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Chen Xiang looked at the pills, while Wu profound chatted with Uncle Feng, he would occasionally listen to Wu profound and the others.

Suddenly, he heard something that piqued his interest.

That Uncle Feng was a manager of the Phoenix Sect, his cultivation was average, but his relationship with Wu profound was not bad, and he could be considered a friend.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had heard Uncle Feng mention that a phoenix had come to Phoenix Sect called Feng Ruxue.

Chen Xiang was surprised that Feng Ruxue had also come to this mysterious Flying Dragon Pagoda, but he didn't feel it was strange that the group of Evil Soul could come as well.

"I wonder if Ru Xue participated in the Flying Dragon Association." When Chen Xiang had parted ways with Feng Ruxue's family, he had mentioned that they were going to leave the Myriad Tao City. He never expected that they would actually come to the Flying Dragon Pagoda today.

Chen Xiang actually didn't really want to go see Feng Ruxue. He only wanted to become stronger quickly so that he could head to the top of Flying Dragon Pagoda.

He firmly believed that after going through these layers of experience, he would be able to become stronger, and at that time, his journey to Myriad Tao Mausoleum would be even safer.

Chen Xiang wandered around for a while before returning to his room to rest. He did not have any suitable medicinal pellets in the profound Wu Dan Pavilion.

"As expected, there aren't any good pills to eat in the Heaven realm. It might be better to reach the Three profound realm." Chen Xiang wanted to see if there were any pills that could help him breakthrough in the Heaven realm, but he did not find anything.

He had been in his room for a few days straight, and he did not want to go out. He was worried that he would run into Xue Yunxiong and his group of Evil Soul.

A few days passed, and Chen Xiang also received a small piece of news. Evil Soul like Xue Yunxiong and the others actually left the Center of Flying Dragon City.

"These guys can actually leave here safely. I thought they would be killed." The group of Evil Soul were not weak. If they could be killed, he would not meet them again in the future.

"Killing them is not easy, their powers are still very strong, and right now is the Flying Dragon Convention, if we were to fight here, it would cause chaos and unease, and the Flying Dragon City Lord and the rest could only put pressure on this group of Evil Soul, telling them to stay far away from the Flying Dragon City." Wu profound said: "But we will definitely kill them all in the future. This kind of fellow is scary enough."

At this time, Wu profound and Chen Xiang were heading to the great plaza of Center of Flying Dragon City, where the Flying Dragon Association had already begun.

The so-called Flying Dragon Association s would select tens of thousands of outstanding people from the hundred floors of the Flying Dragon Pagoda, giving these tens of thousands of people a chance. This chance would allow them to exchange their extremely small number of Dao crystal for rare and precious Law beads.

Currently, the outstanding experts from various sects were all participating.

The tenth stage of the Tai Dao realm was the lowest standard for participants, and the highest was the Late period of Three profound realm.

Chen Xiang and Wu profound arrived at the Wyvern Square, where there was a sea of people. The place was bustling with noise and chaos, showing how many people were there.

"The Flying Dragon Square is already big enough, but it's still so crowded." Chen Xiang exclaimed, this was the first time he had seen such a grand gathering.

"When the time comes, there won't be so many people competing. Right now, it is only the initial stage, so there will be a screening of Dao power. If the strength of Dao power doesn't reach the standard, then it will be eliminated." Wu profound said: "After the Dao test, they will organize the groups according to the strength of the Tao, and when the time comes, they will divide into a hundred groups, with one hundred and three people in each group, and then pass all sorts of tests, eliminating three people in each group.

"If that's the case, then the chances are very high." Chen Xiang felt that this rule was extremely easy. As long as his Spirit Qi reached the required level and he was allocated to one group, it was equivalent to success. In the end, as long as the three of them were not eliminated, he would pass.

"Seems like the chances are rather high. Let's hope so. If that's the case, we won't be able to get a placing. It can only be said that we are really unlucky …" Of course, the prerequisite for that was that one must not be in the same group as Qin profound, as anyone in the same group would be unlucky. " Wu profound thought of Qin profound and couldn't help but frown.

Chen Xiang and Wu profound began to queue up, waiting for the test of Dao power.

It was night before it was their turn.

"This Dao Force test is so strange." Chen Xiang said.

He saw many people gently place their hands on top of a crystal ball, and then the inside of the ball began to light up.

According to the difference in Dao power, the number of light spots that lit up inside the crystal ball was also different. Chen Xiang had seen people who had light up over ten thousand light spots before, those were experts from the Three profound realm.

After everyone had finished their tests, they would choose 10,300 people with the highest amount of Dao power. The 300 people would be eliminated and the remaining 10,000 people would be chosen to pass the test.

Chen Xiang felt that it would be easier to pass this way. With more than ten thousand people, as long as they didn't become one of the three hundred people.

"Three thousand four hundred." After Wu profound's test, the number of light dots on the crystal ball neared two thousand, which was pretty good too.

Chen Xiang just saw many people around ten or twenty years old, and that was also from the Heaven realm.

In the early stages of the Heaven realm, there were only one or two dots of light and Wu profound was at the late stage of the Heaven realm, which was more than three thousand times stronger than the initial stage. After all, he was once a disciple and the average Heaven realm was around one thousand eight hundred points of light.

And most of the one hundred or two hundred spots were in the intermediate stage.

Now it was Chen Xiang's turn, he was extremely curious about the intensity of his own dao energy, and when he placed his hand on the crystal ball, the light that appeared inside caused Wu profound to jump in fright.

"Over a hundred." Wu profound was only at the early stage of the Heaven realm. No matter how powerful the early stage of the Heaven realm was, it was at most fifty to sixty light dots.

However, Chen Xiang had more than a hundred. Now he understood why Qin profound was so afraid of Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang was not weak at all.

After Chen Xiang had registered his name, he left the plaza with Wu profound, and after getting onto the carriage, Wu profound sighed.

"This fellow is truly strange. He is only at the early stage of the Heaven realm, but his dao energy is actually this strong."

Chen Xiang disapproved, and laughed at himself: "I am only a little over 100, you have 3000, you are many times stronger than me."

Wu profound shook his head: "Don't underestimate the power of early stage Heaven realm. You are now in a hundred, and when you reach the middle stage of the Heaven realm, it will increase by ten times, and when that happens, it will at least be around a thousand. Then at the late stage, it will increase by ten times, and then it will be around ten thousand."

"Then how many Qin profound s are there?" Chen Xiang thought that it was true.

"He must be over ten thousand." Wu profound sighed: "So we are all afraid of him."

"Then doesn't that mean that the strength of my Dao is a thousand times stronger than his?" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. That Qin profound was actually that terrifying.

"That's right. Now you know how powerful he is, right?" Wu profound was extremely speechless, so in the eyes of many people, it was simply a miracle that Chen Xiang, a small fry, did not die after provoking Qin profound.

They returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion and waited for two days. The results were finally out, Chen Xiang was allocated to the fiftieth group, and the people here were all in the middle stage of the Heaven realm.

He was in the fifth group and all of the disciples were seated, but luckily, Qin profound was not in the group. Qin profound was only in the late stage of Heaven realm, but he was assigned to one of the groups in the Three profound realm.

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