< script > ();  Chen Xiang had already seen the strength of the Soul River Divine Race a little, a young master could force a small city into a city, he had a lot of power, and the Fierce Saber Race was definitely the same. To deal with such a huge being, it wo">
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Chen Xiang had already seen the strength of the Soul River Divine Race a little, a young master could force a small city into a city, he had a lot of power, and the Fierce Saber Race was definitely the same. To deal with such a huge being, it would take a very long time to think of a plan.

"Destroying the entire Fierce Saber Race is very difficult, but we can still deal with a small portion of the Fierce Saber Race." Qin Shuang suddenly said. She was the granddaughter of the Super Yang Old Ancestor, although she knew how powerful he was, she was not surprised.

Wang Dao nodded: "That's right, as long as we kill the important people in Fierce Saber Race and let them know that we did it for revenge, we have to let them know the pain, we have to let them know the price for killing Old Ji."

"Half-ghost Old Man, then do you have a goal?" Chen Xiang anxiously said: "I heard that there are a few large clans gathering here, is Fierce Saber Race also coming back?"

"Of course they will come, because it's the party they're initiating." Wang Dao snorted, "Fierce Saber Race is now planning to join hands with his allies to hunt World Defying holy dragon!"

"Pride of the world … "Holy Dragon!" Qin Shuang was shocked, he took a deep breath: "That dragon that can cause Soul River Divine Race to suffer too much?"

"Yes, this World Defying holy dragon obtained a small piece of the Tao-creation's sacred crystal, and its size is relatively larger. Not only the Fierce Saber Race and the rest would want to go, the people from the World Defying Stage Soul River would also go."

The Tao-creation's Sacred Crystal!

Hearing these words, Feng Ke'er almost jumped out, because that very powerful small needle of hers was made from this material. Spirit of Divine Alter had mentioned before that there was some Tao-creation material, and it was something even more powerful than Crystal emperor s.

"No wonder. Otherwise, the Fierce Saber Race would definitely not provoke this guy. After all, this is the Tao-creation's sacred crystal!" Qin Shuang exclaimed: "Tao-creation Holy stone are even more rare than Crystal emperor, and Tao-creation Divine Crystals are even more so."

"The Heaven Fire City is the territory of the Fierce Saber Race." Wang Dao said: "Originally, Fierce Saber Race wanted to gather his allies to discuss, but he also wanted to join in! Fierce Saber Race is very willing for them to join, because with an additional force, the more chances they have to win, as long as they can split the small amount of Tao-creation Holy Crystals evenly, it will be enough. "

"Only a small piece. Is that enough?" Chen Xiang scoffed, "We absolutely cannot let them obtain such a good thing … Half-ghost Old Man, do you know where the World Defying holy dragon is? "

"One small piece is definitely enough, in fact, as long as it is a Tao-creation Holy Crystal the size of a grain of sand, it would be sufficient for a Divine Equipment to be extremely powerful. Although Crystal emperor are rare, but each clan has one or two divine tools refined by Crystal emperor, and powerful clans like the Soul River Divine Race and the Fierce Saber Race have their own Tao-creation Divine Equipment refined by Tao-creation Holy stone." Wang Dao said, "And no one has a Tao-creation Divine Crystal. If they could have it, their strength would definitely be even stronger."

"If we go to the World Defying holy dragon now, we are basically courting death. This method is no good!"

Qin Shuang nodded: "Yes, World Defying holy dragon are extremely powerful, otherwise Soul River Divine Race would not have teamed up with Fierce Saber Race."

"As for the World Defying holy dragon s, we can't stop them. As for whether or not they can obtain the Tao-creation's Holy Crystals, we have no choice but to use this opportunity to make the Fierce Saber Race feel pain."

Wang Dao took out a portrait and said: "This is the youngest son of one of the Fierce Saber Race's three great Fierce Fighting God s, and also a Fierce Fighting God. His cultivation is at the late stage of the World Defying crazy realm, which is what it is, weapons are made from Myriad Tao Divine Soil Crystals."

"Three Great Fierce Fighting God s … They are also the three great elders of the Fierce Saber Race. It is said that their strength is as strong as the Patriarch's, and their position is almost equal to the Patriarch! " Qin Shuang said.

"That's right, it was this kid who controlled his father's men to deal with us." Wang Dao's expression turned cold, "This guy used all kinds of methods in order to expand his strength. He relied on his father's power and acted recklessly. His father is the same kind of trash, so he doesn't care about him at all."

"It's him!" Qin Shuang looked at the portrait and frowned.

"You know him?" Chen Xiang asked in surprise. Wang Dao was also curious.

"His name is Zhu Haiprofound!" Qin Shuang looked towards the king.

Wang Dao nodded his head, "There are many who have heard of his name, but there aren't many who have seen him. You must have come into close contact with him before!"

"I have cultivated with him in the Wildfire Divine Sects before. At that time, we were in the same academy, and his talent was indeed not bad. Furthermore, he had abundant resources behind him, so his cultivation and strength was always ahead of us." Qin Shuang said: "Of course he knows me too … …"

"What's your relationship?" Chen Xiang asked, looking a little jealous.

"Humph!" Not too good, back then when I was in a school, he took over half of the girls in there, and he also had thoughts on me, and I was very cold to him, and over time, he hated me greatly, and at the same time wanted to rob me even more, so I had no choice but to quickly leave the Wild Fire Divine Sects … But at that time, I didn't know he was from the Fierce Saber Race. " Qin Shuang said.

"You are already very powerful to be able to cultivate in the Wildfire Divine Sects." Even though he did not know Qin Shuang's identity, he was able to tell that Qin Shuang was not ordinary with a single glance.

"You look stronger than Zhu Haiprofound!" Chen Xiang said. Wang Dao had previously said that Zhu Haiprofound was at the late stage of the World Defying crazy realm, but Qin Shuang was at the peak.

Qin Shuang didn't say anything, because she didn't know whether or not she could beat Zhu Haiprofound.

"This is our goal!" Wang Dao looked at Chen Xiang: "Your cultivation is still low now, so when the time comes you don't have to do anything, just wait by the side and do what you need to do."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded, then told the matter of the young master from Soul River Divine Race to Wang Dao. He wanted to see if Wang Dao understood anything about this.

"Amongst the young masters of Soul River Divine Race, there is only one person who has a Wild thunder tiger and that must be him." Wang Dao frowned: "This guy should also be coming to Heaven Fire City!"

"Who is it?" Qin Shuang had some understanding of the large clans like the Soul River Divine Race, but she did not know who the owner of the Wild thunder tiger was.

"He Yancong!"

"It's definitely him!" Qin Shuang raised her eyebrows, "I really didn't expect this!"

"Is this guy really strong?" Chen Xiang didn't understand this at all.

"Peak of World Defying crazy realm … Even stronger than Zhu Haiprofound, and the youngest among the ten sons of the Soul River Divine Race's Patriarch, he is the most favored and most gifted. " Qin Shuang said.

Wang Dao laughed, "So what? These fellows can only be so strong with the support of the World Defying Stage Soul River. Give me some time, and sooner or later, I will uproot them completely!"

Wang Dao had the confidence to say such words, because he was a Alchemist!

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