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Frankly speaking, even the brainless of brother King fans had extremely great respect for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor before the start of this match. Not only was this due to the strength of the main lineup, but also due to the invincibility, they have long established in the world.

There has never been anyone that dared to challenge the upper 5 great aristocratic families. There has never been anyone that could snatch a point away from the matches which involved the 4 great families in this CHF!

However, today, Tianjing has done it!

However, now, anyone could imagine how much of a stomping Grai and Wang Zhong would do to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, who had already lost Gui Wulie and Gui Hao! Even Gui Xinying was unable to change this! Without talking about Grai and Wang Zhong, just brother King was already more than sufficient!

At this moment, not only did Tianjing have hope to win this match, they even have the guarantee to do so!

"Semifinals! Semifinals! Semifinals!"

"Almighty Tianjing! Brother King banzai!"

The brother King fans in the viewing gallery shouted crazily, waving about as they moved up and down like a wheat field. Although it appeared chaotic, unorganized and unaesthetic looking, the passion and fervour infected each and every person that was observing this spectacle.

From OP to CHF, from Musical Soul Academy's Eddie to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's Gui Hao!

Being a commoner hero, All Mouthy King has now created history, a legend, one that was not one bit exaggerated. At this moment, his fame within the Federation had shot through the heavens!

The participant rankings for this CHF within the Skylink were rapidly changed. Within the span of a few minutes, Wang Zhong's popularity skyrocketed, before overtaking the 1st place, Mo Wen, with a single breath, to being the 1st person of the CHF!

The chaotic cheering and surprise did not stop at the layman audience, as the various representatives seated at the very front row of each viewing galleries as well as the other participating squadrons still in contention for this CHF championship.

At this moment, the large screens were playing back the final moment of the fight. Faced against Gui Hao's aggressive and ferocious stance, Wang Zhong's unmoving frame originally appeared to everyone was a state induced by dread and shock. However now, it had turned into one of leisure and ease in everyone's eyes.

After taking a closer look, he really appears to be quite relaxed! There was not a single of any emotional fluctuations appearing on his face. When Gui Hao erupted with all of his might, there was even regret and pity appearing in Wang Zhong's eyes!

Exactly what was he regretting? What was that pity?

"He's pitying Gui Hao's talent." Mo Wen was likely the person to be most knowledgeable of that expression, as he had also revealed that same exact expression the moment Gui Hao had unleashed this move. At this moment, a faint smile was present on his face as he continued saying: "The members of the aristocratic families like us have gotten used to being in a safe and easy spot, with them loving to their talents and resources to suppress others. This led them to forsake the most valuable quality of mankind. This same exact mistake had actually appeared on Gui Hao. What a pity."

Clearly, Mo Wen also felt extremely disappointed, as he had held an extremely high level of anticipation for Gui Hao. After all, he hailed from the Gui Family, and with Gui Hao's level of talent added with the Gui Family's skill, he should be extremely, extremely strong. However, the life of this Gui Family young master must definitely be "extremely comfortable".

"..." the people around him turned speechless.

"Boss, what the hell was that? That's a devouring ability, right? Ain't that too much of a bug?" replied Napier Mo with a dumbfounded expression. "It shouldn't be useful even against Spiritual Soul combat techniques, right?"

That was clearly the matter that was bugging the hearts of everyone, who had come to realize something. Wang Zhong… was actually a Summoning Beast Master!

If one was to list out Wang Zhong's weakness, it would definitely be on the aspect of special ability. However, that ball's appearance had caused all special ability users to feel their blood run cold.

"That's a Dimensional wanderer type of life form. The one before us is very likely a Dimensional Wanderer King, and it's one of mankind's most hated life forms in the hyperdimension. It's an extreme nemesis to anything Spiritual Soul or energy bodies. Furthermore, it can also create illusions. There has never been any record in the history of anyone being able to subdue such a life form." said Mo Xingchen with a smile.

"Big miss! How are you still able to smile! That thing is basically my bane!" replied Napier Mo as he rubbed his nose.

Hearing his response, Mo Xingchen could not help but laugh. "So you too can feel worried. They are existences that no one dares to provoke while in the dimensional worlds. However, its power will be limited to its summoner when it descends to our world. Furthermore, it has an extremely weak body. Gui Hao made a mistake, which was to use his special ability against it."

Napier Mo gave an exaggerated thumbs up, while not the slightest bit of suspicion was present on the face of Mo Wen and the others. All of them definitely knew the extreme importance of reading more books. However, it was impossible for the average person to know about these details.

A slightly ugly expression appeared on Carolyn. The stronger Wang Zhong was, the more he exceeded the image she had of him in her mind, the more uncomfortable she would feel within her heart. It was just like a businessman's ability to cut losses. She was hoping for the day that some matters would head towards the path she had anticipated. However, it was a pity that every matter surrounding him had gone against her expectations. After the initial shock, she clearly remembered the weaknesses of the Dimensional Wanderer. However, there lies the problem. With Wang Zhong's level of strength, it was absolutely impossible for him to subdue a Dimensional Wanderer King. So, who was the person who had "gifted" this life form to him? And how frightening would that person be?

With the level of strength and control that Wang Zhong had displayed so far, as well as the unimaginable matter surrounding his intellect, exactly who was standing behind him? Furthermore, he seemed to have an extremely immunity against any aristocratic family, and was filled to the brim with calmness. It's definitely impossible for Assassin to be the black hand pulling the strings. Just the thought of this would cause one to feel terror.

Vladimir's expression was also considerably solemn. If the strength Wang Zhong had displayed was sufficient for him to place importance on the latter, the Dimensional Wanderer King that had absorbed Gui Hao's Divinized special ability had already reached the level of slightly frightening!

He had a habit. When bumping into people that were qualified to be his opponents, regardless of whether they would cross hands or not, Vladimir would definitely make sure to make a pre-emptive summary of his opponent's greatest traits.

He had already made records of the number 1 taboo to commit when matched up against Wang Zhong, which was to give him any opportunity to drill into any nook and cranny of his opponent's weaknesses. Secondly, one should absolutely not let him shift the momentum of the fight. After witnessing this fight, yet another taboo had to be added. His Dimensional Wanderer was basically the natural enemy of all experts that rely heavily on their special abilities. However, after a while, he received a message via Skylink, causing him to take a breath of relief. He was not afraid of the strong, but those without weaknesses. As long as he knew his opponent's weaknesses, it would be easy to come up with a plan to deal with them.

"From unarmed combat to cross wheels, from an assassin to a Summoning Beast Master. Is there anything else that this Wang Zhong doesn't know?"

"He already is that strong, yet is still able to summon an even more powerful baby. Oh my god, how are other people going to live like that?"

"He really is a match for Laura," Mario muttered his thoughts out. "Bear hugs ball, what harmony."

"Vice-captain Mario," Sharmie's cold voice immediately rang out by his side as a chilling glint shot over. "I suddenly feel like straggling someone!"

In the next second, Mario had sunk into a deep choke from Sharmie.

Frankly speaking, this warm spectacle would cause people to feel their blood turning hot and be filled with envy. We really want to enjoy that straggling! In any case, she won't really kill someone with that.

However, only the other members of the Blazing squadron knew that all of these was a false scene. Don't get confused by the outward appearance. In reality, when their captain was giving a stranglehold, she would never let anyone make contact with that voluptuous peaks of hers. She was able to behave appropriately, though they might not be present in her actions. Being warded into hospitals was the bread and butter occurrence for them.

The entire stadium was filled with noisy chatter, be it the viewing gallery for the audience or the participants, with all of them saying words filled with "All Mouthy King" and "Wang Zhong".

Among this chaos, Laura was most probably the most genuinely emotional person towards Wang Zhong's win. At this moment, she could help but to should out Wang Zhong's name as she looked towards the stage, though her voice was drowned out by the gargantuan mass of voices ringing about in the stadium.

Dimensional life forms weren't able to exist in this world for long. Although it was extremely unwilling, big whitey still dissipated away, having filled its senses up with its first taste of this world.

Wang Zhong walked down the competition stage, appearing to do so due to the overly intense ovation, cheers and shouts raining down from all directions. Nevertheless, he could not help but wave his hands back in response, causing the noise decibel level to surge to greater heights. His fame and might did not come from any aristocratic family, nor did it come from any academy. He did not have any background to speak off. It was his battles, one after another, that was the greatest proof from the countless people watching in the stadium and via Skylink.

Only a real fan would be able to feel it happening to oneself!"

"What a surprise! Tianjing has already locked their place for the group battle! Looks like this group battle inevitable!" Ruo Zhi had just ended a bout of utter flatter about All Mouthy King, so much so that it started to turn gross! Frankly speaking, he wasn't a person that like to chase after idols. Unlike the ordinary audience, he was the most famous commentator out there, so idols and stars rubbed his shoulders on a daily basis.

However, When the Dimensional Wanderer King sat right down on Gui Hao like a dog, Ruo Zhi could not help but feel shocked right down to his core.

At that instant, he felt incomparably moved. When it was the moment for the aristocratic members to obtain suppressive victories due to their resources, All Mouthy King had made an even greater counterattack against them!

A commoner winning against an aristocratic family, the loser defeating the king! This was the eternal dream for any childhood fairy tale! However, it had now appeared in real life!

In this era, people really do need a hero, and so does Ruo Zhi. He was previously unwilling to do so only due to him having yet to see someone on the degree of All Mouthy King.

While Ruo Zhi had lost control, Chen Yu'er beside him had long been shooting a bloodthirsty glow! A bloodthirsty glow that was filled with blood! This was the innate ability of females when discovering an excellent mate!

If not for them needing to cast this match and having responsibilities, they might have already done some crazy things in celebration.

"That's right! Tianjing's current atmosphere was considerably relaxed now. Although there are 2 more matches left, Tianjing's participating members are already set. Colby strength has been long known to everyone from his performances in the earlier stages of the competition. Frankly speaking, he's unable to be of any threat to Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. This duel will definitely be lost. Therefore, the group battle would definitely need to be fought. Brother Ruo Zhi, do you think that Tianjing will have an advantage when they head into the group battle?"

"They definitely will have an advantage. I've just received new information that Gui Wulie has already been transferred to intensive care. Although there's no danger to his life, he definitely is unable to participate in the group battle. As for Gui Hao, everyone can see him in an unconscious state when he was moved off the stage. He has suffered what can be said to be an unprecedentedly heavy butt from that strange dimensional beast...ah, apologize for my words, but I just couldn't help it." Rui Zhi had unexpectedly said a joke, though it felt like it was intentional on his part. Nevertheless, he wrapped it up quickly before proceeding on. "Now, there's only Gui Xinying left to put up a fight. However, she would need to face both Grai and Wang Zhong. Frankly speaking, the chances of victory are rather low!"

"Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's substitutes aren't weak."

"Haha. Regardless of how strong they are, a substitute is still just a substitute. Although they might possess S rank level strength, and are able to contend against the elite experts participating in this CHF, against the heaven-defying degree of Wang Zhong and Grai, an ordinary S rank truly does not have much of a meaning. Okay, the 4th duel is about to start! Let's turn our attention back to the stage! Martial Ghost Divine Emperor has sent up Rassen, their mainstay soldier, and a considerably stable S ranked mainstay! Perhaps he might have a certain level of disparity as compared to Gui Hao, he would definitely obtain a clean sweep victory against Colby. Now, it is time for Tianjing to make their selection!"

Many people proceeded to look towards the Tianjing preparatory area. Although they knew that Tianjing didn't have the capability of ending this match in the duelling phase, everyone still had considerably high anticipation for it. After all, was there another hidden freshman present within their ranks? Could he be Tianjing's great weapon? At this moment, people's expectations of Tianjing have already grown increasingly higher, with them wishing that every single Tianjing substitute was a hidden BOSS! That way, they would be able to rush and grab the CHF championship with one breath!

Under everyone's gaze, Ma Dong stood up and said. "This match is destined to be my show!"

This was an extremely simple problem to deal with. There were only 2 people left in Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's fielded mainstays. Since they have sent a soldier up for this duel, they would definitely have to send their mainstay ranged soldier up for the next duel. President Ma Dong's slightly nervous voice was completely destroyed by the atmosphere present around him.

Bringing along a look of disdain and powerful self-confidence, Ma Dong walked up to the stage.

Dressed in an alluring swallow-tailed coat, he totally appeared anything but a CHF participant, and more like an MC ready to walk up the stage and take the mic!

However, no one dared to look down on him!

This was a person that could do battle alongside brother King! This fellow had been always hidden away by Tianjing, all the way just for the sake of appearing on stage in the crucial match in the quarterfinals! Even if he was a freshman, who dared to say that he wasn't some hidden BOSS?

Did he dress very gaudily? He doesn't appear like a soldier? Did you take a look at Napier Mo? He dresses up more gaudily than this person, and appeared more outlandish in his behaviour, but take a look at his strength!

From that, one could see that any fellow that has the personality to dress up gaudily would definitely have extraordinary accomplishments alongside their quirks!

Furthermore, according to the information, that Ma Dong was the president of the Prodigy Society. Wang Zhong was just the vice-president! In the era, only the strongest could be the president. Could it be that...

The audience in the stadium welcomed this freshman with assurance and cheers of support. Contrary to that, pale expressions of dread filled some participants as they thought, could it really be that Tianjing has yet to show their full strength?

Faced against the applause from the countless brother King and Tianjing fans present, Ma Dong gave a faint smile in reply. He did not appear overly excited, nor did he appear overly humble. In fact, he did not show the slightest trace of nervousness that freshmen should have!

Every action he did was filled with overbearingness, appearing to have complete control over the entire stage!

The hidden BOSS has descended on the stage!

Ruo Zhi's eyes lit up as he commented: "Tianjing has chosen to send up their freshman Ma Dong! This is somewhat interesting. He seems to only be the representative of the Tianjing squadron. However, due to Tianjing only have 9 members at the start, he can become the squadron's padding and be their 10th member and be sent out as a substitute. There is a probability of him being a hidden card for Tianjing, as it's said that he is a member of the Assassin Family, and is also the elder cousin of Emily."

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