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Chapter 598 - A one-day husband and wife, with a hundred days worth of grace!

Only now?

And he deserved a beating!

If Xing Ba had explained the situation to Xueluo beforehand, Xueluo would definitely not have taken the risk of Feng Xinglang getting beaten up and brought food down to the basement to see Feng Xinglang.

"Xing Ba, you actually tricked me?" Xueluo was extremely angry.

It was only then that she realized: Xing Ba, this crafty person, had intentionally lured her into the basement. From then on, he could happily beat Feng Xinglang up, in order to take revenge for the humiliation of being toyed with by Feng Xinglang.

"Deliberately tricking you? Is there? "

Xing Ba feigned an innocent snort, and then pretended to be a good guy to remind him:

"Lin Xueluo, this is the second time you have come in and met Feng Xinglang … My foster father said that I would give Feng Xinglang a good beating every time you come in and see him … "

"But seeing that you care about Feng Xinglang, let's skip this beating!"

Xing Ba still gave Xueluo face. After all, Xueluo had once saved his life in good faith.

When he was at the age of fifteen to one, in order to give him a name, when Hetun read from '1' to '8', the little guy began to '88' non-stop. Xing Ba thought that he would die, but Lin Xueluo kindly chose '15' for his son Linnuo.

Therefore, Xing Ba had always been very grateful to Lin Xueluo.

But this did not stop him from violently beating Feng Xinglang to vent his anger! Of course, this beating had not even started when Lin Xueluo barged in, so it was not convenient for Xing Ba to beat up the man she loved right in front of Lin Xueluo!

Xueluo was sensible.

She knew that the more her family stayed here, the worse it would be for Feng Xinglang. Thus, she stared at Xing Ba angrily, turned, and left without looking back.

Not giving Xing Ba the chance and excuse to go and beat Feng Xinglang up again!

Just as Xing Ba watched Lin Xueluo leave, Feng Xinglang's clear laughter came out from the iron fence.

Was he stunned by the electric shock?

Xing Ba didn't really understand why Feng Xinglang was smiling so happily. He might have slept with a lot of women, but he had never felt the slightest hint of love between men and women.

Therefore, he did not understand why Feng Xinglang was laughing, and that was entirely normal!

And the reason why Feng Xinglang said that was because he was a little closer to his goal.

They had to thank Xing Ba for fulfilling his' stratagem of suffering '.

Because just now, Feng Xinglang had read from the woman's words and actions that she felt sorry for him!

He didn't suffer this blow for nothing …

Isn't it?


Xueluo endured past the morning and then the afternoon.

Her heart had long been preoccupied with the masochistic man in the basement.

The man did not have breakfast, nor did he have lunch. This was not the most crucial point.

The most important thing was: Xueluo did not know how the man was injured. At that time, it was too dark in the basement, so Xueluo did not manage to see Feng Xinglang's injuries.

But the thick smell of his flesh being roasted, Xueluo could truly smell it!

A living person was pushed back several steps by the powerful electric current and slammed heavily into the wall. His hand was burnt to a crisp. How painful would that be?

Xueluo's heart seemed to be unable to calm down. But she didn't dare to rashly bring it up to see Feng Xinglang in the basement.

He could only helplessly wait for the time to come to an end!

Xueluo tried to persuade herself again and again: She no longer had anything to do with that man Feng Xinglang! Whether he was dead or alive, she didn't need to worry about him! What she needed to do was distance herself from him …

But for a couple, it was a hundred days worth of kindness!

Alright, he had cheated again!

Xueluo was still free to enter and leave the Shallow Water Bay, but she didn't go out for the better part of the day. It was as if as long as she could occasionally catch a glimpse of the elusive Xing Ba, she would be able to calm her heart down. At least Xing Ba did not go to the basement to cause trouble for Feng Xinglang anymore!

It was only when night fell and Xueluo heard his son Linnuo's loud voice, that he finally let out a sigh of relief, as if he was waiting for reinforcements.

Hetun's injuries healed, and he played with Little Fifteen for half a day. The slightly tired him was escorted by Xing Shi'er to Mu Yu to change.

"Eighth Brother Xing, is bastard Feng Xinglang still around?"

Little Jun had always pretended to be powerful. Relying on his favor from the Hetun, he shouted at Xing Ba.

"You better watch out for that bastard Feng Xinglang!"

In front of the hustling and bustling Little Fifteen, the Hetun s had always been 'gentle'.

You still have to look at the owner to hit the dog, don't you? No one wanted to 'offend' Little Fifteen and cause trouble for the foster father Hetun.

"I won't allow you to call Feng Xinglang a bastard!"

"Bastard can only be scolded by me!"

"Of course you can! When this son of his scolded his father, that was even more impressive and intimidating! "

Xing Ba was purely deceiving and instigating. He was the same as the Hetun, he was really looking forward to seeing Little Fifteen point the bow and crossbow towards Feng Xinglang's head or heart!

"Bring me to see Feng Xinglang! Let's see if he's dead or not! "

Maybe it was clearly's biological father, but the little guy didn't seem to want to show it in front of Xing Ba.

Perhaps in the eyes of the little guy: a child abandoned by his own father, and that bastard who cares so much about his own father, it was such a disgrace!

They would be mocked and looked down upon by this Xing Ba fellow!

"Are you sure you want to go in and see your father?" Xing Ba raised his eyebrows and asked.

"What, you want to stop me? Or should I ask my foster father to personally bring me in? "

This little fellow just likes to use the 'foster father Hetun' to suppress his other older sworn brothers. On this point, Xing Si and Xing Wu had indeed suffered a lot from the little fellow.

"There's no need for that! I'll open the door for the fifteenth brother. "

A wise man knows when to stop, Xing Ba immediately replied. Furthermore, the foster father Hetun did not order for Lin Xueluo and his mother to not enter the basement to visit Feng Xinglang.


Xueluo called out to his son, Linnuo, who was walking towards the basement, to stop him. Because she could feel that Xing Ba's words were implying something.

Could it be that if his son Linnuo went down to the basement to see Feng Xinglang, Feng Xinglang would get beaten up again?

"Look at your body covered in perspiration... Mommy will take you to wash first. "

Xueluo picked up his son who was perspiring profusely and headed back to his own room.

Xing Ba who had been left disappointed: A good opportunity, and they just missed it like that?

Pausing slightly, Xing Ba turned and headed towards the main bedroom of the foster father Hetun. The first reason was to ask for instructions, and the second reason was to report.


In the bathtub, the little guy went back and forth in the water, spitting bubbles.

fished it out of the water to wash it clean.

"Dear Mommy, do you not want your own son to go see that bastard? If you're not happy, then I won't go! "

"Of course! But later! Remember Mommy's words: After seeing your bastard daddy, you pester Eight! We'll sleep with him tonight, okay? "

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