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He didn't understand in his heart, but he still smiled. When he saw the weird look on Long Ruo's face, his heart sank a little. He slightly groaned as he walked over, casually taking out two medicine bottles and a jade pendant.

Lingyun Sect had the Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Yellow treasuries, which had collected loads of treasures. The Heaven one was the most precious, Earth second, and the Xuan the third.

All the precious items within were all items that were hard to give a price to.

The ones that Long Ruo had taken out were all, in fact, rarely seen precious items.

He didn't know if Lingyun Sect truly wanted to compensate him or if they had other thoughts. Anyways why not just take it, only then would the Lingyun Sect be at ease. At such a time he didn't need to be courteous with them. He could just treat it as the compensation for the Lingyun Vermillion Token.

Zhao Yanran had recovered from her shock, and seeing the situation, she couldn't help but frown once more. The items that Zong Shou chose were too ordinary and weren't the most precious ones out of all of the items. 

The face of Long Ruo was filled with praise for Zong Shou's tactful behaviour. A beatific smile appeared. "One bottle of Blood Cloud marrow, helping to strengthen the skin and grow the flesh. One drop can offset a year's skin training for a normal person. Ten Simple Sky pills that can help strengthen one's Xiantian energy. The prince is choosing this for your servant? And also this Dragon Spirit Jade Wall. Can help calm the senses and strengthen vital energy, strengthening foundation and breathing. The girl beside you is a double cultivator, unfortunately her spirit master talents are slightly weaker, her energy ocean and soul ocean are unable to sync with one another. This item can help her break through to the Mythic Master stage. Prince is truly a great person!"

While he said that, he took out another token, solemnly sending the item over the air, "Those items before were just the ones promised by the ancestor, this is our true compensation. Top Grade Gold Token, I believe with this item, it won't cause shame to our sect. Prince, please accept this! From today on no matter what you request, as long as it is righteous, the entire sect will go all out to help you…" 

Zong Shou saw that the red token didn't have the original golden line, but three purple lines carved at a side of the token. This was, in his memory, the highest grade of Lingyun Vermillion Tokens!

This time he didn't reach out to accept it, smiling as he shook his head. "I won't accept the Token. However, Zong Shou coincidentally has something that requires help. Since Mr Long Ruo knows about my thoughts for my servant, you can naturally see through the situation in his body. Please help him out and open up the locks within his body, how about that?"

Yin Yang's expressionless face suddenly revealed a slight smile. Zhao Yanran also looked towards this thirty-year-old man with a weird expression.

When Long Ruo heard that, he showed some hesitation, giving out a bitter expression. After a long while he hesitantly explained, "The lock on your servant came from other sects. Naturally it isn't a difficult thing for Long Ruo to unseal it. However, it's a little inappropriate to butt into other sects' matters…:

When his words landed, he could see a cold mocking intent in Zong Shou's eyes. He couldn't help but smile bitterly. "Nevermind! I will help, and as for the repercussions, I will accept them when I return to the sect…"

No one saw how he did it, but red spiritual lights instantly seeped out from beneath Yin Yang's skin. His mouth suddenly gave out an intense cough as he half-knelt on the ground. Two golden threads broke out from his chest and abdomen, bringing with them a splatter of fresh blood.

Blood seeped out, but there was no fatigue on Yin Yang's face. Instead he roared out, like a wild beast which had been locked up for too long, finally escaping from it cage. He was obviously trying to suppress the roar, but was unable to, filled with delight and freedom.   

In a short few breaths, wind swirled around his body. The astral wind lost control, cutting the surrounding wild grass into pieces. He had actually broken through the final meridian a short while after the two golden threads were taken out, entering the peak of the Body Chakra Meridians.

Long Ruo didn't bother, his eyes looking deeply at Zong Shou once more. After a short while he still shook his head, "How unfortunate! Not only is the Prince talented, your intelligence and foresight is extraordinary. Regretfully the heavens do not bless you, not allowing you to have achievements matching up to your talent. Helping him break his seal today is just a little matter, that Lingyun Vermillion Token can still be used. However, regarding what happened ten days ago on Pill Spirit Mountain, my sect covered up the matter. I hope you can understand!"

Leaving this sentence, Long Ruo didn't say much more. After stowing all those hundreds of treasures, he tossed the Lingyun Vermillion Token over before floating back up to the head of the flood dragon.  

From start to finish he didn't speak a single word to Zhao Yanran. Apart from the slight greeting at the start, he treated her as nonexistent throughout. While he spoke he didn't bother to hide anything from her and he wasn't afraid of her spreading anything.

Naturally he didn't have any intention of helping Zong Shou get out of this situation.

On the side of Zhao Yanran, she was icy cold from start to finish, giving a deadly stare to Long Ruo. When he rode the flood dragon away, her killing intent had risen to the peak, and she didn't even bother to hide it.

Zong Shou felt slightly regretful when he saw that. This Seven Spirit Sect and Lingyun Sect, although they were opposing sects, had far from the animosity they had in the future. Now they were just wary of one another and didn't come into contact much.

He mocked himself silently. Although they said that the items given by the sect were by instruction from the ancestor, they were also to silence him.

Not because of the Sword Formation or God Talisman, but because of Lingyun Sect's reputation. Thinking about it, such a giant sect was truly terrifying.

However, he truly earned a lot this time. A bottle of Blood Cloud marrow, ten Simple Sky pills, only needing a month to be able to create a Xiantian Master. And that Dragon Spirit Jade Wall, which was even rarer. Naturally there was also this top grade Lingyun Vermillion Token.

He acted like he didn't care much towards these items. Only when Long Ruo left did he start gloating, holding that red Token in his hand.

Knowing that even if he wouldn't be able to use these items, and he wasn't willing to ask Lingyun Sect to do things for him, in the future it would be a good thing to sell for money.

A top Grade Lingyun Vermillion Token, there were only three in the world!

Chuxue was currently looking out towards the giant flood dragon. "That Mr Long Ruo is a double cultivator? To be able to control a flood dragon, who knows how high his cultivation must be. It seems like he is even stronger than the ruler, who knows if he has reached the ascended level and Day Wandering Realm!"

"How could he be considered a double cultivator? He only learned some body cultivation techniques, his soul power is barely at the Day Wandering Realm. As the third generation First Seat of Lingyun Sect, it isn't anything to brag about."

Zhao Yanran smiled coldly, but in the next moment however she trembled slightly. She saw the aura of the thirty-year-old man explode out like a wild beast. His eyes were filled with killing intent, extremely ferocious.

As long as she had an intent to hurt Zong Shou, he would pounce on her. Zhao Yanran's eyes contracted slightly as she turned back to Zong Shou, her eyes shining with surprise. "Lingyun Ancestor spent his life searching for talents and also legendary techniques, which was why he set up the Sky Sword platform and Heaven Talisman Platform. Those two are really famous throughout the entire Cloud World, who knew that you would be the one who broke it? 343 breaths, four hours to copy; is that true?"

Zong Shou smiled, not bothering to answer her question. Although Long Ruo left, he didn't have any worries about handling this woman himself now.

He was originally planning to use Long Ruo's strength to shake off this woman. It seemed Lingyun Sect didn't want him to be her seed host.

However, the current situation wasn't too bad. The unknown problem within his body should be enough to make this demon woman give up on her own -

And she promptly drew a sword and pointed it at him. Her face was burning with passion. "Pull out your sword! If you are able to block my swords without using Xiantian energy, then I will never mention the Cauldron Energy Seed Host technique ever again! I can also hand over three Foundation Training pills and three Snow Spirit pills. If not, you will be my servant from today onwards!"  

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