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Translator: Nat

–Aegir POV–

Goldonia – Capital. Summer.

By the time our relaxing cruise ended and we arrived back in Goldonia, it was already nearing summer.

「Time passed by so quickly.」
「It looked like Aegir-sama had lots of fun during the trip.」

I brought back 9500 female prisoners on the 30 ships prepared for me, meaning about 300 girls are riding on each ship.
Under the pretext of checking whether they had enough food and water, I periodically wandered from boat to boat, and it was amazing.

The girls were told that I would be taking them back with me to my territory.
It’s natural for them to think if they earn my favor as the feudal lord, they would get better treatment.
For some reason, they all knew how much of a womanizer I was and used their bodies to their advantage.

When I got on the small boat, all the girls were waiting for me naked.
There were girls with white skin and dark skin, some with large breasts and others with just nipples on their chests, some with toned asses and others with soft asses.
They all gave me a heavenly experience.

Of course I kept the promise I made with Celia and didn’t have sex with them, only having oral and anal fun.
Putting in just the tip was fine, although there were times I accidentally put it in all the way to the root, however it shouldn’t matter since it was an accident.

「Aegir-sama, it’s swelling up. Your pants are going to tear.」

Oops, not good. I have an audience with the King coming up so I can’t get hard.

「Ha, hawawa! So big……」

The maid close beside me blushes.
I joke around and rub her ass and she flinches in surprise before collapsing to the floor trembling.

「Want to spend tonight with me?」
「I- I will ……」
「You will not accept! Aegir-sama is being summoned already! You, go clean or something!」

I was so close.
Oh well. Let’s get this over and done with.

「This expedition was arduous. But you did well to raise Goldonia’s prestige and show the Federation our nation’s strength.」

I kneel in front of the King during my audience with him.

「I am most grateful for your praise.」

I’ll respond like I should here.

「A messenger from the Federation also came the other day. Thanking us as “their most important ally nation”, you see.」

The King seems to be in a good mood.
Well, it wouldn’t make sense if he was mad after I worked so hard.

「The circumstances are not there yet, but the state of our trade will improve more than ever before.」

The Federation didn’t specifically say we are equals, although they do acknowledge our strength.
Even if it doesn’t directly affect me, the King has never been happier and Claire’s company might also benefit.
When that happens, her mood may also improve and I can expect to do some unbelievably dirty play with her.

「―― that is all from me, however the Commissioner of Government Affairs and the Commissioner of Military Affairs have something they would like to say.」

After saying that, the King reaches his hand to a female prostrating behind the throne and gently supports her up.
That was pretty quick, I wonder what’s going on.

「Your Majesty, this is inappropriate in front of everyone. There is no need to be concerned for someone like me……」
「Please, I did what I had to. I bought a new dress for you. By all means, try it on.」

Oh, it’s that Rosario girl.
She seems quite reserved, but still pretty.

She’s not thin, although the atmosphere around her seems fleeting and stirs a man’s desire to protect.
The woman has a troubled smile on her face as her hand is pulled by the King, and I’m getting a bewitching air from her.

The ministers and government officials look on in confusion while Erich and Kenneth stand in front of me.
I stop bending the knee and get myself up immediately.

「Lord Hardlett, you see His Majesty also his own circumstances. Don’t think badly of him.」
「Making a child is also part of a King’s duties, please be patient with him.」

I don’t really think poorly of him nor am I annoyed.
To begin with, I think it’s more important to not keep a woman waiting rather than showing appreciation to a man.

That’s even more true when the girl is so enchanting.
If she wasn’t the King’s woman, I probably would have called out to her too.

Aah, I want to go back to my territory and have Nonna try on a new dress too.
The ones I haven’t seen yet are the best.

「Now then, it is as His Majesty said. That expedition helped reinforce Goldonia’s existence to the Federation.」

「The Federation will now recognize us as the representative country for the Central Plains.」

Erich and Kenneth talk over each other as they preface the discussion of rewards.

「「So what is with that convoy of ships and that group of people on the outskirts!?」」

It’s rare for them to be in sync like this with them holding opposing positions.


「They’re the female prisoners captured from the war. I borrowed the ships from the Federation to transport them.」

That’s the only way to move 9500 of them after all.
Also Celia didn’t like how they were so disorderly and had them line up, so they look kind of like an army now.

「…… there are many things I want to say, still you could have at least sent out a forewarning. The Royal Army was mobilized because they thought there was an enemy attack.」

Erich glares at me.
Hmm, I did let him know I was coming back with lots of girls.

「Use some common sense! Do you think it’s normal to bring back 10 000 girls!?」

「There are quite a few problems occurring within the capital too. Food and water still need to be secured so please be careful in the future.」

Kenneth also looks at me with a concerned expression.

There isn’t a place prepared in the capital for the girls to stay so I’m having them camp on the outskirts for now.
I was worried about the girls after how horribly they were treated in the war, but they followed me without a single word of complaint.
I’ll need them to endure a little more before I give them a good place to live back in my territory.

Despite Erich being angry at me, I talk to Kenneth, who is responsible for government affairs, about the particulars of where the girls will be taken.

「So I’m planning on having them live in my territory. Would that be possible?」

Kenneth pauses to think before his hardened expression relaxes and he responds in a polite tone.

「We are not able to accept 10 000 people so readily. Moreover, there is a chance for them in the worst case to become bandits if they participate in fights.」

「Could you overlook that somehow? I will take responsibility for watching over them.」

I don’t know if my fervent persuasion worked, but Kenneth eventually heaves a big sigh.

「Well, chasing all of them out is probably more difficult. It should be alright to let them stay in Lord Hardlett’s territory. I will also relay it to His Majesty.」

「That is a big help.」

Just when I think the problem has been solved, Kenneth had to say something troublesome.

「After all, you are finally getting married to Miss Gretel when you return to your territory. It is not the best idea to cause a fuss right now.」

Erich’s stare gets harsher.
Now then, time to make preparations to return.

「Wait Lord Hardlett, one of my subordinates actually has a daughter of suitable age as well.」
「Come now, I’m about to take all those girls back. Isn’t it rude to talk about marriage at this point?」

I’m leaving. I’m bringing those girls with me and leaving right away.


It was a considerable walk to Rafen.
Being former soldiers, the girls were better walkers than your average woman and we arrived at our destination sooner than expected, however there was a little problem when we got there.

「Enemy raid!? A group of bandits!?」
「Don’t be stupid! There are several thousands. As if there could be that many bandits!」

「Then could it be another country’s…… wait, how come they’re coming from the north? Is another feudal lord declaring war on us!?」
「Anyways, we should let Leopolt-sama know! What? It’s not a problem so don’t move? What’s going on!!?」

When we could just start to see Rafen, the gates were tightly shut and armed soldiers were lined up above the city walls.
It was almost like they were preparing to defend a siege by enemies.

「Aegir-sama, you sent out a preliminary notice this time, right?」

Celia questions me.

「Yeah, I did write a letter to Leopolt to say I’m coming back with close to 10 000 girls.」

I open the letter and show Celia.

「It’s no good if the letter’s not sent.」
「Uu…… it’s my fault for not checking myself.」

Natia comments in shock while Celia shakes her head in frustration.
Oh right, I forgot to send it.

I move to the front and call out to the guards.

「Wait, no need to worry!」

The soldiers seem to be shaken up after seeing my face.

「Hey, it’s the feudal lord!」
「He should have departed alone though. Don’t tell me, he’s become a prisoner!?」
「No way! That powerful feudal lord becoming captured is not possible!」

The soldiers don’t open the gates right away.

Grr, how annoying.

「All of them are my women. Open up already!」

Answering my call, the girls pull back their clothes and expose themselves to the soldiers.
Some even show off their breasts and lean forward seductively.


「W-women? Did he say women?」
「Yeah, it looks like the feudal lord made a whole city’s worth of women his lovers.」
「M-monster…… our feudal lord is really a big dick monster.」

The gates finally start opening.
I enter first and call the girls to follow.

「This will be your new world. I’ll look after all of you. There’s no need to worry.」

The girls seem hesitant to move, with some even standing still, although gradually I begin to see some changes.

「In this place, we can live as people.」
「Uuu, we don’t have to fight anymore…… I’m so happy.」
「It’s fine to have children here, right?」

There are girls smiling happily, girls crying, and girls so overcome with emotion that they kiss the girl beside them.
When I enter the middle of that circle of girls, I instantly get kiss after kiss. Umu, this is great.

It’s a good thing I brought them after all.
The Federation looked at me like I’m an idiot and even Goldonia did so, but I don’t regret doing this.

Adolph and Leopolt will think I’m stupid and I’ll eat a headbutt from Nonna, but I’m glad I rescued them.

As soon as I enter the new mansion, I encounter the aforementioned Leopolt.
No, he was probably waiting for me. He knew that the first thing I wanted to do was to greet the girls.

「First of all, scouts captured the moment the group entered the territory. Seeing as how the army was composed of unarmed females, I had a general idea of what was going on, though I stationed fully armed soldiers on standby just in case. It costed an unnecessary amount of trouble and money. Please notify me in advance next time.」

「I know. Look, I wrote the letter and just forgot to send it.」

「I see. That’s pretty impressive considering it’s you, Lord Hardlett. Adolph has something important to discuss. Please hurry to his room.」

Leopolt leaves without glimpsing at the letter.
Wait, did that guy just mock me again?

「That can be left for later. First――」


I hear footsteps coming from the halls and stairs.
Fufufu, it’s finally time to greet the girls.
The fatigue from travelling won’t heal unless I get an embrace from them.

「I-I’m the firstー」

Leading the charge is surprisingly Nonna.
She isn’t quick on her feet so she probably waited near the entrance after predicting my return from the earlier kerfuffle.
She frantically runs toward me with her giant breasts swaying side to side.


And she trips, needing her attendants to help her back up.
The other girls don’t try to overtake her after seeing that desperation.

「I’m home, Nonna. Sorry for being late.」

I catch Nonna as she flies at me.
She’s light. Also, her humongous boobs feel wonderful against me.

「Nn, nn, nnh!ー!」

Nonna gives me a hot kiss before she says anything.
After a moment of exchanging plenty of saliva, she gracefully wipes her mouth with a handkerchief and greets me politely.

「You’ve worked really hard on this expedition and it is much appreciated. Aegir-sama’s efforts will surely improve this family’s prosperity and honor――――」

As Nonna prostrates and delivers a formal speech, Carla steals my lips.
Mel also appears by my side along with her daughters, who kiss my neck and cheek.

I also kiss Mireille and Yoguri as they show up.
Myla and Irijina are wearing their armor because of the earlier mixup, so I give them a hug.
Luna is secretly watching from behind, and I also give her a kiss.

Furthermore, Rita is standing upright behind me while on duty as a maid, although she is pressing her body against me, so I forcefully pull her close and steal her lips as well.

「―――― joyous memory of the Kingdom, aaaahーーー!!」

By the time Nonna raises her head, the girls are already wrapping themselves around my limbs and Carla is even pulling my pants down.

「D-don’t cut in during my speech! Mylsan, you’re doing this in spite of knowing that as a noble!?」

「Uu…… no, I am aware, however it’s been lonely…… you know……」

「Now, now, isn’t it fine? Don’t worry about the details, let’s just have an orgy.」

Nonna puts a stop to everything before my pants could come off.

「You will likely do that tonight anyways. Before that, you should go check on Maria and the others.」

I turn around to find Catherine, Maria, Miti, and Marceline standing there with flushed faces.
In their arms are tiny babies who are sleeping soundly.
They must have given birth while I was away.

「It was at the end of spring. Maria and Miti gave birth on the same day.」
「I see…… come here.」

I embrace all of them together.

「I’m sorry for not being by your side for that. Are your bodies alright?」

「This is my third.」
「Ehe, this is my second child so I’m fine too.」
「The labor pains hurt, but the delivery was surprisingly easy……」
「I-it was really quick. It’s kind of embarrassing……」

The midwife comes out in support.

「Everyone had safe deliveries as usual. Even Miti-sama who gave birth for the first time and the older Marceline-sama easily popped out the child quite simply.」

Nonna clears her throat.

「Several girls in the annex also gave birth. Go check on them too.」

Of course. I’ll hug them and thank them properly for bearing my child.

「Right. There is one more person…… do you know who I’m referring to?」

Nonna smiles, then the person in question appears with a blush on her face while being supported by maids.

「Here you go, Melisssan.」
「Ahaha, it’s gotten like this…… are you going to congratulate me?」

Melissa rolls up the loose clothing she’s wearing.

「Ooh! At last, you’re pregnant!」

Melissa’s stomach is visibly bulging out.
It’s large enough that anyone could tell she’s pregnant, which means my seed traveled into her womb and became a child.

「It’s been six months, so I was told the child will be born before winter. I can become a mother.」

No other words are needed.
I embrace her while being careful of her stomach.
This is the child-loving Melissa we’re talking about. I’m sure she’ll be a great mother.

「Gosh, I was gone for a little bit and children are popping out left and right.」

「It’s because Aegir-sama is spraying his seed everywhere!」


Nonna pouts.

「The seed Aegir sprinkled around has literally grown up.」

Carla jokes.

「Aegir-san is at fault. There is no other choice but to get pregnant when girls get pounded by such an incredible thing.」

Mel giggles while poking my crotch with a finger.

What a peaceful atmosphere. Maybe I won’t get a headbutt this time.

「By the way, how many new girls did you bring this time?」

It won’t be that easy, huh.
Well, Sofia and Sekrit will be living together with us so I can’t avoid introducing them to Nonna.

「Ah, are you the wife? My name is Sofia. Please treat me kindly from now on.」

As she politely bends the knee for a typical Federation greeting, Nonna quickly returns the gesture.
That’s expected of Sofia, whose manners are properly ingrained into her.

「I will maintain the hierarchy within the household, so please…… eh?」

「Sure, oh how reassuring it is for there to be another like you who understands etiquette.」

It looks like Nonna is satisfied with Sofia’s politeness.
On the other hand, Sofia is looking kind of confused.

Now then, the problem is with the next one.

「I’m Sekrit. You have pretty big tits.」

Sekrit snorts as she casually touches Nonna’s breasts.

Nonna freezes. Sekrit proceeds to walk towards her room after asking about it.
She turns around just to say one last thing to me.

「If you’re tired of the stench of Federation women, come visit me. Having a taste of dark skin once in a while should be refreshing.」

Nonna roars after Sekrit disappears into a room.

「W-what’s with that rude person!?」

I stop Nonna from almost charging at her by wrapping my arms around from behind.
This was a mistake. Sofia may be courteous, but Sekrit has a prominent personality.
I knew from the start she wasn’t going to make an effort to win Nonna’s favor.

「Calm down. I know she seems that way, but I hope you can overlook it.」

I have to tell Sekrit not to cause a fight later too.
At this rate, she’ll isolate herself in no time.

I try to comfort Nonna by squeezing her body from behind and feeling up her breasts.

「That girl was so impolite all of a…… aahn! Hey now! Aaaah! Fine, I get it!」

She finally gave up.

「Gosh…… you’ve gotten them hard. I’ll go teach that girl some manners later!」

Nonna fixes her clothes, then takes a deep breath to steady her breathing.
I can clearly see her nipples through her clothes, but I won’t say anything.

「To only bring back two girls after a six month long expedition is pretty good. Aegir-sama must be settling down.」

I look away.

「I was worried that he would bring back a few dozen girls. Especially if they were female prisoners her rescued.」

Celia, Leah, and Marta avert their eyes.
It’s better off not saying anything even though it hurts.

「Actually Nonna, I made only two girls my lovers but I brought back a little more than that.」

「So it was more than 10 people after all!?」

I shake my head silently.

「There are actually 9500 girls outside.」

「You sex maniac! Lady killer!」

In the end, I got hit by Nonna’s headbutt right below the chin.
Nonna runs off crying after that, and I know I have to cheer her up later.

Now then, that should be it with family issues.
No, wait. I think I’m forgetting something.

Speak of the devil, I hear some rumbling.
Those are some heavy footsteps.

「My beloovveeedd!!」
「Madam! If you run like that, the floor will break! The window will break from the shaking!」

「Aah…… that meat ball. I thought it was fine to leave her because she was growling in the toilet.」
「She caught a whiff.」

Carla and Mireille seem troubled.

I inhale deeply, spread my legs wide and clench my teeth.

「Welcome back!! It’s your lovely Claudia!!」

The thunderous booms were coming from the ceiling.
Now that I look, I see a large skin-colored object comes flying at me from the second level staircase.

Crap. I thought for sure she would come from the front, not from above.


I support the falling woman with all my strength.
I could hear cracking from my flexed arms and creaking from my knees as they support the tremendous load.
My lower back muscles barely supported my body without tearing and I managed to break her fall safely.

「I’m back, Claudia.」
「Aah, half a year! It’s been half a year since I’ve felt your embrace…… Claudia’s heart was just about to melt!」

While screaming joyously, she rains kisses all over my face.
I was finally able to catch her without taking a knee.

After the hectic greetings, I have to first pay a visit to Adolph.
I normally would have head straight to bed with the girls, but Leopolt told me to go directly to Adolph’s room, so there must be a reason.
If it’s nothing important, I’m stealing Nina away from him.

「Adolph, are you in there?」

I open the door without much of a knock.


「……Hardlett-sama? Aah, you’re finally back?」

「Who are you?」

This is Adolph’s room so I would expect no one else but him to be here.
The man before me has caved in cheeks and dark bags under his eyes.
Plus his hair seems to be falling off and even the front part of the top of his head seems to be receding.

「I don’t have time to joke around.」

I can see countless piles of documents on Adolph’s desk.
Dealing with all this alone is impossible.

「Excuse me. Ah!」

The door opens and Polte comes in.
She bows her head when she sees me and adds to Adolph’s document stack.

「This is for Rihane village, and this one is for Atonito village. After that…… since Tristan-sama has gone missing, you’ll have to handle this as well. ……Adolph-sama, should you not take a little break?」

Polte herself has a tired look, but is worried for Adolph.
Oh, Gretel’s behind her too.
After kissing me, she drops a stack of papers on Adolph’s desk.

「The date for our wedding has been decided.」

With a full-faced smile, Gretel wags her tail and runs off.

The problem now is with Adolph.

「No matter how busy you are, you’re pushing yourself too much. Take a break.」

I pick up the document Adolph was looking at.

「That just happens to be the tax revenue for this summer. Please compare it with the spring numbers here.」

I had to open up the can of worms.

「To begin with, why are you so busy? It’s not time for harvest or head tax collection yet.」

If the planting in the summer is going accordingly, this shouldn’t be a time where the domestic affairs official is that busy.
It isn’t wartime like the Federation either.

「Please take a look here.」

Adolph hands me a document reporting the status of each village and their points of appeal.
They’re all petitioning for various things, but most are writing about refugees or guards.

「It looks like the food situation in Altair and Vandolea is reaching a breaking point. On top of that, they are not expecting a harvest this year due to the effects of the ash, so people are moving up north in waves after abandoning their villages.」

Adolph gulps down some water before continuing.

「The numbers keep going up and the total has passed 20 000 already. Temporary settlements are being made for them, however they just keep coming and I can’t deal with them in time. They may be refugees, but some will inevitably resort to stealing if they’re short on food. If that happens, it could lead to clashes between them and the residents and eventually a massive disturbance. The citizens of some cities are already feeling threatened so Leopolt-san mobilized the army.」

I see, Adolph has been dealing with the neverending problem of securing food and dwelling places for the refugees while also handling the dissatisfaction and petitions from the original citizens.

「Polte isn’t enough to help, huh.」

「She is definitely skilled, however there are just too many things to deal with right now. Over there you have the collection of taxes and the assigning of new farmlands, the plan for Lintbloom’s new fuel, the distribution of jobs for the Vandolea prisoners, amongst other things, and we just have a shortage of help.」

I lightly brush Adolph’s head while he doesn’t stop moving his pen.
That was enough to scatter dozens of strands of hair.

「I see, it is definitely a huge deal if 30 000 people come flooding into a territory with 180 000 citizens.」

Adolph looks up with a dubious expression.

「You’ve got it wrong, there are only about 20 000 refugees. Then again, it might grow to 30 000 not long from now.」

「That’s not it, I brought back roughly 10 000 prisoners from the Federation. The girls need food and places to live, so I included them in the count. Please think of a way to help them too.」

I pat Adolph’s shoulder.
There was a moment of silence before Adolph collapses on his desk.

「Oh, so he was tired after all. Sleep well.」

I cover Adolph with a cloak.
Rest up and then think of a plan to deal with the prisoners.
I’ll prepare a present too.

「Master, do you have some time?」

As I return to the corridor, Sebastian calls out to me.

「What’s wrong?」

The veteran butler bends over and apologizes.

「My humblest apologies. Several problems have arisen around the house due to my ineptitude.」

It doesn’t sound good.


「The first is in the courtyard. An unknown plant has grown wildly and is not part of the usual flowers planted by the gardener. It’s become so widespread that you can’t even stand within the garden.」

「Aah, alright. Leave that to me.」

I can guess what happened for the most part.
It’s not Sebastian’s fault, so I’ll need to press Lammy for answers later.

「The other problem is in regards to Alice-sama.」

「Alice? Did something happen to her?」

Did she play with her ass too much and get it torn apart?

「Lately she has not been showing up in the morning or evening, nor has she been responding when I call out to her, and she has been going out night after night…… I thought the least I could do was to report this」

Sebastian warns me that Alice may have befriended another man.

「Alright. Thanks for letting me know.」

Being gone for half a year, the possibility of another guy stealing my girls is definitely there.
Of course I don’t blame the girls. If they are stolen from me, I just have to steal them back.

「The garden, Alice, and the refugees. There are problems everywhere.」

I’ll do what I can.
The issue with Alice can wait until night, so I should make Adolph happy first.
If he’s happy, I won’t have to worry about the refugees.

I pay a visit to Natia’s room.

「I’m sorry for bothering you when you haven’t settled down yet, but could I ask you to make some medicine?」

Natia’s room contains all the mysterious ornaments and strange plants she’s collected from all over the place.

「Medicine? What kind?」

Hmm, maybe something that makes people happy?

「A potion that increases energy? I can make one that allows someone to work for two days without rest.」

「No, nevermind then.」

That sounds dangerous. I would lose everything if Adolph dies.
Oh, I know. He’ll surely cheer up if his hair regrows.

「Can you make a hair tonic? There’s someone I know who’s troubled about hair.」
「Hair? Aah…… mm, got it.」

Natia listens warmly.
I was attacked for pointing out Adolph’s baldness in the past. This time let’s be ambiguous.

「I want to do something to help this person. Do you have any medicine like that?」

Maybe there is no such medicine to regrow hair.
But if the process of loss can be delayed, it can be a great hope for Adolph.

「Not many people speak of hair problems. I have such a medicine. I actually also…… can relate.」

Natia takes out a purple bottle embarrassingly.
I never thought she would be concerned about having thin hair.
I didn’t get a trace of that from her beautiful light green hair.

「If you…… apply this to the root of the hair and wait overnight, it will resolve right away. The effect has been confirmed.」

I pat Natia’s head after taking the bottle.
Her long elf ears perk up and then droop back down.

「Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. Because of you, I can save a person.」

「Stop exaggerating! Geez, don’t go spreading this around. It’s an embarrassing topic for a woman.」

Hm, Adolph isn’t a woman, although it might be even more of a grave situation if a woman is going bald.

「Then I’ll be taking this. You’ve really been a great help. A beauty like you has such a beautiful heart too.」

「G-get going already!」

Natia chases me out, but her ears were flapping about wildly.
It’s cute how easy to understand she is.

「My head was patted…… I was thanked that much just for a simple hair loss agent…… ehe. So there are others who are concerned about excess hair, that makes me feel less left out. That drug is powerful, so I’m sure she’ll be happy.」

I overhear Natia saying something behind the door, though I couldn’t pick out any details.

Adolph is still lying on the desk in his room.

「Er, let’s see. Apply it to the root, was it? Let’s help him grow lots of hair, so why not use the whole bottle. He’s losing hair only in the front, although it could happen to the side or back as well. Better put some there just in case. I have to be thorough here.」

I continue to apply the medicine while praying for Adolph’s hair to grow back.

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