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Chapter 534: Ghost Saint Descendant

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“Bang!” The forceful Sword Wave made a sound as it struck the void space 333 meters away. It was as if it had hit an invisible barrier.

The flaming sword Qi diffused outward in a circle.

Sixteen wisps of black smoke drifted up from behind the invisible barrier and floated around in the air before combining to form a huge cloud of dark smoke.

Yin Wuchang, the third disciple of the Ghost Saint, emerged from the dark cloud of smoke.

Suspended in the air ten meters above the sea surface with his pale cheeks framed by his long dark hair, he looked like a weightless ghost.

Yin Wuchang’s eyes came to rest upon Orange Star Emissary. The emptiness in his eyes was replaced by a spark of life as he delightedly said, “It is you, Junior sister apprentice. When I saw the moon emitting unusual light, I knew for sure that it was you. You were absorbing the moonlight and sending a signal for me to come to your aid.”

“Let’s see if you are capable of saving her.”

Ao Xinyan walked out with a sword in her arms, quickly mobilizing Genuine Qi. With a hiss, a pair of seven-foot-long dragon wings grew out from her back.


A flap of the dragon wings produced a strong gust of wind.

She took off, flew over the ship and transformed into a ray of white light as she attacked Yin Wuchang.

Having achieved Small Success in her half-dragon body after breaking through the Fish-dragon Realm, Ao Xinyan was able to condense a pair of dragon wings. It enabled her to fly across the sky, call the wind and rain, and pretty much do anything she wanted.


Ao Xin Yan pulled out the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and drew a flash of sword radiance across the air.

As soon as the sword was pulled out of its sheath, it instantly radiated a huge amount of Holy Qi. The light that radiated from the blade was like a waterfall falling on Yin Wuchang’s head.

“Holy Sword?”

Yin Wuchang’s face fell. Stepping forward quickly, he wielded the Reaper’s Step and a smoky ghost bridge appeared below his feet. He crossed over to the other end in one big step.

Despite Yin Wuchang’s nimble bodily movement, his left shoulder was still struck by the sword Qi, sustaining a half-foot long wound.

Yin Wuchang shot Ao Xinyan a surprised look and said, “I didn’t expect an accomplished master like you to be by Zhang Ruochen’s side. Your level of cultivation should have made you famous, and yet I’d never heard that a young superior like you existed in the Divine Dragon half-human clan. Who are you exactly?”

It was beyond Ao Xinyan’s expectation to have injured the infamous evil master Yin Wuchang with just one stroke of her sword.

After all, Yin Wuchang was already well-known before she was even born.

Could it be because the Ghost Saint descendant did not live up to his name? Or could it really be that her strength had reached the realm of a master?

Ao Xin Yan was ranked in the top three in terms of talent in the Sword Technique Department of the Saint Academy.

With her natural qualities, she had a great chance to reach the top ten of the “Heaven Board”. Moreover, having reached the Third Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, the strength she manifested was so remarkable that it was already on par with the masters of the older generation.

On top of that, she even possessed a Holy Sword.

Being in the Third Change in the Fish-dragon Realm in her cultivation, the power with which she wielded the Holy Sword was many times stronger than before.

She stood at an altitude of 33 meters above sea level, as if she was standing directly under the moon. In the moonlight, the pair of wings on her back were illuminated with such bright light that they appeared to be carved out of jade.

“TheGhost Saint descendant is just so-so. Don’t think of fighting the Group Leader when you can’t even defeat me.”

Ao Xinyan’s pretty face broke into a confident smile.

Yin Wuchang snorted and said, “Little girl, so what if you have a Holy Sword? You are still far from being on par with true superiors.”

Yin Wuchang took out a black bottle and held it in his palm.

With a shriveled finger, he touched the bottle.


Black lines appeared on the surface of the bottle, like dread patterns, and they began to light up.

The next moment.

Wisps of dark Yin Qi came rushing out from the bottle toward the surface of the sea.

In a flash, they were surrounded by gusts of chilling wind and the wailing voices of evil spirits.

Every wisp of dark Yin Qi condensed to form a hideous-looking ghost boy. Some of them stood on the sea surface, wearing armor and carrying spears, like a ghost warrior. Some were suspended in the void space in mid-air, riding on bone horses. They had sharp horns on their heads which made them look like hell knights.

At a glance, there appeared to be around 3,000 ghost boys. They were so numerous and densely packed that they were just like an army of ghosts.

“Come together, ghost boys,” said Yin Wuchang.

The 3,000 dead ghost boys immediately flew toward Ao Xinyan. Upon reaching her, they immediately collided with each other and condensed to form an enormous skull that was tall as a hill.


With just a blow from the enormous skull, Ao Xinyan vomited blood, flew backwards and landed back onto the ship.

Ao Xinyan covered her chest with her hands and her pale, delicate face was clouded by a ball of dark Ghost Qi.

Yin Wuchang broke out laughing. He spread out his arms, took off into the air, and landed on top of the enormous skull. He said, “Little girl, you must be feeling terrible, having your body invaded by Dead Spirit Energy. If you submit to me and be my slave, I will help you get rid of the Dead Spirit Energy inside you.”

“What is this Dead Spirit Energy to me? It can’t hurt me.”

Ao Xinyan’s Divine Dragon Martial Soul manifested and she let out a deafening dragon’s roar.

The Divine Dragon Martial Soul condensed to form a light spot before entering her Meridians, circulating throughout her body, and then swallowing up all the Dead Spirit Energy in an instant.

Having ingested a large amount of Flood-dragon Soul Pill, Ao Xinyan’s Martial Soul had reached a whole new level.

The strength of her Martial Soul was comparable to that of a Monk who has reached the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm.

The stream of Ghost Qi employed by Yin Wuchang was certainly not able to restrain her.

A cold look flashed in Yin Wuchang’s eye as he said, “What you’ve got is the very rare Divine Dragon Martial Soul. This is becoming interesting, I am going to make you my slave.”

Zhang Ruochen snorted and said, “You have committed such an evil act, nurturing 3,000 ghost boy souls, Yin Wuchang. I won’t let you off today.”

The ghost boys were nurtured from the souls of male infants to become ghost slaves.

Having 3,000 ghost boys meant Yin Wuchang had slaughtered 3,000 boys and extracted their souls.

“Zhang Ruochen, you are a wimp hiding behind a woman. You will have have to practice for another ten years before you can stand up to me. However, you are not going to get the chance to live another ten years. You will perish tonight. Rest assured that after you die, I will help take care of this Divine Dragon half-human girl for you… and your fiance. Ha ha!”

Yin Wuchang looked over at Huang Yanchen and laughed lewdly.

He had not taken Zhang Ruochen seriously all this time. To him, no matter how outstanding Zhang Ruochen was, he still had only reached the Completion of Heaven Realm in his cultivation.

Since he had not reached the Fish-dragon Realm, then he was a mere mortal.

“Is that so? I’m afraid you’re not up to it.”

Zhang Ruochen closed his eyes and started releasing his Spiritual Power.


A clap of thunder sounded in the sky.

A dark cloud suddenly appeared over Yin Wuchang’s head. It blocked out the moon, and the world was instantly covered in darkness.

Amid the layers of cloud, streams of bright light were seen interweaving with each other.

Yin Wuchang lifted his head to look into the dark cloud overhead as a sudden feeling of danger rose up inside him. His face fell as he felt a strong fluctuation of Spiritual Power around him. He turned to look at Zhang Ruochen in alarm and said, “Do you major in Spiritual Power?”

Zhang Ruochen did not answer but instead spoke four words. “Nine-fold Lightning Knife.”


A flash of lightning tore through the void space like a sword slashing through the heaven onto the earth. It emerged from a cloud and struck down onto the ground.

From afar, it looked like some deity was waving his sword in the clouds.

“I don’t believe that you are really that powerful.”

Piercing light shot out from Yin Wuchang’s eyes. As he opened his arms wide, two balls of black light emerged from each palm and combined to form an arc-shaped Light Shield. The Light Shield perched on top of his head and blocked the first flash of lightning.


Lightning knife kept raining down and hitting the Light Shield so that Yin Wuchang and the enormous skull kept descending through the air at high speed.

When the seventh flash of lightning descended, Yin Wuchang could no longer withstand its force. The Light Shield shattered with a crash and a lightning knife struck his body, leaving a deep wound on his back that almost split him in half.

The eighth and ninth lighting knives descended in quick succession, shattering the enormous skull. It turned into wisps of ghostly Qi and dispersed in every direction.

Orange Star Emissary was shaken upon witnessing this entire scene. She took a breath of cold air and muttered under her breath. “Master of Spiritual Power? Zhang Ruochen’s well-hidden strength is so formidable that even Yin Wuchang is no match for him.”

Zhang Ruochen remained calm and composed as he looked at the severely wounded Yin Wuchang and asked, “Yin Wuchang, how would you like to die?”

Yin Wuchang was unwilling to concede defeat. He snorted coldly. “Do you really think you’ve defeated me?”

He stole a glance at Orange Star Emissary, took a deep breath and prepared himself to wield a forbidden martial technique that would use his blood as fuel to continue fighting with Zhang Ruochen.

At the very least, he must not be defeated while Orange Star Emissary was watching.

“I’m going to cut him up.”

Ao Xinyan had finally recovered from her injuries. Holding the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword, she was ready to face Yin Wuchang once again.

Orange Star Emissary suddenly made a move and dashed out.

Her tender body, light as a catkin and wrapped in a long flowy robe, descended upon the sea surface. She said, “Allow me to kill him!”

Yin Wuchang went pale. He stared at Orange Star Emissary with disbelief as he asked, “Junior sister apprentice… what did you just say?”

Orange Star Emissary walked up to Yin Wuchang and coldly told him, “Elder brother apprentice, Zhang Ruochen is my master now. If you are his enemy, then I am your enemy. To tell you the truth, I lured you here on purpose. How else would I be able to kill you?”


The word “master” was extremely harsh to Yin Wuchang’s ears. His entire body trembled as if he had been struck by lightning.

He looked at Orange Star Emissary in shock and disbelief. He could hardly bring himself to believe that his arrogant and indifferent junior sister apprentice would one day be willing to submit herself to a man and address him as her “master”.

Could the rumors be true? Had Zhang Ruochen managed to tame her into his plaything?

Before Yin Wuchang could ponder further, Orange Star Emissary punched him in the chest, causing it to cave in. His heart was beaten into a pulp.

Blood started seeping out of the depression on his chest.

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