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Chapter 731: Strong oppression!

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Tian City.

Because of the Tian family’s wedding, too much attention was focused here.

In another distant city, some people who were paying attention to that remote town, “Su Hao and his group are getting ready to go to Tian City.”

“Milord, should we give him some help?” A person respectfully expressed his opinion to an old man.

“No need.” That old man just casually glanced for a second, but it was as if he had seen through everything, “He still needs to walk his own path. If he dies here, then there is no value in him.”

“Understood!” That man respectfully replied.

Outside the little town, Su Hao and the others just stepped out.

“Hold on!” Li Tiantian halted his steps.


Endless radiance appeared!

The shadow behind Li Tiantian flashed, revealing a dense aura just like in the past. Closing his eyes, he quickly opened them with a glistening look.

“This is the fastest route, but the Tian family will definitely set up ambushes along the route. This journey will definitely not be a peaceful one.” Li Tiantian calmly said.

Even without overusing his talent, he could see the warning signs.

“There are already three espers with absolute domains that died. How many more could the Tian family send?” Zhou Wang calmly expressed his opinion, “They still need to maintain security for the wedding.”

“Who cares how many there are?” Li Xin punched on the air, “We kill as many as there are!”

“The problem isn’t the route.” Chen Yiran said, “If we waste too much energy along the journey, then we won’t be able to save Xiao Die even if we arrive in Tian City.”

The crowd went silent.

Isn’t the situation they’re in like this? That was what worried them the most!

A war of attrition!

This is the Tian family’s base. Forget about them; even a world esper would lose if they resort to a war of attrition!

“Let me think for a bit.” Su Hao pondered for a moment before decisively saying, “You all don’t have to take action! Just leave everything to me!”


The group looked at him in amazement.

“Boss, what’re you saying?” Li Xin wasn’t looking happy, “Why do we have to be afraid of fighting them?”

“Yes, if you are to act alone, the consumption would be even larger.” Zhou Wang seconded.

“If everyone is to act together, we can minimize the consumption.” Chen Yiran said.

“No need.” Su Hao smiled, “Your energy is limited. As for me? Hehe, have you all forgotten how much energy I have? If they are trying to waste my energy, then that would be a huge mistake!”


The gang trembled.

They remembered with Su Hao’s reminder.

How much energy does Su Hao have exactly?! They remembered, during the college entrance exam, Su Hao’s energy far exceeded other people. In fact, it was no less than ten times!

What about now?

“Rest assured. I won’t disappoint them.” Su Hao grinned, giving the others a strange feeling. For the Tian family to resort to reducing their energy, that’s the wrong approach.

However, no matter how much energy one has, consumption is unavoidable! Su Hao’s energy, could it really support him to the end? After all, their final objective is to break into Tian City.

“Let’s go.” Su Hao didn’t answer and resumed their journey.

He wanted to use his own strength to fight against everyone he encounters on this bloody route! Li Tiantian and the others were caught in a difficult spot. Glancing at each other, they hurried to keep up.

Success or failure, it would all depend on this.

If they lose here, there is no longer any need to continue forward. Even if they managed to rush over there, they would still lose if they exhaust too much of their energy! There is only one path to victory! Perfectly pass through this route without losing much energy and rush into Tian City.

Only then would there be a chance for victory.

“It’s coming…” Su Hao’s voice suddenly became low. His eyes were looking into the distance, “Three level one and three level two domain espers. The Tian family is looking down on us too much.”

Everyone had the same thought too.

Obviously, these students had forgotten that on the surface, they are merely peak professional espers! No matter how strong they are, the Tian family would have to test the water first.


Light and shadows flickered.

Six domain espers appeared, stopping in front of Su Hao and the others.

“You’re Su Hao?” One man on the opposite side asked a nonsensical question. Then, he had a quick glance at a screen. After confirming his target, he smiled, “Just a few peak professional espers, kill them!”


The other domain espers made their move.

As mentioned earlier, just mere peak professional espers. For them, it’s only a matter of minutes to kill them all. However, at this time, Su Hao took a huge leap, standing in front of everyone!

“You guys are so ignorant…” Su Hao sighed.


His opponents were startled.

“Hehe, you guys still don’t realize your roles as the Tian family’s cannon fodder. You guys really think that you can stop us with just these few men?” Su Hao’s eyes revealed a mocking look. Taking this opportunity, he took another step forward, blocking their path, “Your opponent is me.”


They were all stunned.

Looking at Su Hao standing in front of the others, they felt this situation was a bit absurd.


Their mission is to intercept or kill Su Hao and the others. Why did they have this feeling that it was Su Hao intercepting them?

Had they been tricked?

What was even more shocking to them was Su Hao just stood in front of them like a towering mountain. No matter the strength of their aura as domain espers, he wasn’t affected in the slightest.

It was as if Su Hao is the strongest one here!

“Something is wrong.”

“Be careful!”

“He’s not a peak professional esper!”

They became more vigilant. Seems that the rumor of him breaking through into the domain realm was true. They’re also domain espers and had some understanding regarding those coming from Tian Long Court. Each student from that place is abnormal.

If this is the case…


“We have six espers on our side. How could that not be enough to defeat him?”


The six of them began their offense. Countless origin techniques were directed at Su Hao. Since Su Hao decided to fight against the six by himself, they naturally wouldn’t dismiss such a great chance. The terrifying aura eruption coming from the six of them didn’t seem to have any impact against Su Hao.


A light flickered, and Xinghe Sword appeared.

Holding Xinghe Sword, Su Hao was extremely calm. Looking at those men charging at him, the origin technique which had not shown for some time suddenly emerged, “Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!”


A terrifying dreamland appeared!

Everyone had a change in their expression. This included Li Tiantian and the others! The moment when this dreamland appeared, everyone was forcibly brought into it!

In an instant, a crescent moon slashed through them.


Everything returned to normal.

In front of Su Hao, each man who was rushing at him stood still, unable to move. They just stared in disbelief.

A breeze blew.


Six men fell to the ground, turning into corpses!

Li Xin and the others had their jaws drop. One move, one origin technique! Three level one and three level two domain espers died like that?

Exactly how strong is he?!

At first, they thought that since they’re all peak professional esper, the gap wouldn’t be that huge. Even they had the confidence to deal with an esper with an absolute domain.

However, they never imagined Su Hao’s strength to be this terrifying!

Six domain espers, one origin technique, the consumption seemed to be negligible. For someone like Su Hao who has abundant energy, it’s not anything worth mentioning. Now, they finally understood what Su Hao said from the start. If the Tian family wishes to waste his energy, it’s a delusional wish!

Zhou Wang and Li Xin looked at each other and sighed.

They could deal with one domain esper with absolute domain, but they could only be passive facing against such espers. Talking about strength in this department, even one hundred of them couldn’t compare to one Su Hao!

That’s the gap!

Thinking of this, they once again looked at Su Hao.

To be this strong, what had he experienced during this period of time?

“Let’s go.” Su Hao put away Xinghe Sword and went back to his usual expression, “There shouldn’t be much delay.”


Everyone followed behind him.

However, they encountered more enemies not long after. However, the number of enemies increased, and there was a level three domain esper! Obviously, the Tian family was sending people to test his strength in order to see where the bottom is!

Regarding this, Su Hao’s answer was very simple.

“Dark Moon Dream Destroyer!”


Yet another dead body!

Level three domain esper?

One slash!

“Let’s go!” Su Hao indifferently said. This time, he was even too lazy to dismiss Xinghe Sword. Just like that, he charged to the front with strong murderous intent.

Afterward, the Tian family finally noticed that this couldn’t proceed any further! Even if they wanted those men to be cannon fodder, the fact that those men aren’t even qualified as one could no longer be ignored.

One slash to deal with a bunch of domain espers?

How little consumption is that?!

Not to forget, the data clearly written how strong Li Xin and Zhou Wang are. Up till now, they didn’t even have to take action!

“I need to make them fight.”

In the Tian family, a naked man with a bulky upper body looked at the messages being constantly updated indifferently, “These people are coming to create chaos in our Tian family, right?”

“Tell everyone to attack at once!”

“Whichever force manages to kill any of them will be officially recognized as members of the Tian family!”

The underlings were all stunned upon hearing this.

Officially members of the Tian family! What a wonderful benefit this is!


“This underling will inform them now.”

What responded to the reply was an indifferent look from a man. Who is this man? The captain of Tian family’s guard, Zuo Xiaoyou!

He’s extremely strong and led the external forces of the Tian family! Even within the Tian family, he is a famous figure!

“Su Hao…” Zuo Xiaoyou looked coldly.

The Tian family isn’t stupid!

How could they allow their own men to be cannon fodder? Su Hao and his friends are extremely powerful? Then, let them be exhausted to death!

“Are you really sure you didn’t consume much energy?”

“Hehe, 685 professional espers, 66 domain espers, Su Hao… can your energy last until we reach Tian City?”

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