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Chapter 611: Are you satisfied with what you see?

"Then search!"

The Hetun let out a self-deprecating sigh, "Anyway, how could a commoner like us shake the dignity of a high and mighty yamen? If he were to disobey … I probably can't even keep my life! "

These words were …

He seemed to be trying to push Old Chu.

In other words, if he was unable to find any clues regarding Feng Xinglang, Old Chu might not be able to handle it this time.

However, since they had come and showed their search warrant, Old Chu had no choice but to go on with the search.

Since Feng Xinglang was his benefactor, even if Old Chu wanted to use his power to take advantage of him, he had to save the living Feng Xinglang.

"Then I'll be offending you."

Just as Old Chu finished speaking, the two squads of special police soldiers had made a detour around the living room of the villa.

Hetun narrowed his eyes. He seemed to be forcefully pretending to be calm;

Xueluo hastily ran down from the stairs. She had searched through almost all of the villa's rooms, but she couldn't find any trace of her son Linnuo.

And there was only Hetun and Xing Shi'er in the living room, but Xing Ba was not there … The little guy should have been taken away somewhere by Xing Ba.

Although Xueluo was seventy to eighty percent confident that the Hetun wouldn't hurt his fifteen foster son, he still couldn't be completely at ease.

Hetun was an unpredictable person.

"The basement... That basement! "

Xueluo didn't even dare to go face to face with Hetun, who was sitting on the sofa stably. But since things had reached this stage, Xueluo could only continue his' betrayal '.

Not only did Xueluo know that this villa had a basement; Wei Kang also knew. Mixed in with the SWAT team, he had reached the hidden door that led to the basement.

It was as if the door had fused with the surrounding walls, making it impossible to see what door was inside.

Relying on his memories, Xueluo stopped at a place that should have a door, and used his hands to pat it, signalling to Old Chu that this was the entrance to the basement.

Meanwhile, Hetun still slightly squinted, as if he was not concerned about what was happening around him. Leng Ning had an indifferent expression on her face.

"Mr. Xing, this door to the basement … Please open it conveniently. "

Old Chu 'asked for permission' from the Hetun, trying his best to avoid barbaric law enforcement that might be prosecuted.

"Twelve, if they want to see the beast, open the door for them." Hetun's melodious voice.

"Alright, foster father."

Xing Shi'er slowly walked over, and as he walked, he fumbled around in his pocket for something that looked like a key.

"This beast is too savage and violent, you guys have to be careful."

Xing Shi'er reminded Old Chu and the others with good intentions as he fished in his pocket for a long time.

Chocolate bean boxes, mucus wipes and hand wipes were almost all daily necessities of the fifteenth generation.

It had to be said that other than Lin Xueluo's own mother, Xing Shi'er was the only one Xing Shi'er took care of the little guy's daily life.

The words' beast 'made Old Chu think of Feng Xinglang.

"Oh, sorry! The key in the basement. I lost it. "

Xing Shi'er grumbled for a long time before he finally asked for a beating.

Not waiting for Old Chu and the others to explode, Xing Shi'er said in an extremely good mood, "How about you guys come tomorrow … Or did you smash the door yourself? "

"Smash the door!"

Old Chu did not want to wait any longer. It was as if he had vaguely realized that the Hetun was playing a strategy to slow down their fighting.

The life detector detected signs of life in the basement, which confirmed Old Chu's decision to smash the door. He could not care about whether or not the enforcement of the law was recorded by the Hetun.

Lian Xueluo was sure that the 'animal' that and Hetun were talking about was actually Feng Xinglang.

However, when the door to the basement was smashed open, under the illumination of the light gathering tube, everyone was dumbfounded.

There really was an animal inside the iron bars. A muscular black Tibetan mastiff. He was shouting at the special forces officers.

It was unknown who had touched the iron bars, but they had been opened with a 'kacha' sound. The black mastiff that weighed more than a hundred kilograms immediately charged forward, roaring.

In order to defend themselves and also for the safety of Old Chu and Lin Xueluo, the witnesses, the special police could only kill the ferocious Tibetan mastiff that rushed out of the iron fences.

"Impossible …" Impossible! Inside this iron fence … It was obviously Feng Xinglang! I've seen Feng Xinglang before, my son Linnuo has seen him too! How did it become a Tibetan mastiff? "

Xueluo snapped out of his state of panic, only to be thrown into a state of confusion and anxiety.

Old Chu trusted Lin Xueluo. Because Lin Xueluo was not only Feng Xinglang's wife, but also the biological mother of his son.

"I'm afraid you've gone crazy thinking about Feng Xinglang yourself? But to think that she saw a dog as Feng Xinglang … How pathetic! "

Xing Shi'er's voice sounded, full of sarcasm.

Old Chu believed that Lin Xueluo was not crazy. and believed that the person Lin Xueluo was looking at was Feng Xinglang.

But now, Feng Xinglang had become a mastiff? Furthermore, it was a dead Tibetan mastiff that they had killed with a single shot.

Old Chu exhaled deeply and ordered coldly, "Forensic doctor, look for clues!"

As long as Feng Xinglang had been to this basement before, he would definitely leave behind a clue. Furthermore, Lin Xueluo said that Feng Xinglang was already injured and had vomited blood, so he should be able to find traces of Feng Xinglang.

However, in the air, other than the smell of gunpowder and the stench of the mastiff, there was also the smell of disinfectant that had yet to dissipate.

Did he come late? Feng Xinglang's body was destroyed by the Hetun?

"Why, raising a Tibetan mastiff in the basement. Isn't it against the law? I have already reminded you that this thing is in danger, yet you still smash open the door, and actually killed it? "

Xing Shi'er spoke with an overbearing tone, "This mastiff cost my foster father a lot of silver."

"Seal all entrances and exits! Give me a little search! Do not let a place with signs of life go! "

Old Chu did not argue with Xing Shi'er quickly. His only hope was that Feng Xinglang would still be alive!

Xueluo suddenly realised: in front of the crafty Hetun, his actions were way too laughable and tragic.

Thinking about it now, Hetun had said that it's a pity that you don't want to see everything that might happen. You will definitely regret it, and you will feel so much pain that you won't want to live!

At this moment, Xueluo was already regretting his decision. She regretted putting her child in danger once again in order to save that man, and hadn't even gotten the chance to see her son Linnuo.

Xueluo ran out of the basement and walked straight in front of Hetun.

Hetun squinted his eyes, glanced at Lin Xueluo indifferently and laughed coldly.

"To what you see. Are you satisfied? "

With a plop, Xueluo directly knelt in front of Hetun …

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