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It had to be said that Long Fei's luck was much better.

The system reward became exceptionally powerful.

It was hard to explain why this feeling was so mysterious. Perhaps it was due to the luck brought about by his current Astral Body, or perhaps it was due to his explosive luck.

However …

No matter how much better his luck got, Long Fei knew that strength was everything.

No matter how lucky he was, it would be a waste to not have the strength.

His heart became even stronger.

However …

Long Fei was troubled. His body was shining brightly, like a star in the night.

A star glittered.

Ninety-nine stars … It was just like a glowing ball. It was exceptionally bright. If he were to leave … He was going to be hunted down as a 'Boss'.

Even a three-year-old child would think he had an infinite number of treasures on him.

"Sigh …"

"He's too handsome, too cool. It's kind of annoying."

Long Fei sighed, and said faintly: "Is there any way to suppress the light that's being emitted from my body? "If I walk out like this, I'm worried that the young girl on the street might scream uncontrollably."

Just then, the ancient devil tree suddenly said: "Master, my sap has hidden properties, maybe it can help you."

"Your sap?"

"You're just a sprout, what do you have …" Long Fei moved, sensing that huge tree in his mind. "Damn, when did you become so thick?"

The ancient devil tree said excitedly: "It was when you were unconscious."

"Not only me, Brother Quan has also recovered to his peak condition." Long Fei moved again, and looked at the gigantic deep pool, and muttered: "The Spring of Life?"

The Spring of Life said, "It's me, Master!"

"I'll go!"

"They're both abnormal?"

At first, Long Fei did not notice their transformations. It had only been a few minutes, and becoming like this was indeed a little terrifying. He muttered: "Is it because of the stars that merged with my body?"

The ancient devil tree and the Spring of Life replied at the same time, "Yes."

"Master, your body is completely different from the bodies of the Universal Realm's people. If you must say what's different, then your body is like a god and they are like ants compared to the bodies of the Universal Realm's people."

Long Fei:...

"The difference between an ant and a god is that great?"

He was in disbelief.

After all.

He only felt that the blood vein's power was different, his body did not feel anything special, so he turned to Long Fei and asked: "Azure Dragon, what about you?"

"Have you changed?"

The Azure Dragon Sacred Ancestral said, "I am different from them. They are attaching themselves to your body. I am within the space inoculation. My personality is different, and I haven't changed at all."

He sounded very envious.

After all.

He had just seen the changes in the ancient devil tree and the Spring of Life and his eyes shone brightly.

Long Fei slightly said: "Damn, then wouldn't you suffer a huge loss?"

"If you attach it to my body, it will transform. Then …" Long Fei's idea could not help but look at the special space beneath the Dragon-Shaped Mark, and he knew that the black and white were inside.

The idea paused for half a second.

Monochrome did not speak.

Long Fei did not ask either.

However …

He was certain of one thing, his body and blood vein were completely different from before, they had undergone drastic changes.

At this time.

Long Fei moved his body and condensed a drop of essence blood, which floated above his palm. Long Fei looked at the Zhenshoulong sword and said: "They all say that my body and blood have undergone a huge change. I want to know how much of it there is."


"Absorb the power in the blood essence and see if there are any special changes." Long Fei clearly knew in his heart that his blood essence was incomparably precious.

He also knew that the blood essence contained a tremendous amount of power.

He let the Dragon Sword inspect him so that he could absorb blood essence and become stronger on purpose.

The Zhenshoulong sword's essence was depleted for a trillion years, and the power he held in his body was extremely little. During this period of time, Long Fei could feel that the Dragon Sword wasn't quite as strong as he used to be.

He longed to become strong.

However …

For a sword, becoming strong was too difficult!

The Zhenshoulong sword did not know of Long Fei's intentions, if it knew, he would not have absorbed them, because every drop of blood essence was Long Fei's energy.

The blood essence landed on the sword blade.

A ray of blood essence flashed, and enveloped the entire Dragon Sword like starlight.

The blood essence slowly entered the sword's body.

In that instant.


With a roar, an extremely intense dragon roar came out of the Zhenshoulong sword.

The entire Immortal Abyss technique manual trembled.

Those who were cultivating in the Boundary were shocked into a state of confusion and immediately woke up.

"What was that sound?"

"Is it a dragon's roar?"

"Really?" I've heard dragon roars before, it's not this kind of sound at all. "

"The dragons that you can see are probably the lowest level of existence. The voice just now was filled with the power of a king, so no demon beast could produce such a sound. Only dragons!"

"Could it be that the Immortal Dragon is hidden in the holy abyss ruins?"

… ….

Everyone began to discuss.

su su's eyes lit up as he stared at Lan Mei.


Lan Mei's eyes also flickered with a sharp light. To them, this dragon roar must have something to do with Long Fei.

There was another person.

Xuanyuan Li Er, her heart subconsciously tightened, "Long Fei!"

They were instantly worried.

He suddenly stood up, wanting to leave Boundary.


Zhou Yuan also instantly stood up and said, "Little Sister Li, the Holy Ruins are very dangerous, you can't go out."

Zhou Yuan was also confused, "The strongest one in the holy abyss ruins is that Heavenly Beast, it's impossible for even dragons to exist, could it be that brat?"


"No matter how strong he is, he can't possibly be a dragon. It's even more impossible for him to emit such a thick dragon roar."

"Who could it be?"

Zhou Yuan's eyes secretly turned sinister.

His mind was somewhat restless, inexplicably agitated.

Xuanyuan Li Er said: "Senior Brother, I want to go out and take a look."

su su and Lan Mei said at the same time, "We will accompany Miss Holy Maiden out to take a look."

Zhou Yuan said without hesitation, "No!"

"I am responsible for your safety."

su su said: "You went out just now, why can't we go out?"

Zhou Yuan glared at him and said, "I am the Young Sect Master, and this is the reason why I can, and why you can't, understand?"

su su was just about to mutter something, but he was stopped by Lan Mei.

Obviously, Zhou Yuan was angry.

Xuanyuan Li Er looked into the distance, her eyes filled with urgency. Her expression when she looked into Zhou Yuan's eyes, made Zhou Yuan's heart feel even more unwell.

His patience was wearing thin!

… ….

At this moment.

On Long Fei's side.

He was now staring at the Dragon Sword with his mouth agape and completely dumbfounded. He muttered: "Damn, this, this, this is the real Dragon Sword!" "Awesome!"

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