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White moved with a focused expression on his face. The loud explosion almost five minutes ago had given them enough time to take care of a few obstacles, but the Minotaur in front of them was proving to be rather difficult. White was a left handed swordsman, and by virtue of being two sides of the same coin, his big sister was a right handed swordswoman. However this Minotaur seemed to have a counter for every strategy that they had come up with.

They were really fast fighters, but the Minotaur was capable of brute strength that could actually put most vampires to shame. That and of course he had a rather insane defense, as they were finding it more and more difficult to pierce his rather thick hide.

But then again they were just getting warmed up, after all their armors were not even deployed yet. White looked at his sister and nodded his head, seeing them take a break from attacking him, the Minotaur decided to speak up.

"You small vampires should give up; I am much too powerful for either one of you to beat, even if you come at me together. I'm strong, and I'm invisible mooooo"

White turned to his sister with a surprised look on his face. The Minotaur was right about them not being a match for him individually, because so far they had only been fighting him one on one and without their armor. Guess it's time to up the tempo and shake things up a bit.

Black took a deep breath as her suit began to creep and inch up the surface of her skin. Her brother was not that far behind as his white themed armor covered the entirety of his body.

The sword in both their hands seemed to vibrate as both siblings shot at the Minotaur, their swords swinging for his shins. At a normal glance the armored Minotaur completely resisted the strike as sparks rose up from the shin guards he had on.

Black and White came up behind him, and turned to press their advantage. The Minotaur turned around, swinging the heavy chains that were wrapped around his limbs, but he stumbled and was caught off guard as both his knees hit the ground.

A quick look showed that his ankles had been sliced cleanly to the bone. A cut that was so clean that it wasn't until he started moving that the wounds began to bleed.

"Mooooooo! How dare you, how dare you URCKKK!"

His angry tirade was cut short as Black and White ran past him again, nothing but blurs to the naked eye. This time they had sliced through the gaps of the chains in the Minotaur's arms, cutting both his wrist and crook of his elbow in both hands.

This was a testament of their speed, especially when they had the boost of their V.A.P.O.R armors. Soon everything around the Minotaur had become nothing more than flashed of a black and white blur, and every time they went past the Minotaur, new wounds; bone deep appeared on his body.

Eventually the Minotaur's entire body was doused in blood as cuts began to appear rapidly on his body, even his crazy defense could not help him. It took the people around him all of sixty seconds after the 30 second barrage came to an end to realize that the Minotaur was already dead. He was bled dry exactly where he was kneeling down. What was weird though was the fact that except for a little blood, there was no single drop of the life giving liquid left in his body anymore.

The rest of the vampires in team B had already stormed into the house being protected and led out about half a dozen kids before they proceeded to march to east of the cluster of wooden houses, Black and Her brother White leading the way, and leaving behind drained corpses of exquisitely sliced enemies who only saw flashes of black and white before death came for them.





As soon as the fight started we ran into the tower. At first what we saw was a long hallway that was normal as one would expect a hallway built in a tower to look like.

Then things began to get weird. Vines and thick roots began to snake in and out of the hallway, they crept and entwined with each other creating a thick curtain of vegetation that soon enough covered the ground. It was almost as if we had been transported to a forest.

The thick and arid scent of leaves, soft earth and dew invaded my nose. This scent was something I could only remember from memory, so experiencing it once again was something beyond amazing.

It distracted me long enough that I couldn't pay attention to the root that was flying at me, until it went through my abdomen and rapidly began to drain me of my blood.

Kodak and Gus moved fast as both brothers quickly acted and pulled the root out, making sure to crush the offending creeper into splinters. Then it was as if the entire hallway came alive as vines and rood began to fall and attack from every possible corner, and at speeds that was almost too hard for us to keep up with. Well almost anyway.

Kodak leaned backed and clenched his hands together, making sure his fingers dug into his palms, drawing blood as he materialized them into his normal giant war hammer.

A second later his bulky golden armor burst out of his body in a shower of resplendent light that made me think of an angel. Except of course this angel was holding a big ass hammer made from blood. Not at all the kind of image you would expect from a holy Envoy.

Kodak shifted his body sideways, dodging the sharpened end of a root the size of thigh as it went past his face. Then he took a deep breath and smashed his hammer into the wall, releasing a ripple that crushed every approaching vine or root from the right wall to dust.

He pulled back his hammer, and smashed it on the ground again. Tentacles made from blood burst out of the ground and made a beeline for the vines in our path, wrapping them around it.

However the next second we all had our jaws hanging half way down our face as we realized that the vines and root were actually absorbing the blood that Kodak had just used to attack and even used it to strengthen itself, becoming larger, stronger and as we were about to find!

A vine for each of us came up suddenly from under the ground in an attempt to pierce us through. But we're vampires; tactics like this did not work on beings with heightened senses such as ours. Gus made some sort of fanciful erratic movements that made shadows of him appear to the left and right of himself.

he looked like he was moving left and right really fast, and even with all of my senses I couldn't tell how he pulled it off because it seemed like he was actually just still standing in the same place. Super spy training for the win, wish I had the chance to go through it too.

Kodak just smashed the offending root out of the way, but the force behind the deflection pushed him backwards. I jumped backwards, then moved forward slicing my sword as the root that attacked we was sliced in half. I got tired of the half measures and twirled the long sword in my hand.

Then I raised it up, infusing my soul energy into it, making the dim hallway light up as the blue glow from the massive rune hanging over the blade came into existence. Kodak and Gus jumped behind me just in time as I swung the sword downwards.


The attack this time was infinitely stronger than the previous times I've had to use my runes in a fight, and that was due to one reason. Along with strengthened soul energy, I had an awareness of swordsmanship that made it possible for me to release an attack capable of slicing through this tower.

Though that would take everything I've got to achieve. A blue wave of glowing runic scripts appeared and shot through the hallway, obliterating everything in sight until all that was left was pieces of wood, dust and leaves.


That was probably the Ent crying for his mama. I should have given him a significant blow, and the path in front of us had been cleared of any obstacles. We ram through the hallway, speeding through it with such speed that we left after images behind us, and the broken pieces of roots, vines and leaves rose up into the air due to the gust of air raised by our speed.

We came to the end of the hallway where a set of stairs seemed to lead up into an open chamber. We had no time to consider finesse, so we went into it guns blazing and ready to destroy everything in sight only end up seeing a peculiar sight.

"Destroy them! Collapse the tower! And make sure that bastard busy body dies! He must not end my business. Kill him! Kill them all."

So there was massive twenty meter tall and ten meter wide tree shaped like a man sitting in a meditative position. And in front of him, an actual demon was holding a glowing green stone, which pulsed like a heart.

He was yelling at the tree, who did not just have the shape of a man, but also a face and a beard made of rather peculiar white leaves that shimmered in the darkness of the chamber.

The demon had grey skin, massive horn that stretched all the way to the back of his head like a ram's horn, four arms and eyes, and a rather large tail.

The Ent just looked on at the demon as he raged on and on about killing me and everyone's uncle and aunt. Then the Ent in one of the most interesting display of bizarre and unnerving moved his huge hands and pointed at us. Then he said to the demon.

"We have guests."

The demon, took one long look at us, and ran to the side of the Ent screaming at it.

"Kill them, kill the intruders."

"But I don't want too." The Ent replied with his voice tinged with anger.

The demon's grey skin seemed to turn rapidly red in anger as he screamed out in anger and raised the glowing green stone in his hand, pointing at the Ent and squeezing it tightly. He had a manic grin on his face, and we watched on in abject surprise and confusion as the Ent clutched his chest and groaned in pain.

"I have your heart seed, which means you; have to do everything I say, whether you want to or your master! And your life is in my hands. If I say jump, you better jump, if I say kill, then you damn well kill who or what I want you to kill! Unless of course you want to die." The demon said before turning to face us.

Both sides stared at each other for five minutes of really tense silence. And in those five minutes I finally got to see what a sweating and nervous demon looks like.

Believe me when I say, it doesn't look pretty, not one bit. When the silence got to a sort of climax Gus started whistling. We were all so surprised we spent another two minutes looking at him like he had grown a second head. He turned to me and Kodak and said.

"What? I was bored out of my mind staring at a blackmailed tree man and an obvious head case of a demon. It made me feel hungry." Then he turned to the Ent and demon and said to them.

"Hi! My name is Gus; it's a pleasure to meet you. I just want to tell you in a few moments I'm going to kill you both. Please forgive"

I blinked my eyes, and then I had to blink them again. 'What the hell!' is Gus making a joke or was he actually serious about everything he just said. Either way, that was freaky as hell.

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