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Fan Qing, who was full of confidence just a moment ago, had his head smashed into the ground now and his body turned into a hornet's nest!

Everyone present, especially Qin profound, were all dumbstruck by Chen Xiang's previous attack. This was because Chen Xiang was only at the tenth stage of the Tai Dao realm, yet he was already so formidable upon entering.

Qin profound immediately analyzed Chen Xiang's fighting technique. He was certain that Chen Xiang did not disappear just now because he was moving too quickly, and had even used some secret technique to make himself invisible so that he could hide his presence. That was why Fan Qing did not sense him.

Furthermore, Chen Xiang also used another secret method, which made himself look like he had been defeated. He released an illusion to confuse Fan Qing, allowing him to be careless.

And this was all done instantly by Chen Xiang, in one breath, it was so smooth, it required a lot of fighting experience!

"I won!" Chen Xiang helped the surprised Yi Chong up and walked towards the lower level.

"Don't even think about leaving!"

Qin profound bellowed, his entire body brimming with killing intent, the rest of the people also surrounded him, some of them were from the Azure Dragon School, and the others were probably Qin profound's friends, all of them were in the early stage or even the late stage of the Heaven realm.

"On what basis? Didn't you just say that you only need to beat him? " Chen Xiang asked.

"It's not bad that you won against him, but you killed him too! He's my disciple. You killed my disciple, do you think you can leave? 3w.ybdu " Qin profound clenched his fists tightly. His disciple was killed right in front of his eyes. What kind of shame was this?

"Hey, your disciple also wanted to kill me just now. If he wasn't that ruthless, I would have shown mercy." Chen Xiang snorted.

"If you are killed by my disciple, your friend can also kill me. I have no objections!" Qin profound had already walked over, and shouted at the same time: "Everyone surround him, this guy has a strange secret technique, don't let him run away … …"

Just as Qin profound finished speaking, Chen Xiang and the injured Yi Chong suddenly disappeared!

"They're still nearby. I can feel their auras …" Qin profound immediately faced a direction and struck with his palm, striking out a huge, angry black dragon.

The black dragon flew away, leaving behind a gully in the ground. It crashed into a small mountain in the distance, blowing it away.

Chen Xiang was already invisible as he flew up with Yi Chong. Just now, he was running on the ground purposely to attract Qin profound's attention, and with that, after Qin profound attacked, he would release a burst of Qi that would disrupt the atmosphere.

This way, no matter how much Qi Chen Xiang released, it would not be discovered so easily!

"He ran away, where did this guy come from!" Qin profound's face turned sinister, the veins popping up were black, and he looked very frightening. No one beside him dared to speak, as they had already been scared stiff by his violent and angry aura.

Yi Chong had already fainted, but when he saw Chen Xiang kill Fan Qing, he knew that Chen Xiang's strength was not weak, so he was a lot more at ease.

Chen Xiang put Yi Chong inside the You Yao Mountain Villa, he did not leave Qin profound's side!

"These guys, they actually want to kill me!" Chen Xiang was not afraid of them right now. It was a common thing for various sects and schools to clash with each other in private, especially in this kind of place.

If they were to return to the city, they wouldn't dare to do so!

… ….

"Let's split up and search. It would be best if we could send three people in a row. He must still be here. He must have consumed a lot of his secret arts to use invisibility, so he won't use it often. We can sense his aura just by concentrating." Qin profound shouted.

Chen Xiang had teleported back to that place just now and heard what Qin profound said.

"This Qin profound is indeed very strong, when he was angry, his Qi was extremely violent, even if he ambushed me it would be difficult, maybe he would even injure me heavily, if I had the strength of a middle stage Heaven realm, it wouldn't be a problem for me."

Chen Xiang was unwilling, but for safety's sake, he could only give up the idea of killing Qin profound, and turn his attention to the others!

"These fellows are together with Qin profound, and they can endure his temper. They must be colluding with Qin profound, and are all the same kind of people as him, so there's no need for me to be lenient. If I didn't run away just now, they would have definitely surrounded me and killed me."

Chen Xiang would never hold back against an enemy that wanted to kill him!

Right now, he was secretly following the five disciples of the Azure Dragon School.

Four hours later, these five people had entered a forest, Chen Xiang also planned to make his move inside!

Inside You Yao Mountain Villa, Yi Chong's voice suddenly came out: "This … "What is this place?"

"This is my Divine Sense Sea World. Big Brother Yi, rest well." Chen Xiang immediately replied.

"Bro, you're really amazing. You actually killed Fan Qing. This guy is so strong." Yi Chong sincerely admired Chen Xiang.

"Nothing... Oh right, why are you here? " Chen Xiang asked: "Big Brother Yi, are you here to kill Qin profound? Does he know where he is? "

"Yes, I heard that he brought his own team here to hunt Dragon beast, and then hid on the road to ambush and ambush him … I never thought that his team would be so strong and have so many people. I can't even defeat one of them. " Yi Chong was extremely ashamed.

"Big brother Yi, you should go rest for now. I'll be back on the hundredth floor soon." Chen Xiang said, he had already taken out his Heavenly magic sword.

He sucked in a small breath of air and used Teleportation to hack off the heads of the three Azure Dragon School disciples closest to him.

After the other two disciples realized this, they were about to attack, but Chen Xiang had already arrived behind them and killed them all.

"Hmph, is it at the early stage of Heaven realm?" Chen Xiang disposed of their corpses, then left the forest and returned to the one hundred floor.

On the way back, he met more than ten people with Qin profound, all of whom were killed by him cooperating with spatial teleportation.

After returning to the one hundred floor, Chen Xiang immediately returned to the Flying Dragon City. He gave Yi Chong some Dao crystal s to hide in, and told Yi Chong that he would help him kill Qin profound sooner or later.

Yi Chong was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang. He did not accept Chen Xiang's Dao crystal, and also promised Chen Xiang that he would not be so reckless in the future.

When Chen Xiang returned to the profound Wu Dan Pavilion, he thought back to when he killed those people at the early stage of the Heaven realm.

"I have to enter the Heaven realm. Next time I meet Qin profound, I must kill him." Chen Xiang greeted Wu profound and then entered the secret room to cultivate.

"Three profound Divine Junctures, how do I gain enlightenment?" Chen Xiang was confused by this, because the process of comprehension was different for everyone. Sometimes, it would suddenly happen and it would be hard to describe it in words.

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