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I didn't waste so much time talking to you, so I just shouted, "Eat him!"

The holy sea sect Elder, who was pressed down by the Fire Unicorn, was trembling. The blazing aura forced him to not even dare to breathe loudly, and he could no longer act arrogantly.

He looked towards holy sea sect Lord who was not far away and trembled as he said, "Sect Master, sect, sect master."

shen batu suddenly shouted, "Impudent!"

He suddenly sat up and slapped the stone chair with one hand. The stone chair shattered into dust.

And following this voice, all of the domineering aura on shen batu's body spread outwards, as the aura of the Overlord Realm directly blasted into the Fire Unicorn.


The pressure was like thunder as it rolled out.

He heavily grinded towards the Fire Unicorn, "Bastard, hurry up and get out of my way!"

The corner of Long Fei's mouth rose, not at all worried.

What is a Fire Unicorn?

divine beast!


This Fire Unicorn was not an ordinary Fire Unicorn, but a divine might Fire Unicorn. He absorbed the divine might left behind from the many gods, how could a mere Overlord Realm's pressure crush him?

It did not exist!

The instant the might released by shen batu approached the Fire Unicorn, it was directly burnt to ashes by the blazing divine might flames on the Fire Unicorn's body.

The Fire Unicorn was even angrier, "Roar!"

He opened his bloody mouth and directly bit down on that elder's head.

"Hualala …"

Blood spurted out.

"Kacha, kacha!" The Fire Unicorn chewed like it was chewing on a crispy chicken, but … Blood kept dripping from the gaps between his sharp teeth.

The half of the elder's body twitched a few times before he slowly slid down from the chair.

"Hahaha …"

"What a ferocious beast."

Zhou Yuan suddenly laughed out loud, staring at the Fire Unicorn with excitement.

The Fire Unicorn glared at Zhou Yuan.

With a shift of his divine might, in that instant, the Fire Unicorn withdrew its gaze. Its body wiggled and directly returned to Long Fei's side as it muttered to itself, "That person is so terrifying."

Just by looking at the Fire Unicorn, he could feel it.

It could be seen that Zhou Yuan was very different.

Long Fei thought: "No matter how terrifying, I have to die today!"

shen batu watched as his own elder was killed just like that, and his anger soared to the skies. The aura on his body exploded forth like a burning flame, and he said solemnly: "Kid, you are too presumptuous."




While he was speaking, a series of explosions could be heard and the space seemed to have split apart as countless of attacks flew towards Long Fei and the Overlord Realm.

It was even more ferocious than before.

shen batu's strongest pressure.

The waves surged towards them.

Long Fei stood in place without moving an inch!

shen batu's cultivation was unfathomable. In the western regions, he could be considered the pinnacle of all powerhouse.

Not to mention the god's holy state, even an early stage Overlord powerhouse would be crushed to the ground and kneel before him.

However …

Long Fei was not afraid in the slightest as he remained calm.

He didn't need to block at all.

This was because this sort of pressure was completely unable to do anything to him.


In the eyes of outsiders, it was different.

"Isn't this kid too arrogant?" To remain motionless in the face of the overbearing pressure. Was he scared silly? It can't be that he wants to block the Overlord Blast because of his god's holy state, right? "

"I think he must be scared silly."

"Who dares to provoke such an arrogant person, who in holy sea sect dares to?"

"He'll be kneeling on the ground soon."

"Just you wait, fatry sect is dead, he wants to carry the flag? Humph! This is simply overestimating oneself! "

… ….

Just as the crowd was laughing mockingly, the pressure from the battle had already subsided.

At this moment.


A streak of devil flames rushed out, directly blocking shen batu's might and then rolled over, "Boom!"

A loud explosion resounded.

shen batu's coercion shattered.

Standing beside Long Fei was a single person: Devil Sect's Sect Leader, brute devil of western regions!

shen batu's eyes tensed up, his fists could not help but secretly clench, and asked: "Demon Lord, what are you trying to do?"

The brute devil of western regions smiled faintly, and said: "I don't want to do anything, but seeing that your holy sea sect isn't in a good mood, is that not okay?"


shen batu glared as he glared at brute devil of western regions.

He knew.

If brute devil of western regions were to make a move, then he wouldn't be able to do anything to Long Fei!

Zhou Yuan could not help but sneer, "So this was what colluding with the Devil Sect is. Long Fei, is this what you rely on?"

"Collude with the Magic Tribe?"

"Long Fei, how dare you."

"You have completely disgraced fatry sect."

"Long Fei, you are such a trash?"


"Everyone has to be killed!"

… ….

It was not a small matter to collude with the Magic Tribe.


In front of so many people, in front of so many sects.

If the Demon Lord protected him, that would mean everything.

Suddenly, Long Fei became even more of a target of public criticism, causing all the people from the various big sects present to snort in contempt.

brute devil of western regions looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei's expression made him somewhat astonished.

Under normal circumstances, any sect would immediately remove their relationship with the Magic Tribe, but Long Fei did not do so. Instead, he had an expression of enjoyment of his own.

brute devil of western regions did not understand, "What is he trying to do?"

Long Fei swept his gaze across them, smiled lightly, and said: "You've said enough?"

Everyone was quiet as they stared at Long Fei.

shen batu was still fuming. If he could unite with other sects to deal with the Demon Lord, then the brute devil of western regions would definitely not be his match. With a heavy voice, he said, "Is there anything else you want to say?"

Long Fei said in disdain, "Yes, yes, yes, all of you are right."

"I am colluding with the Magic Tribe."

"Can you bite me?"

"F * ck!"

After saying that, he did not forget to give shen batu the middle finger, showing his disdain.

Admit it!

This action had even caused an uproar, and even brute devil of western regions was startled. He said in a low voice: "I admire your courage, but why did you have to do this at this critical juncture?"

Long Fei shrugged his shoulders, and said: "In any case, you guarantee that my fatry sect will be able to enter the top four, what do I need to be afraid of, even if I have to become the enemy of the entire western regions, don't there still be you?"

brute devil of western regions could not help but laugh bitterly as a series of black lines hung on his forehead.

He couldn't say a word.

brute devil of western regions was a little regretful.

Long Fei was too arrogant, was this kind of person suitable for an alliance?

Could the Magic Tribe have been harmed by him?

He felt that he had fallen into Long Fei's trap.

The surroundings became even more noisy.

"Long Fei, you deceived your master. If the ancestors of fatry sect hear your words, they would jump out from their graves."

"How dare you, openly ally yourself with the Magic Tribe."

"What's the point of saying so much? "We'll attack him together and put him on the spot."


… ….

Long Fei stood at the same place, and laughed: "Come bite me, bite me if you dare."

Soon after, Long Fei said in a low voice: "Demon Lord, bring a young man with you. You have to protect me later, okay?"

brute devil of western regions had the urge to die.

Just when everyone was about to explode.

Suddenly, a sound was heard.

"destiny sect has arrived!"

Sect Master Hu Tianhe moved, holding onto a person.

destiny son of god! The moment he appeared, the entire venue immediately quietened down, even Zhou Yuan's mind had sunk, "What a strong aura!"

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