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Chapter 233:'s flesh and blood

Nanny An was a woman, other than Principal Chi, who could make Xueluo feel a deep maternal love.

The only difference was that Dean Chi's love was fraternity. She cared and protected all the children in the orphanage. A mass mother.

The care and concern of the Nanny An, on the other hand, were even more detailed and could be touched, extending to every single detail of their lives.

"Madam, it's good that you're back. It's good that you're back!"

Nanny An patted Xueluo's back, his voice choked with emotions, "Madam, everything will be fine. You'll be fine, even Second Young Master will be fine! "

"Nanny An, thank you!"

Xueluo still muttered his thanks. Other than the Nanny An protecting Feng Xinglang, he was extremely good to her.

"Madam, that Miss Blue is here too. You have to be careful of her everywhere, and do your best to let her go. After all, First Young Master still needs her. "

Before entering the hall, Nanny An spoke to Xueluo in a low voice. This was also one of the ways to protect Xueluo.

Xueluo nodded. She had already seen Lan Youyou's evil scheme before. After returning to the Feng Family, Xueluo had to be mentally prepared.

Even if it wasn't for her own sake, she still had to think about the little girl in her stomach.

Only the little thing in her stomach was something that she, Lin Xueluo, truly had independently in this world! It belonged to her, Lin Xueluo alone!

Divine and pure new life!

Entering the living room, Xueluo saw Lan Youyou reclining on the Imperial Consort's chair. She was extremely beautiful.

One couldn't help but think of the thousand-year fox demon in the chatroom. It was just that the demon in the Imperial Consort's chair had an even more fashionable aura.

"Yo, Madame Feng is back?"

Lan Youyou scoffed, "Lin Xueluo, don't worry, I will never fight with you for the title of Feng Family's Young Mistress! You must not care about my existence! Just take me as an outsider! "

"Outsider, how could this be? I already treated you as Second Madame Feng, my sister-in-law. "

Along the way, Xueluo kept reminding himself: You better not talk too fast with Lan Youyou. But at this moment, Xueluo could not help but reply her.

Lan Youyou laughed charmingly, as if she really liked the name 'Second Madame Feng'.

To be honest, when Xueluo called her 'Second Madame Feng', her heart was actually in pain. But in order to curry favor with Lan Youyou, in order to protect herself and the safety of her obedient child, she had no choice but to curry favor with Lan Youyou!

Lan Youyou was the woman Feng Lixin loved, and she was also the love that Feng Xinglang had once loved, or still loved. Her status in the Feng Family was extremely important.

That would be like her, Lin Xueluo, speaking softly and stepping into the dust. If one wanted to live a good life in the Feng Family, then it was obviously necessary to curry favor with Lan Youyou.

"Eldest Young Madam's mouth is so sweet! Alright, you's the mistress of Feng Family, why do you sound like you're trying to please me?! "

The Queen of Lan Youyou was extremely like this. So what if she, Lin Xueluo, was Feng Family's Eldest Young Mistress? Aren't you still going to bow down to her and obey her every word?

Lan Youyou had gone to school to find Lin Xueluo, but Feng Xinglang didn't know anything.

Because Cong Gang did not report Lan Youyou's whereabouts to Feng Xinglang.

As for the reason, it was unknown.

Perhaps, Cong Gang felt that his actions on this trip did not cause Feng Xinglang any direct or covert harm.

In truth, up to this day, Feng Xinglang still had not been able to completely control Cong Gang, this boring person.

Loyalty might be loyalty, but Cong Gang would also have his own recognition of events.

This was also one of the reasons why Feng Xinglang would not use Cong Gang unless he had no other choice.

But what made Feng Xinglang curious was that Cong Gang, who was rather stubborn, actually accepted the task of following and supervising a weak woman like Lan Youyou.

When giving Cong Gang this order, Feng Xinglang had even considered whether Cong Gang would be too manly, and wouldn't accept this kind of task of monitoring a weak woman.

And the facts proved that Feng Xinglang was overthinking things. Not only did Cong Gang accept it, he even completed it.

Only, Cong Gang did not tell Feng Xinglang: Lan Youyou had gone to Lin Xueluo's school.

Maybe he felt that the battle between the two women was purely a gossip, and had nothing to do with Feng Xinglang's safety at all.

This caused Feng Xinglang to be immediately enraged when he saw Lin Xueluo in the living room of the Feng Family.

When Feng Xinglang pushed the Feng Lixin who was sitting on the wheelchair into the living room, not only was Lan Youyou waiting for him in the living room, there was also Xueluo who was eating a potato pancake.

"Lin Xueluo? If you weren't staying in the school properly, what were you doing in the Feng Family? " Feng Xinglang asked in a stern voice.

He had expected this man to insult him. When he had last returned to the Feng Family, Xueluo had already experienced the abomination of not giving the slightest of face to Feng Xinglang. What 200 million in gift money, what sleep capital, and even more unpleasant words, she, Xueluo, had already heard them all!

So this time, Xueluo decided to speak first!

"Why can't I come to Feng Family? Don't forget, I still have the title of Madame Feng! It's all right, it's legal! "

This line was what Feng Xinglang had once scolded her about. Xueluo replied and threw it back to her.

"Also, I am Feng Xinglang's sister-in-law! Please respect me! Otherwise, if I feel uncomfortable, I'll let your brother kick you out of Feng Family! "

Xueluo almost bellowed out. Not only was Feng Lixin, who was on the wheelchair, stunned, but even Feng Xinglang was frowning.

When did this idiot woman become so spicy?

And he actually threatened to get thrown out by his big brother Feng Lixin? Did she have such a big face?

Did she not know that it was for her own good that she was not allowed to return to the Feng Family? She could become Lan Youyou's tigress's food at any time.

Feng Lixin was surprised that Xueluo, who was a virtuous and virtuous person, could also have a shrewd side to him. What made him even more conflicted was that Xueluo had called him Feng Xinglang's sister-in-law. What would Youyou think when he heard it?

Feng Lixin instinctively looked towards Lan Youyou, but realised that Lan Youyou did not display any shock, or perhaps he did not understand, but was actually smiling and watching the battle unfold.

When he thought about the agreement he had with his younger brother Feng Xinglang this morning, Feng Lixin wanted to explain it to him, but he hesitated.

Alright, all of this was the aftermath of his rash promise to Feng Xinglang to use his name, Feng Lixin, to get married!

"Xueluo, you misunderstand. Actually, between you and me … "Hai."

At this moment, Feng Lixin felt that it was impossible for him to not explain, and even more impossible to explain!

In the selfish realm of love, for the sake of his beloved woman, Feng Lixin tacitly acknowledged that Feng Xinglang had continued to wrongly accuse him.

That was why, in Feng Family's plan for revenge, Xueluo was the complete sacrifice!

Perhaps Feng Xinglang never thought that: It was not only his wife Lin Xueluo, but also his wife's obedient child. His flesh and blood, had also become the victims in this battle.

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