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The Dragon monkey actually knew how to speak, so Chen Xiang immediately stopped, and Wu profound held his sword out in alert.

"You actually know how to speak." After Chen Xiang appeared, he laughed: "Seems like you are also preparing to transform."

"That's right, I will soon be able to enter the Three profound realm and take human form. Please be magnanimous and let me go." The Dragon monkey kneeled on the ground with a pitiful look.

Wu profound had never interacted with these Dragon beast before, so he did not believe in them. He was even more vigilant now, and his face was filled with killing intent.

Chen Xiang understood Dragon beast better, as he had become friends with her before.

Once these Dragon beast had intelligence, they would become more or less like humans.

"I don't have to kill you, but you have to promise me one condition." Chen Xiang said: "We need a large number of Dragon beast Dan, and fresh Dragon beast Dan at that. Do you have a way to help us?"

The Dragon monkey was one of the elves. It could speak human language before it reached the Three profound realm, which showed what kind of fortuitous encounters it had.

"Dragon beast Dan." The Dragon monkey did not understand.

"It's the object that was condensed in your body." Chen Xiang laughed: "You should know that we need something like that right now."

"So this is what you call a Dragon beast Dan." The Dragon monkey scratched its head, and said: "If you need it, I can give you my Dragon beast Dan, but I can still condense this Dragon beast Dan again."

Chen Xiang and Wu profound did not understand much about the Dragon beast Dan, and were greatly surprised to hear the Dragon monkey say so.

"It really is possible." Chen Xiang suddenly had a flash of inspiration, he thought about the Spirit Transformation realm, and felt that it might be related to this.

"Master, the Dragon beast Dan that you speak of is where the energy stored in our Dragon beast is located. Normally, only Dragon beast that are ready to take human form will have enough energy to condense this energy in their body. Even if I gave it to you, we only need to rest for a while before condensing it again."

After the Dragon monkey finished speaking, it spat out a ball of light the size of a thumb from its mouth and passed it to Chen Xiang.

"This is a Dragon beast Dan, and it's very fresh. So a Dragon beast Dan is such an existence. I thought a Dragon beast would die without a Dragon beast Dan." Wu profound exclaimed.

After Chen Xiang received the Dragon beast Dan, he asked: "Little monkey, how many days would it take for you to condense this Dragon beast Dan?"

Wu profound immediately understood what Chen Xiang meant. This Dragon monkey was currently like a hen who laid eggs, if possible, they didn't need to go anywhere, as long as they were together with this Dragon monkey, the Dragon monkey would condense more Dragon beast Dan.

"I'll be able to recover in a day." The Dragon monkey looked weaker now, because he had given all of his stored energy to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out a Myriad Tao Crystal, and then, he refined the Dao crystal a few times before condensing it into a pellet.

"Eat it and see if it can speed up your recovery." Chen Xiang said.

In order to preserve his life, the Dragon monkey had to follow Chen Xiang's instructions. After eating it, he said joyfully: "It's faster by a lot, if this goes on, I can condense twenty pills in a day."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Follow us during this period of time, when the time is almost up, you can leave. Also, right now, it's equivalent to helping me, at that time, I will also repay you."

Chen Xiang still had Spirit Transformation Law beads in his possession, this kind of Law beads did not have any value to humans, no one would buy it, but for Dragon beast, it was like a treasure.

Wu profound was also very happy. He knew that it would definitely be much easier to be with Chen Xiang, and now that things were better, they wouldn't need to go hunting Dragon beast in the future.

Just like this, Chen Xiang and Wu profound brought a monkey and arrived at the 109th level.

"As long as the time is right, we will head to the 110th floor." Chen Xiang was actually very relaxed now, he had only used Dao crystal s to refine pills for the Dragon monkey to eat.

Ten days had passed and Chen Xiang had already obtained two hundred Dragon beast Dan.

"This should help us avoid being eliminated." Chen Xiang laughed: "But just in case, we have to make more, anyway we have time."

Chen Xiang and Wu profound each had two hundred Dragon beast Dan s in their hands, but they did not take them all out in one go. Rather, they would take them all out based on how much they could take out, as long as they did not get eliminated, because if they took too many out, they would only benefit the host of the Flying Dragon Association.

Chen Xiang also gave some Spirit Transformation Law beads to the Dragon monkey, this could help him change his appearance earlier.

Wu profound did not say anything either. The Dragon monkey had saved them a lot of trouble, and he was secretly grateful.

"Let's go to the upper level." Chen Xiang said: "It's better if we go earlier, just in case something unexpected happens."

Wu profound thought so too, nodding his head, he quickly followed Chen Xiang up the stairs.

The staircase was in a forest, and when Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang entered the forest, they saw the staircase from far away. Just as they sped up, a gloomy and cold Qi suddenly attacked them.

"There's an ambush. Be careful." Wu profound anxiously shouted, and immediately avoided the incoming white light beam.

After the beam landed on the ground, it created a huge pit in the ground. An extremely strong wave of fire instantly enveloped the entire forest.

He had a premonition that it wouldn't be so easy for him and Wu profound to reach the upper level. This was one of the reasons why he needed to raise his cultivation so urgently, and as expected, he was ambushed while he was going up.

With such a powerful attack, it was obvious that he was going to die. Chen Xiang was very angry, and rushed forward.

"Three profound realm." Chen Xiang immediately grabbed Wu profound and stealthily flew away using the Law of Flight.

In just a few blinks of an eye, Chen Xiang had already reached the staircase and rushed up. In the moment that he rushed up, he recovered once again, and at this time, Wu profound still had not reacted.

"It's safe now." Wu profound saw that there were a lot of people here, and they looked like a small village. He heaved a sigh of relief, but right then, Chen Xiang disappeared.

Chen Xiang returned to the lower level and was already invisible.

He quickly sensed that the Three profound realm assassin was moving quickly, as if he was trying to escape. This was the staircase, after all, and with the large commotion he made earlier, it would be rather troublesome if the people above knew.

"You want to leave?" Chen Xiang immediately followed, he also planned to stay far away from this place and find a chance to successfully launch a sneak attack.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang saw the expert. It was an old man.

"It should be a rather poor Three profound realm. Its strength is about seven or eight thousand. It seems like he won't have much more to show in the future." Chen Xiang's heart turned cold, "I must find out who sent them to kill me."

This old man came to a desolate mountain, as if he was waiting for someone.

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