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With a roar, scales of a Taotie appeared on Long Fei's face one after another.

The fist covered the beast's scales.

He clenched his fist.

Long Fei's tensed up body suddenly shot out.

A fist flew towards Grand Court's face.

"Hualala …"

The void shattered.

A black hole appeared under his fist and Grand Court reacted quickly. His sword moved and directly shot towards Long Fei's fist and with a light tap on his body, he quickly retreated.

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The longsword shattered into powder.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister.


A black mist appeared behind him and he charged forward, punching out with his fist.

Grand Court did not dare to touch Long Fei's fist, and his body retreated again.

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Long Fei chased again.

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The two's figures kept changing, so it was impossible to see them clearly.

When the Grand Court retreated, Long Fei gave chase.

Long Fei's cultivation was only at the first stage of the Profound King Stage, but Grand Court's cultivation was actually at the Peak Realm.

Even with the body of taoti's strength and speed, one's realm was always everything.

No matter how strong the support was, it wasn't as important as the level.

This was also the reason why Long Fei was so close to catching up to the Grand Court.


"You think you can kill me?"

"You can't even catch up to me, what are you going to use to kill me?" As long as they didn't come into contact with Long Fei's body, as long as they didn't fight head on with him, he would be in an invincible position.


If this continued, Long Fei would definitely be exhausted to death.

Even if he didn't die from exhaustion, his profound strength would be completely used up, and he would still be the one to win!


Suddenly, Long Fei stopped.

The two of them stood in mid-air.

The Grand Court disdainfully said: "lame duck, why aren't you chasing after me?"

Long Fei said: "You're right, I can't catch up to you!"

Grand Court laughed: "You have self-awareness now?"

Long Fei said: "The reason why I can't catch up to you is because your realm is higher than mine."

Grand Court said: "You sure are enlightened."

Long Fei said: "So … I'll go and level up first! "


"What the heck is this?" Grand Court did not understand the meaning of "level up", but suddenly, he saw that Long Fei's gaze was fixated on a pavilion master, his expression darkened, and immediately shouted out, "Pavilion Master Wang, disperse!"


Too late!

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Long Fei dove down, falling like a meteor.

His speed could not catch up to the Grand Court at the peak of the Profound King Realm, but the speed of the other pavilion masters was inferior to his.


With an explosive sound, Long Fei grabbed Pavilion Master Wang's arms with both of his hands.

Pavilion Master Wang's eyes darkened as he stared at Long Fei with fear in his eyes. He did not even have time to react.

And at this moment.

The small whirlpool within Long Fei's Pubes started to spin, frantically absorbing the energy.

In just a few seconds.

Pavilion Master Wang weakly kneeled in front of Long Fei, as Long Fei smashed his palm down!


"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Pavilion Master Wang'.



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Currently, you are at the third stage of the Profound King Stage!"

Killing and leveling up!

As long as he could hunt someone higher than him, he would immediately be able to obtain the other party's cultivation. This was the most abnormal game system!

"Third level of the Profound King Stage!"

Long Fei slightly raised his eyes, a smile hung on his lips, like a god of death, "Still not enough!"

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His body moved, once again turning into a ball of black mist, and landed in front of another pavilion master. He smiled sinisterly and said, "Die!"



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing …"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up, currently at the fourth stage of the Profound King Stage."


… ….

He was just like a crazy madman.

Long Fei did not stop at all.

High level?

If I wait a few minutes, your level will become mine.

From the original first stage of the Profound King Stage, in just two short minutes, Long Fei's cultivation had already reached the sixth stage of the Profound King Stage!

The difference in power had been directly narrowed from the eighth rank to the third rank!

This speed … It was no longer fast. It was like flying.

Long Fei had never experienced this kind of levelling speed before, it was extremely satisfying. "This killin and upgrading system is simply tailor made for me."

"I have to say, the system's creator is a bit of a brainer."

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei was excited.

He had never liked the system as much as he liked it now.

In the past, things like Striking System, Primordial System, and more or less systems all dropped very powerful items, but... It's not even comparable to this system.

In the past, leveling up had required a huge accumulation of Experience Points, and levelling up required more than a billion experience, or even several billion experience. It was simply too difficult.

How could he be unhappy?

From the beginning, Long Fei killed people beyond his cultivation level, but at most he only dropped some things.


It didn't matter if he didn't drop anything. What he wanted was a level!

He could refine and create holy artifact himself.

Divine pills were the same.

As long as he didn't have the trouble of 'levelling', none of this was a big problem.


As long as he killed the emperor Xuan, he would be able to obtain the cultivation of the latter, and the entire god's tribe would be trampled under his feet.

In the past, he had to deal with the entire god's tribe.

Right now, he only needed to deal with emperor Xuan, and take care of him, that would be equivalent to taking care of the entire god's tribe.

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The last old pavilion master fell.

Long Fei levelled up once again.

Seventh level of the Profound King Stage!

There was only a difference of two levels between his and the Grand Court's rank.

Level 2 was no longer a problem for Long Fei who had a body of taoti!


Not only his Level Increase, Long Fei's Pubes had also started to turn into a blazing flame.

It was just like the Anger Value filled up during a game.

It had reached a point where it could be released!

Long Fei's footsteps moved, he floated in midair, stared at the Grand Court and said solemnly: "You're the only one left!"

Grand Court's body trembled slightly. "You, this, this is the super treasure you obtained?"

In such a short period of time, he had directly broken through to the seventh stage of the Profound King Stage!

This was even more mythical than the myth.

Long Fei smirked and said: "That's right, do you want it?"

Grand Court's eyes turned sinister as his body slightly shrank.

And then …

His body suddenly shot backward.

Right now, his cultivation had no advantages, if he did not run, he would only be killed by Long Fei.

Furthermore, the big discus was out of control. He could no longer control it.

There was only one choice. Flee!

"He's still running?"

Long Fei's eyes turned cold and he sneered, "Do you think you can escape now?"

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The black mist flashed.

Long Fei instantly appeared in front of Grand Court and laughed sinisterly: "I just said that I will level up first, now that I have levelled up, will you still be able to escape?"

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei punched towards the Grand Court.

Grand Court's eyes darkened, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"The power of a peak Profound King exploded out crazily. "Buzz!"

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