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Chapter 1965 - People Fearful of Zerozone

Ghost Venerable looked at the golden bow in his hand and could not help but sigh.

The weapon this bloke Qin made for him was not bad, I heard it's called a God Energy Weapon!

When Ghost Venerable was being naughty just now, he had first used his own strength to attack the First Army.

A huge fiendish blood storm swept out, tearing those flying ships apart.

However, the defensive shield on the flying ship blocked the Ghost Venerable's Blood Fiend Storm, so the First Army did not suffer any damage.

"Hahaha, where did this idiot come from? He actually wants to attack our First Army?"

A general looked at the screen and saw the Ghost Venerable, he could not help but laugh out loud, "You can't even break through our defense, you are truly a wonder! "Come, come, come, come. The cannon muzzles are aimed at that woman, focus the fire and let that idiot turn to ash!"

Just as they were recharging the weapon, Ghost Venerable took out the golden bow that Qin Chao had given her before he left.

Looks like what Qin Chao said was right, these people from the Zerozone were indeed able to withstand any unexpected attack from the power of divinity.

If not for Qin Chao, they could only close their eyes and wait for their deaths.

Ghost Venerable focused his attention on the golden bow.

In an instant, golden arrows appeared on the bow.

To have five of them appear at once, this was just a bit of power on the part of the Ghost Venerable.

"So convenient."

Ghost Venerable curled his lips. Then, he pulled back the bow and aimed the arrow at the flying ships.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

Five golden beams of light instantly slashed through the air.

Five arrows pierced through the spaceship like five bolts of lightning.

"Boom boom boom!"

Many of the ships had unfortunately been decapitated.

Immediately, the First Army exploded in a violent explosion.

The shockwave from the explosion sent the surrounding ships flying.

The scene suddenly became extremely chaotic.

"Cry for help! Call for help! The First Army was attacked by the enemy! There was only one target! There's only one person! "

"Shoot! Shoot at that woman!"

"Kill her!"

The three groups of soldiers immediately started moving.

One after another, the cannonballs flew towards Ghost Venerable.

But who was the Ghost Venerable, the strongest woman in the Underworld?

Even now, her power was only at the late stage of the Divine Immortal Realm. Other than Qin Chao and Chi You, she was the strongest in Yellow Sandy Ridge.

Chi You was a reckless person. The reason why Su Fei did not let Chi You go was because he was worried that Chi You would take action recklessly.

After all, the power of the three groups of armies was not to be reckoned with.

These three groups of armies were enough to destroy an entire galaxy several times over.

The sounds of gunfire continuously exploded in the universe, while Ghost Venerable's figure became like a ghost, transforming into a bloody light ray and flying far away, appearing in a different location. Then the golden arrows shot out and pierced through the few flying ships.

Ghost Venerable was a very smart woman, and she continued to fight like this.

In the end, she found an even faster method, which was to directly appear within the army and hide beside the Zerozone's ship, before shooting her bow.

The attacks of the Zerozone could only land on their own people, and not long later, the three main groups suffered huge losses, most of which were caused by their own people.

"Damn it! Who is that woman! "Capture her for me!"

The Vice President growled.

"We've already sent twenty generals to encircle and annihilate them!"

A great general hurriedly said.

While they were talking, twenty odd Zerozone Great Generals wearing different colored Value-added Armor appeared beside Ghost Venerable.

"You little woman, do you really think you're invincible in this world!"

"Damned woman, eat one of my arrows!"

An orange general couldn't help but itch as he pulled his bow and shot at Ghost Venerable.

Ghost Venerable's body turned into a blood light and disappeared from the arrow, the arrow pierced through a flying ship behind Ghost Venerable and then disappeared into the universe.

The general was a bit dumbfounded.

"F * * k, shoot again if you see something!"

"I, I know …"

Just as these great generals were searching for the figure of Ghost Venerable, the Ghost Venerable suddenly appeared behind a great general.

At the same time, she held a golden dagger in her hand, slicing the general's throat.

Cut the throat.

The sharpest weapon in assassination.

With the help of the God Energy Weapon Dagger, the Ghost Venerable easily killed a great general.

The general clutched at his windpipe and spat out fresh blood as he fell into the depths of the universe.

Relying on the general's recovery ability, it would take a long time for him to recover.

"Where did that woman run off to!?"

"I can't find her. There's nothing on the radar!" Is she a ghost!? "

The group of generals were stunned.

In the billions of years, this was the first time they had encountered such a thorny opponent!

He was originally a high and mighty general, but now, in the hands of others, he had become a lamb waiting to be slaughtered!

How could they accept this!

"Damn it!" Where did that woman come from! "

The Vice President, watching all this from the screen, smashed the conference table.

"Probably... You must be from the Yellow Sandy Ridge! "

One of the generals thought very wisely.

"Damned Yellow Sandy Ridge!"

the Vice President shouted, understanding.

"They are too cunning. They purposely sent such a person to lock down our three groups!" "Damn it!"

"Just one person is enough to hold back three groups of soldiers …"

The Genin could not help but frown.

The Yellow Sandy Ridge, just what kind of strength did he have?

"Ignore her, let the army quickly enter the Scorpio!"

The Vice President gave the order.

"Yes sir!"

As the order was given, the three groups of soldiers immediately took action and headed towards the Scorpio.

"You want to leave?"

Ghost Venerable was a little depressed.

She tried attacking the fort and discovered that there was a mysterious barrier on top of it that could block any attacks from outside.

This made her extremely unhappy.

She didn't know that this was the protective shield developed by the Zerozone's fort after learning from Riley's sneak attack.

The level of this protective shield was much higher than the shields used on other ships, terminator and generals.

This shield was the strongest safeguard for the Zerozone!

"Damn it! Leave them for me! "

Ghost Venerable's figure suddenly appeared very far away. He stood on a platform, pulled his bow and arrow, and aimed at three groups of soldiers.

The generals were still looking around in confusion.

The Ghost Venerable, on the other hand, activated all the power in his body and gathered in the middle of the God Energy Weapon.

Ghost Venerable let her power flow according to the Blood Evil Storm's method, and enter the God Energy Weapon s.

Immediately, ten arrows appeared on the bow, the arrowhead twined with a red fiendish blood energy.

"There she is!"

A general noticed the red light and immediately pointed in the direction of the Ghost Venerable, roaring.

"Go, kill her! Don't let her attack! "


The twenty odd generals pounced towards Ghost Venerable.

But the arrow in Ghost Venerable's hand had already left his hand.

The ten arrows intertwined together, and in the blink of an eye, they formed a huge golden-red storm, sweeping towards the three groups of soldiers.

The power of the final stage of the Immortal Realm! who knows how many ranks higher than these Zerozone Generals are!

With the addition of the power of divinity, the defensive force fields on their bodies had been weakened by god knows how many times, they were unable to completely isolate the Ghost Venerable from their attacks!

Even if they could fend off a few, the power of a late stage Immortal was not something that they could rely on their Force Field Energy to completely block.

In an instant, the bodies of these generals were engulfed by the golden-red tempest.

In the blink of an eye, this golden-red storm had engulfed the three armies.

The flying ship, terminator, was not spared.

All of a sudden, these spaceships were engulfed, exploded, and melted by the golden red storm.

Three groups of soldiers! Countless spaceships vanished into thin air in an instant!

The Vice President's heart was bleeding!

The last time the Third Army lost 80% of their combat power, the President was already unhappy …

Now, it was even more so directly turned the three groups of troops into nothingness …

Finished … His position would not be preserved this time.

"I want to meet her personally …"

Killing intent flashed in the Vice President's eyes.

His strength is only second to Cao Cao.

The three regiments were gone, and he had to take responsibility for them.

What was he to be responsible for? Just take that woman's head.

"Vice President!"

"You, you want to do it yourself?"

The group of generals were all shocked.

"Otherwise, I'll be relying on you bunch of trash!"

The Vice President was furious. With a flash of his body, he disappeared from the command room in the blink of an eye.

"The Vice President personally took action, that woman is dead for sure."

A great general heaved a sigh of relief.

"I hope that the president isn't too angry this time …"

"That's right, otherwise we would all be finished..."

The other generals were worried.

"Open the Destruction Canon."

A high-ranking general suddenly said with a dark expression.

"Destruction Canon?"

"You, you really want to use the Destruction Canon?"

Upon hearing the general's order, the others were immediately taken aback.

"Yes... We must be fully prepared … "

The Great General clenched his fists, "If anything happens to the Vice President, use the Destruction Canon to kill that woman … After that, we will send another one to the Yellow Sandy Ridge, and have the Scorpio accompany us in death. "

"But... This Destruction Canon has only been developed not long ago, so it's still not stable yet. Furthermore, the Scorpio s have important resources that we need. If we destroy the Scorpio s, it would be difficult for us to find another planet with abundant minerals! "

"Idiot, if this planet were to be taken over by the Yellow Sandy Ridge, it would be the same."

The grim-faced general said, "What's the difference between light and heavy, can't you tell?"

"But... What if the Vice President comes back and blames us? "

"We have lost this battle."

The general said, "If this continues, I wonder how the Yellow Sandy Ridge will develop? Taking advantage of the fact that we still have the upper hand, killing them in an instant is the real reason. "


"Alright then … "Then it's decided."

These people finally nodded their heads, agreeing with the general's opinion.

They suddenly felt that this time, the President seemed to have groomed an extraordinary opponent.

They were afraid.

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