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Chen Xiang glared at Yue Wei Gang. Although the man in front of him looked pretty handsome, he was extremely ugly in his heart. His expression was twisted by the negative emotions in his heart. The updates were quick.

"I never had any connections with your Yue Clan and have never offended any of you before. However, because of greed, I wanted to seize what I deserved. I have always treated you guys like ugly and dirty wild wolves."

Chen Xiang said coldly: "And when this type of wild wolf attacks me, I will not show any mercy!"

"Haha …" Despite being trapped by us, you still dare to say such words. Do you really think that you are incredible just because you can concoct pills? "Being able to refine pills is nothing. Only when one's fist is strong enough can it be considered strong." Yue Weigang laughed loudly.

"You're right, you have to have a tough fist to forge pills. You can only counterattack when you encounter a wild wolf. Do you see how hard my fist is?" With that, Chen Xiang disappeared.

When they saw Chen Xiang appear, they had already felt a majestic aura surge out. Chen Xiang's fist had already smashed into Yue Wei Gang's nose, and his entire fist had already pierced into his nose. His fist was deeply caved in, showing just how hard Chen Xiang's fist was.

"Die!" Chen Xiang roared in anger, his fist flashed with a gold light, using World Defying Stage Fierce Power.


The World Defying Stage Fierce Power burst out from Chen Xiang's body using the Heaven Shaking Power and the Meteor immortal power, and at the same time, it unleashed a berserk punch with a berserk force, directly shattering Yue Weigang's head!

A genius of the Yue Clan had been killed just like that, in front of many strong warriors of the Yue Clan.

Yue Yiran was also stunned, he knew that Chen Xiang was an incredible pill refiner, but he never thought that Chen Xiang's fighting strength was actually so terrifying!

At most, Yue Wei Gang was at the same cultivation level as Chen Xiang, and being on the same level as him, Chen Xiang was unrivalled, killing Yue Wei Gang with a single punch was a piece of cake for him.

"Bastard..." When Yue Yan saw that his own son's head had been smashed into pieces, his eyes were already red, and his claws had already reached towards Chen Xiang.

However, just as he thought that he could crush Chen Xiang's head, Yue Yiran suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed his wrist. Then, a strong wave of World Defying Stage Fierce Power was released by Yue Yiran and poured into Yue Yan's body through his arm.

Yue Yiran's anger was extremely frightening. At this moment, Yue Yiran's entire person was emitting a kind of black flame, the black flames of air continued to spew out, as though countless evil spirits were wildly dancing. That violent aura made the spectators have no choice but to retreat.

"The consequence of angering me, Yue Yiran, is the release of the World Defying Stage Fierce Soul from my body and the awakening of my World Defying Stage Fierce Soul. There will be a price to pay, and the price will be your lives!"

Yue Yiran's cold voice was filled with hostility. The sky had already darkened and everyone had fled, but because the stage was enveloped by an array formation, none of the Yue Clan members were able to leave.

Previously, the few elders of the Yue Clan had used a few array discs to envelop the entire sparring stage. It was not easy going in, and then used a single array disc to imprison Chen Xiang and Yue Yiran.

The reason why Yue Yiran was able to escape the imprisonment was because Chen Xiang had used the power of space to teleport out!

"Anger of the Madness soul!" Yue Yiran roared, black figures continued to fly out of his body, and countless of black figures were jumping up and down in the competition arena.

They all understood Yue Yiran very well, this kind of terrifying Madness soul caused people to tremble in fear. It was just that because Yue Yiran had been immersed in the dao of alchemy for a long time, and had not made a move for a long time, it made everyone forget about this kind of terrifying power.

The dancing black figures could actually easily penetrate a person's body, and they even noticed that as long as they were pierced by a black figure, the person's World Defying Stage Fierce Power would weaken, and there would be an additional trace of death on their face.

There was only empty space around him. Although those black shadows were flying around randomly, they did not approach him!

"Yue Yiran, the Yue Clan's bloodline flows in your body, you're killing each other."

"Bullshit, when you guys attacked me, how come you didn't expect me to have the Yue Clan's bloodline in my body?" Yue Yiran roared, he rushed forward and punched one of the old men in the eye, directly splitting his head in half.

Meanwhile, the Yue Clan members were all lying on the ground, half-dead. Some of them were very young previously, but now they were very old, like people on the verge of death.

This was all caused by his lifespan being sucked away. Chen Xiang watched in a daze, the black shadow Yue Yiran released just now was too terrifying!

"You … You will die a horrible death. " A person spoke to Yue Yiran while holding in his last breath.

"The one who will die a horrible death is you!" Yue Yiran walked over and directly took out this person's World Defying mad source bead, and then, one after another, he took out the World Defying mad source bead s of the other Yue Clan members.

This scene caused the spectating people's scalps to go numb. The World Defying mad source bead were dug out alive, and their bodies trembled just thinking about it.

"Yue Yiran is, after all, the number one figure in the Heaven Old Super Realm. It would be a wonder if he doesn't die after being treated so cruelly by these fellows." Heavenly Dan Landlord shook his head and sighed. His pill spirit had been obtained by Chen Xiang, how could he not have the thought of snatching it back? Seeing this scene, the thought in his mind was completely dispelled.

Yue Yiran was already considered an old guy in the Heaven Old Super Realm, and had been there before, so his strength was extremely terrifying. It was just that because he had been refining pills for so many years, many people had neglected his true strength!

After getting rid of the dozen or so people from the Yue Clan, Yue Yiran picked up the formation plates and controlled them to remove the seals. Then, he brought Chen Xiang and left the Heavenly Dan Mountain Villa.

… ….

After Yue Yiran left, the Heaven Old Prince said to the old man beside him: "Yue Yiran is still very strong, can you guarantee that you can take care of him?"

"Definitely! If it was before, we definitely wouldn't have expected that brat to know how to use the power of space, but we have already discovered it, so we can eliminate this kind of situation. You saw it just now, Yue Yiran was restricted tightly after he was trapped by an array disc. " The old man said.

"That's good then. We must get a pill spirit. If I can get a pill spirit, my position will be even higher in the future." Heaven Old Prince laughed coldly.

Amongst the Heaven Old Imperial Family, there were many princes and princes, and he had failed once again in coming to the Heaven Pill Assembly. He was surpassed by Chen Xiang and the Fierce-transformation Dan Spirit, if he returned like this, he would definitely be laughed at.

And now, they were confident that they could capture Chen Xiang and Yue Yiran. It was worth the risk for them, and once they obtained the pill spirit, the benefits they would receive would be endless.

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