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Chapter 2842 - Lian Wuchao is forced to the point of going crazy

As soon as he finished speaking, all the Lian Family disciples were stunned.

This voice was too familiar.

It was none other than the ancestor of the Lian Family, the number one powerhouse, Lian Kaijiang.

The crowd quickly parted to make way for him.

Lian Wuchao was also startled. He turned his head and looked over, and when he saw Lian Kaijiang coming over, his expression became joyous as he said: "Grandfather, you …"

Without waiting for Lian Wuchao to finish speaking, Lian Kaijiang shouted once again, "Did you not hear what I said? I told you to kneel down for Miss Su, you beast! "

If they hadn't heard it clearly just now, all of the Lian Family disciples could hear it clearly now.

Lian Wuchao was a little puzzled: "Grandfather, what's wrong? Why do you want me to kneel down? What kind of thing is she, and what right do you have to make me kneel down to her? "

"Even if her father, su wantu, were to kneel in front of me, he would not be qualified to make me kneel."

Who is he?

A super genius who was born with a Magical Kylin Blood.

The proud son of the heavens of the Donghuang College was chosen by many great coaches.

Even the dean had taken a liking to it.

His identity also did not need to kneel to anyone in East Imperial City.


Lian Kaijiang's eyes became angry as he said with incomparable fury: "Kneel! Do I have to say it again? "

His eyes seemed as if they were about to spit fire.

Lian Wuchao clenched both his fists. He did not know why, but he could not understand why. With his talent, he had never knelt down before anyone in East Imperial City, not even when he first entered the Donghuang College. But now, he was kneeling down in front of a woman.

He was unhappy.

He was extremely unhappy.

But facing his grandfather, the ancestor of Lian Family, he could only feel discontent in his heart, and slowly kneel towards su su.


Kneel on the ground.

His complexion turned incomparably awful, as though he had been slapped in the face.

su su, Ye Mei, the three sisters, and the people from night valley clan were also stunned. What was going on?

Right at the moment when Lian Wuchao kneeled down, Lian Kaijiang said in a heavy voice, "Kowtow, apologize!"

You want him to kneel, you want him to kowtow?

And apologize?

Lian Wuchao's expression changed, he looked like he was about to eat someone, and his eyeballs were about to pop out, "Grandfather, what's wrong? Did you take the wrong medicine? "

"Grand master, what happened?"

"That's right, has the power of the purple gold god's tribe been fused yet?"

"Did something happen?"

"Grand master, he's your grandson."

A few of the Lian Family Elders also started to talk.

In the past, Lian Kaijiang would definitely not do such a thing, let alone his own grandson, even if it were someone from the Lian Family s, he would never let them kneel down, much less kowtow and apologize.

Lian Family still had a certain level of strength in the East Imperial City.


Lian Kaijiang did not give any explanation, but still said with a heavy voice: "I told you to kowtow, apologize, immediately, now!"

Anger raged in his eyes as well.

A rage that was even fiercer than the one in Lian Wuchao's eyes.

The aura emitted from his body was also like flames, exceptionally threatening.

Was he angry at Lian Wuchao?


He was furious at himself, at Long Fei who was hiding behind him, and at the flying sword that was nearing the back of his head. The flying sword had already pierced through his scalp and blood was dripping down, the moment Long Fei moved, he would explode his head in an instant!

He was angry because of this.

Killing intent roiled in his heart. From the deep hole to here, he had sworn to himself more than once that he would tear Long Fei into pieces the moment he found the chance.

He wanted his soul to never reincarnate.

But now …

There was nothing he could do!

"Kowtow, apologize!" Lian Kaijiang said again.

Lian Wuchao's teeth were about to shatter and his joints made explosive sounds. He bellowed loudly and heavily knocked on the ground.

"I'm sorry!"

How was this an apology? It was as if he wanted to eat someone.


Lian Kaijiang shouted again, "Again!"

"Ahh …" Lian Wuchao let out a furious roar. On the edge of going berserk, he once again heavily knocked it down.

If Lian Kaijiang wasn't his grandfather, Lian Wuchao would have went up to kill him.

Never knelt to anyone.

Not to mention a woman!

This was a humiliation.

A lifetime's shame.




"Again …"

After kowtowing nine times in a row, he didn't know if Lian Wuchao was too angry or not. He coughed out a huge bump on his forehead, and fresh blood flowed down from the center of his brows.

su su, who was in front of him, was completely dumbfounded.

What was going on?

The night valley clan people were also shocked.

Do humans like to play this kind of game?

F * ck me!

Wasn't this too ruthless?

Just as the surroundings quieted down, someone couldn't hold it in anymore, "Puchi..."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

"This is too great, too f * cking great. I really can't hold it in any longer." tan dapao could not hold it in anymore and laughed maniacally, laughing until he fell backwards and forwards.

"This is too fun!"

"Hahaha …"

"Kirin Genius?" A first-rate family? Hahaha... This kowtowing truly is awesome. " tan dapao laughed unrestrainedly.

Lian Wuchao's eyes darkened, the muscles at the corner of his eyes twitched, his killing intent soared, his body twitching slightly, "Laugh? I want you to die! "

tan dapao was not afraid in the slightest as he said in a disdainful voice, "You want me to die? "Come on, come on, I'll stand right here. If you can even touch a single hair on my head, then I'll lose."

Lian Wuchao moved, and was about to go up and take tan dapao's head off.

No one dared to laugh at him.

He would not allow anyone who laughed at him to live in this world.


Without waiting for him to get up, Lian Kaijiang shouted once again, "Kneel and don't move!"

Lian Wuchao's expression darkened again.

tan dapao laughed complacently, and said: "Little bastard, did you see that? You want to kill me by making you kneel down and not move? Try moving one of them. "

Lian Wuchao was about to go crazy, the compressed anger in his heart was about to collapse.

su su immediately asked: "tan dapao, where's Big Brother Long Fei?"

Lian Wuchao also asked with a sunken voice, "Grandfather, just why is it? Are you getting old? "

He couldn't help it.

Lian Kaijiang's eyes trembled, he glanced behind him, then slowly walked out, lightly smiled, and said: "Sorry for making everyone wait so long!"

Seeing Long Fei walk out from behind Lian Kaijiang, Lian Wuchao suddenly stood up, the killing intent in his eyes became even stronger, and he said: "It's you, trash."

"Trash?" The corner of Long Fei's mouth curled up, and in the blink of an eye, he looked at Lian Kaijiang and said, "Your grandson called me a trash, what should I do?"


The scalp was broken again.

The flying sword was already pierced through.

Lian Kaijiang's face suddenly turned pale white, he immediately stared at Lian Wuchao and said: "You scoundrel, you actually dared to scold Master Long Fei, slap my face!"

Lian Wuchao was surprised for a moment, and said: "Grandfather, he's just a piece of trash from the lower realms, what need is there to be afraid of him? I could make him kneel on the ground and turn him into a dead dog with one hand. "

Lian Kaijiang shouted: "Slap me! Did you hear that?"


"Do you not want to live anymore?" His expression was abnormally malevolent, and his body was shaking nonstop. The pain from the back of his head made him extremely afraid.

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "Did you hear that? Slap yourself until I'm satisfied. "

Lian Kaijiang shouted: "Attack!"

Lian Wuchao's eyes darkened, he stared straight at Long Fei, and said sinisterly: "Die!"

Kirin's Illusion.

The strength of the blood vein burst forth.

Lian Wuchao's speed was so fast that it could make one's hair stand on end. The power of the Heavenly Elephant exploded forth as it slashed towards the center of Long Fei's brows with a palm strike …

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