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some info about Ryua, according to the raws ryua is 15 years old. i deducted it from the raws 100+ away(yeah, the author should have told us earlier) it was said that the accident happened when she was 5 years old. also her appearance is Blue hair, Blue eyes(blue eyes was told at chapter 200+ ), she sometimes run without her shoes. her clothes isn’t mentioned much but she has extra clothes (you guys can imagine her in any clothes if you like). Her breast is flat, that she was thought to be a boy , also her height is not told but apparently short.

(TL: about yuyu , ryua says she has weird way of talking but i can barely see it being weird but just in case make it a bit weird.) (ED: I really couldn't think of a consistent way to do this with words….if you can, feel free to implement that. I'm just gonna put this ~ after every clause or phrase.)

9: I really had a hard time TLing how yuyu talks (i guess i need to study some speech patterns).  if anyone has any idea how she talks please tell me.

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Chapter 45 Union part 4

“The rampaging corpses around the castle town have been put to rest . Please, be relieved.”

“We thank you for your cooperation.”

The Commanding Officer, Kirkton, gave his thanks to those people.The surviving soldier also did likewise and saluted.The people that had appeared before us were adventurers.They were 3 of the Big Five, the superior people Seigel was talking about earlier. Wait a minute–including Xinbu, aren’t there 4 of them here?

“My~, this sure is surprising~, and the damage is really a big deal~. Even I can’t revived a dead person~, you know~?”

Light brown hair with the ends coiling around down to her shoulder and well-defined features, she is a beautiful woman, but has a peculiar way of talking.She wears a robe similar to the one Roel has, However, hers is much more beautiful.  

“It's not about that, Yuyu-dono. There is something else that we need you to inspect as quickly as possible.”

“Is it something that only a High Priestess like me can handle?” (IcedTea: She's asking if the situation is that bad that only she can do it. She's not trying to sound condescending.)

【”Angel of Charity” Yuyu, LV:88, Class: High Priestess, Rank: A】

With an air of calmness and pleasing grace, Yuyu went over to where Tifelia lay.As the adventurers saw Tifelia, their eyes widened in shock at seeing her painfully gasping. They all unintentionally leaked out a small gasp.

“This is… can such a master like Tifelidono be in such state….”

【”Monk of Salvation” Mugen, LV:94, Class: Super Monk, Rank: A】(IcedTea: Something about Super Monk is really funny….)

One of the three, a man with a necklace of round beads around his neck, looked over Tifelia.Roel told me secretly that she heard that the necklace was known as prayer beads. He had a head without a single hair, shining with the reflection of the sun's rays. (ZeRenMi: Eromanga Flash anyone? Just me? Ok *-*)It's sort of like Grundom’s head. Sorry, I know this is not the situation for these kind of thoughts. 

“Mugen-dono, would a person of your Class know anything about this condition?”

“Umu, if it was my specialty, I could become your strength, but……it's not a kind of curse. I'm certain of that.” (IcedTea: A manly man has appeared….what's with the cliched line….)

Kirkton drooped his shoulders, discouraged by Mugen's answer.That person Mugen, I wonder what kind of fighter  he is? (ZeRenMi: I thought Ryua was bashing him until I read the next line…) Does he fight with a weapon, or with magic? I can't even begin to guess.

“As little help as I am, my music could lessen the pain a little, but….I wonder how much it'll help…."

【”Battlefield Poet” Laurel, LV:90, Class: Bard, Rank: A】 (9: His class is simpler than I thought.) (IcedTea: I agree. Bard?!? That's it?)

He had long, blond hair that went past his shoulder–I thought he was a woman, but he turned out to be a man. (9: Ryua definitely thought “damn, it was a trap!”) (IcedTea: "It's a trap!" -Wise words from Admiral Ackbar.) (ZeRenMi: Heres my edit of this line – With his long blonde hair going past his shoulders, I mistakened him for a woman but he was a man – Don't know if it’s better or worse than this version
)But still, if you said that he was a woman, I would be completely deceived by feature like that.

“Please proceed, Laurel-dono. I request it of you.”

After Kirkton bows his head in assent, music began to flow. The timbre of the harp invited drowsiness and tranquility–I, who was still tense from fighting despite the fact that the battle had already ended, felt all my strength drain out of my body and sat down on the spot.

All the others also fell one by one to the ground, listening in ecstasy. (9: eargasm) (IcedTea: Lol)
At the same time, I noticed that Tifelisan’s expression seemingly softened.

“Ah, amazing! Her face really did soften up!”

As I shouted, the three noticed me for the first time. It seems that Kirkton also remembered my existence, and walked towards me. (ZeRenMi: this feels like a class bullying with the wording) (IcedTea: now that you mention it….)

“Ah, it's you–I still haven’t given you my thanks.For what happened, I am truly grateful to you. Even though you are still young, it was a splendid deed, you know.”

Kirkton smiled as he thanked and praised me.Mugen asked about the circumstances, and Kirkton started to explain it to them.

“……for such person to exist. It's hard to believe that information out of the blue, but with Kirkton-dono saying so, it should be the truth.”

As he said that, light flashed off his glittering head when he turned his face towards me.From his strict looking face, he seems to be a really stiff person.With his heavy, black robe, his appearance also made him seem that way.

“I also have quite an interest in that girl~, you know~, but right now, situation we have is much more important~.” (IcedTea: Oh. Another person who is interested in the MC. How many is that now?)

Just as I thought, she is weird manner of speaking.Yuyu held out her hand, which began to give off a pale light. The light shined on Tifelisan, and coupled with Laurel’s music, Tifelia's facial expression relaxed even more.

“Ooooh!!…….Just as I expected from Yuyu-dono and Laurel-dono!”

“However, with just this much, it's not enough to resolve the main problem.We can’t entirely grasp the nature of the disease that’s eating into Tifelisan…”

” -My blood contains an incurable disease-………..Inoro, no, Juo said that.”

Everyone reacted to my words and faced me. Now that I think about it, I am the only one who knew the name Juo. That Inoro, Juo now, being one of the 12 Demon Generals is something only Roel and I knew about.I was quite embarrassed because I didn’t expect to be the center of attention, but I tried my best to explain. Almost everybody who was listening reacted to me mentioning Juo.

“Necromancer you say?…… to stain your hands with such a forbidden technique….inexcusable!!!”

*Pashi* Mugen smacked his palm with his fist.Yuyu, Laurel, and the others who weren’t there when it happened all wore gloomy expressions.Roel and I were the only ones left out (who didn't understand).

“What is "forbidden"?” (9: Ryua doesn’t know the word.) (IcedTea: As in she has never even heard the word "forbidden". She has no idea what it means.)

“Skipping the difficult stuff, it means a prohibited magic. (ZeRenMi: Seigel-san, you didn't define ''forbidden' but 'forbidden magic'.) (IcedTea: Tru…)If you use it, no matter what country, you will lose the right to enter their territory.”

Seigel gave a simple explanation.Forbidden. That is how much everyone here hates Juo’s magic. Certainly, when I saw him raise the dead and forcibly compelled them to fight their comrades, I too felt anger.
A person that uses magic to toy with other humans–I thought of Juo as such a person.

“Those guys claimed that they were from the Revived Demonlord army…I wonder what that is?”

“All that information will be gathered and reported to His Highness.”

Kirkton declared it such a cold way that it gave me shivers.I wonder what was it; did I say something strange?Nearby, Yuyu was chanting something at Tifelisan.It seems like Tifelisan received some more recovery-like magic, since once again, her breathing became a bit less erratic. Seeing this, Roel grew increasingly interested while watching Yuyu-san work.

“amazing. Yuyu-san, what was that just now? What was it?”

“My~, you are~…..~?”

“Pardon me, I’m adventurer Roel. That one is Ryuchan.”

“I see~, young ones~. I want a taste~……..” (9: Ero onee-chan.) (IcedTea: Oh? This interest is a different type? I like this?) (ZeRenMi: More yuri? :D) (IcedTea: I knew everyone couldn’t resist commenting…)


“Are you still just a healer~? If that’s the case~, then you won’t understand a fully detailed explanation~. Let's make it simple~: It's like a magic that neutralizes pain~, ok~?” (IcedTea: Healer seems to be a lower class than Priest.)


Understanding or not, Roel ambiguously nodded her head. Just I was feeling relieved that a magic like that existed, Yuyu continued to speak, as if she had seen through me.

“But still, it won’t remove the main source of the problem~. Even to the bitter end~, it can only lessen the pain~.

If it stays like this~, I don't know what will happen…….~” (ZeRenMi: I'm just imagining a long drawling speech from her.)

“Anyhow, let's report the details we have up 'til now to His Majesty. I would like request everyone here to vacate the area for now.”

There were no one who refused Kirkton’s request. Now that I think about, was the king safe? I wonder where he is?

“Well done.”

After the report was finished, it wasn’t the king that replied, but rather the old guy close by. I couldn’t properly understand Roel’s difficult explanation, but it seems that he is called a Prime Minister, someone who helps the King. The place Kirkton had guided the king to was an underground room below the Colosseum floor. The simple, plain floor opens and leads you toward what seems to be a shelter. If I didn’t know about it beforehand, i wouldn’t noticed it at all.

“Everyone of you, I see that you are all tired today.There more things to reward you with, but for today, take a rest inside our castle.  About the reward, at this time will be tomorrow, we will pass on to you.” (Prime Minister)

“The girl right there……wait.” (King)

In that moment, I thought it was someone else, but it seems I was named by the King.Why the king? Not understanding the situation, I approach him.

“Ever since the contest, I have been curious. Looking at the documents, you are still C rank….”

“Y-yeah. It's because I just recently became an adventurer…..”

“Ryuchan! Keigo! Keigo!” (9: keigo is like a way of speaking with respect or something like that) (IcedTea: Basically, "Ryuchan. Respect. Speak in a more respectful tone.")

Roel is pinching me–it hurts. I wonder what "keigo" is. Roel noticing that I don’t know what it is, covered her mouth with her palm while gasping "no way!"

“Your Majesty, let us converse about all of it, including her case, tomorrow.”

“From what I have heard, your actions rise above the rest. It is truly magnificent.”

The King, ignoring the Prime Minister, looked at me and continued talking. The Prime minister, now irritated with the King's behavior, turned on the King as if obstructing me.

“Your Majesty!! Right now, that is not really important, isn’t it?! Do you understand the state of affairs in the Country?!?”

The Prime Minister’s thundering voice shook the King, who stepped back dejectedly.Even though the King should be even more of a big-shot than the Prime minister, the old guy’s scolding made him silent.

“Ahem”–The king cleared his throat and started to speak.

“In any case, those with serious injuries which need immediate treatment and those that have lost their homes will be prioritized and given temporary dwellings. Is that fine, Bermund?”

“As you command.”

Due to the need to house the injured, the rooms became full. Roel and I were delegated to sleep in the female soldiers' rooms. On the way back, I saw the corpses of the soldiers, adventurers, and audience members who had fallen victim in the action  being lined up in the Colosseum. As I watched the scene, I felt something crack on the inside, so I immediately turned away and left that place.

“Fuu~, I’m worn out~……..
Ah, Ryuchan, so you were at this place…”

Above the ramparts, I, who was immersed deep in thought, was found by Roel.It seems like up until now, Roel has been treating the wounded. And that person, Yuyu, took more time than I thought she would to carefully teach Roel.  Roel was thoroughly pleased with it. (9: Fumu, I wonder what was “taught”?) (IcedTea: Hehe)

“Roel…….I wasn’t able to protect them…….”

The pleasant evening breeze felt even colder than usual. There were several buildings that were destroyed. The surviving people that lived in those places are either taking refuge in the castle or in the large buildings that weren’t damage right now. It's dark and you can’t see everything, but it's like the scene just floated before my eyes.

“Even though I had planned to never see this kind of scene again……..
Even though I went to the trouble of training in the Caves of Hell…..”

“If Ryuchan wasn’t here, the situation would be much worse.
Everyone is saying that, you know. That's why: don’t blame yourself, OK?”

Roel gently snuggled up to me and encouraged me. I understand what she is saying, but inside me, there is something that I just can’t put to rest.Roel stared at my silhouette.

“I-if I hadn’t met Ryuchan,I wouldn’t have met so many different people, and I wouldn’t have as much confidence in myself. If I told you "thank you"… that bad?” (9: Roel being cuter than usual.)

I became confused.Her snuggled-up body started to tremble. That’s right–today, in only one day, Roel had experience many terrifying things. That time when Juo was about to do something to her, and then there's also the Revived Demonlord army’s massacre. I was not the only one who had seen those horrific scenes. It was exactly the opposite–they also fought. Seigel, Gantetsu–everyone was fighting, then and now. There are people who were nearly killed and also the injured who still haven't woken up. And despite that, saying that “I wasn’t able to save them” might have been self-centered.

“Ryuchan, no matter what happens, I will forever be with you, ok? Forever and ever, I want to continue saying my thanks to you” (9: Bbaka na! Ore no yuri sensor ga bousou suru datto?!) (IcedTea: Aaaaawhhhh.)


I took Roel’s cold hand, and after holding it tightly for a moment, I started feel its warmth.I don't know what the cause was, but Roel suddenly embraced me, as if she were jumping at me.

“Whwhat’s the matter?”

Like a tiny animal, she was shaking and, for a bit, her hair fluttered in the wind.Her slender arm circled around my back, firmly clutching me, refusing to let go. How was this soft body able to persist up until now? Though I don’t know whether this could calm her anxiety, I embrace Roel back.


“Roel, I’m sorry. I only kept complaining…….. That's right–everyone, too, bears their own big problems and scars. I need to stand a little bit more firm, right?”

Roel didn’t say anything–she just trembled in my arms.However, the shaking gradually started to settle, and I felt like she had been given peace of mind.I don’t know why, but my heart has been throbbing faster and faster.I raised Roel’s face–for some reason, I believed that she was probably making the same face I had on.Her feverish cheek revealed the speeding sounds in my chest. Suddenly getting embarrassed without realizing it, we separated. (9 and everyone else: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!)
Roel wasn’t particularly surprised, but she had a somewhat feverish facial expression on.

“T-that was s-somewhat weird, wasn't it….”

Roel finally moved and scratched her cheek, looking really embarrassed.Not knowing how I should react, I was only able to mirror the same gesture.

“It sure has gotten colder….so let's go back to our room….”

To drive away the embarrassment, I took Roel’s hand and started to walk. From the lights here and there on the castle walls, and from the darkness of the skies–in the gapes between those lights, I felt the end of the day. After the end of this tragedy and fierce fighting, looking from this place towards the empty skies that seemed that it could swallow everything, the evening seemed lonelier than usual.

Monster Encyclopdia

【Vit the hunter that resound the buzz HP 15300】 (9: The bug guy)

One of the 12 Demon Generals of the Revived Demonlord Army. A prey mantis-like appearance clad in a metallic carapace, and whose arms’ edge can tear anything to pieces. It can’t use any magic, but as a compensation, it's destruction power has been misunderstood to be the highest wind class magic. Its Carapace has resistance regarding physical and magical attacks–In offense and defense there is no weakness.

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