smashed it towards the old man from the Three profound realm. In just a few short moments, he did not remember how many times he had smashed it, he only knew that he had risked his life to release all of his energy into the Emperor seal.

In just a few short moments, the place which was originally surrounded by mountains had been razed to the ground, and there was even a huge pit in the middle. The body of the old man who tried to assassinate Chen Xiang was already smashed into pieces, and he was on his last breath, lying inside the huge pit.

Although the old man was in a daze, his mind was currently filled with fear. That instantaneous burst of power scared him out of his wits, because this was only a person from the Heaven realm attacking him.

"Hmph, this is what happens when you assassinate me." Chen Xiang pressed his hand on the old man's head, he activated Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and searched through the memories in his mind.

Soon, he knew who had sent this old man to assassinate him.

"Flying Dragon Association, Qin profound … "You guys really are colluding." Chen Xiang frowned, he was furious in his heart, and threw the old man into the Chuangshi god furnace, turned it into ashes, and left the place.

Chen Xiang was very surprised. The person in charge of organizing the Flying Dragon Association was actually very partial to Qin profound, as if Qin profound had a very mysterious background.

The old man sent to assassinate Chen Xiang was one of the followers of the old man in charge of organizing the Flying Dragon Association.

Qin profound also colluded with the elder.

"The third battle is between two fighters. When the time comes, it will be very disadvantageous to me. If I don't want to die, I will have to withdraw."

Chen Xiang already knew the rules of the third round. When the time came, every group of one hundred and ten people would engage in a chaotic battle in a fighting stage, and the ten people who fell first would be eliminated.

Currently, he was in the same group as the seated disciples of the seven divine beast sects, and from what he knew, these sects all had transactions with the person in charge of organizing the Flying Dragon Association s.

According to the memories of the old man, when the war broke out, all the disciples would join hands and defeat all those who had nothing to do with them.

This way, the number of people entering the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation at that time would be very small, far less than ten thousand.

"Right now, my cultivation is on the brink of rising, at that time, I will be helpless against just one Qin profound, if those disciples join hands and attack me, with my current strength, I will definitely lose."

Chen Xiang's heart was heavy now that he had reached the one hundred tenth floor. Seeing that he was able to return, Wu profound became more relieved as he was worried that Chen Xiang was going to look for the killer.

However, seeing how serious Chen Xiang's face was, he immediately knew that Chen Xiang must have found out about something.

"How are things now?" Chen Xiang asked: "How many of our people have returned?"

"He's almost back, Qin profound got the most Dragon beast Dan, there's over forty of them, I don't know how he got them." Wu profound said in a low voice: "I've investigated everything clearly, there are more than ten people who are unable to get their hands on the Dragon beast Dan, when the time comes these guys will all be eliminated."

"Although we said that ten people would be eliminated in each match, judging from the rules now, it is clear that we have to eliminate as many people as possible. This way, the number of people who will enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation will be fewer."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I will only take out five or six Dragon beast Dan."

Wu profound and Chen Xiang had handed over their Dragon beast Dan and successfully passed through the competition. It was not surprising for them to be able to pass through this round since Chen Xiang and the other disciples had some ability after all.

That was why Qin profound had sent people to ambush Chen Xiang and Wu profound.

Now, the second round had ended. Seventeen people from Chen Xiang's group had been eliminated.

"This month, everyone should be very tired, so the third round will be held in a month. After the third round, the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation will arrive around the same time, just in time to enter the Myriad Tao Divine Tablets Formation." The old man said, "The third round is a competition of strength. When the time comes, all of you will enter a battle field. As long as you hold on for an hour and do not fall, you will be able to pass."

This was exactly what Chen Xiang understood, he clenched his fist tightly, he had noticed the elder's cold gaze just now.

The old man who tried to assassinate him earlier, was one of the followers of the old man who just spoke. This old man came from a higher level power, he came here to collect many benefits, which was why he agreed to do business with the sect.

After the disbanding, Qin profound came over to Chen Xiang's side and said coldly: "Chen Xiang, if you know what's good for you, then don't participate in the third round. Of course, even if you don't participate, you will only live a little longer."

"Are you threatening me?" Chen Xiang said coldly.

"I am only kindly telling you that your death is imminent. Before you die, do something joyful or you will never be able to enjoy it again." After Qin profound finished, he laughed and left.

heard what he said just now, and felt a great sense of danger. He was so close to Chen Xiang, at that time, Qin profound would definitely not let him off.

"Chen Xiang, are we really going to leave?" Wu profound had already determined that he did not have enough strength to defeat Qin profound;

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