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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 41 Part 2

There was more discussion about Xiang Nuan, Lin Chuyan, and Shen Zemu on the forum.

Xiang Nuan couldn’t understand it; whenever people were talking about a girl, they liked to
bring up her private life. As if a girl’s private life, decent or not, had anything to do with how
well she did something else.

For some inexplicable reason, she had become a girl who “relied on Lin Chuyan by spending
money to rank up,” “relied on Shen Zemu to throw the match,” “probably had someone else
play the match for her to win,”......

In the end, the forum was a mess, with everyone arguing with each other. Xiang Nuan was
rather upset after reading all the comments, but also greatly appreciated those who had stood
up for her.

-- --

Lin Chuyan had scared Deng Wenbo off.

He went to the front desk to order some snacks after Deng left-- --He took the chance to get
some fresh air.

After ordering snacks, he also ordered some beer. He then reminded himself that he had to
remember to have the waiter remove that bottle of red wine from their room. The waiter could
give it to whoever wanted to drink it, Xiang Nuan couldn’t drink it anyways since it was from
Deng Wenbo.

When he returned to their room, Min Lili and Dayu were still singing. Zheng Dongkai and
Maomaoqiu were chatting. Lin Chuyan glanced around the room and saw Xiang Nuan sitting
on the couch with both legs closely together like a grade schooler with the cell phone in her
hand. In the dimly lit room, she looked like she was spacing out.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Chuyan asked and sat down next to her. He could tell that she
wasn’t being herself.

“Lin Chuyan……,” Xiang Nuan called him, a tinge of frustration in her voice.

Once he got closer, Xiang Nuan looked particularly upset. He found it rather odd, maybe
Deng Wenbo had done something to her without him noticing it?

“What’s going on?” Lin Chuyan asked.

Xiang Nuan handed the phone to him. The post was still on the phone.

After reading the post, Lin Chuyan was angry too. There were always some people who had
dark minds. They speculate with malicious intent and use guesswork to support their arguments.
They would label a person for no apparent reason. Then they would distort any explanation or
defense as whitewashing and continue the attack with a new round of malicious speculation.

What were these people up to?

At this point, it was no use arguing with them, since these kind of people weren’t interested in
truth or reasoning.

Lin Chuyan really wanted to find out who the original poster was. Then he would like to put
that person in a sack and beat them up.

He contemplated the possibility of carrying out such an act. He felt with careful planning, it
might be doable without exposing himself. He said to Xiang Nuan: “Don’t you worry about this.
I’ll take care of it.”

“It’s too late. I told him to leave his game id; if he doesn’t think I’m that good, then we’ll do a
match one on one.” When Xiang Nuan talked, she couldn’t even look at Lin Chuyan in eyes
as if she had done something wrong.

Lin Chuyan was amused by her attitude; she looked feeble but was very courageous when
defending her integrity.

“What did he say?” Lin Chuyan asked.

“He gave me his id. He’s at Master, with a dozen or so stars it seems……” Xiang Nuan was
about to cry. She was at Master only for 2 days and only had one star so far.  It was very
difficult for a player to get more stars in Master level matches. This person had more than
10 of them which meant he was a strong player.

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