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Chapter 945 - Murder by Borrowing a Knife


Inside the hole, a figure rushed out, staggering for a few steps before barely being able to stand firm. It was the man in black, who was already covered in dust, in a sorry state, with dark red blood trickling down the corner of his lips. It was obvious that Tang Huan's sword strike had left him with quite a heavy wound.

"With just this bit of skill, you still dare to imitate others and play assassination?"

Right at this moment, mocking laughter rang out.

"Chi!" Almost at the same time, a sharp piercing sound resounded through the world, and that breathtaking fiery red sword light once again pierced through the air. Around the sword light, raging flames surged, and an even more intense heat spread out, instantly filling up an area of tens of meters around it, as if the barrier in front of it was about to be burned to ashes.

"Aoouuu ~ ~ ~"

His eyes were filled with endless humiliation. The man in black howled, grabbed the hilt of his saber and pulled it out of the ground with force. Unexpectedly, only half of it remained.

After the momentary shock, the man in black's eyes couldn't help but flash with fear.

Whoosh! Circulating the remaining true essence in his body, he threw the broken blade forward with all his might, causing the man in black to retreat crazily. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep up with the speed of the fiery red sword light even though he was about to use his full strength.

"Please show mercy!" Several hundred meters away, a few figures dashed as if they were flying. A loud shout suddenly rang out, and it was as if rumbling thunder had surged over from afar.

"Mercy?" Tang Huan scoffed in his heart, but his hands did not slow down at all. The sword beam infused with berserk flames pressed forward, with unstoppable force, and the broken blade that was thrown at him crumbled the moment it came into contact with the fiery red sword beam.

"Wasn't the one who assassinated you..."

The black clothed man's eyes were filled with despair as he screamed hysterically. However, even before he finished speaking, his body had already been completely engulfed by the terrifying sea of flames. The sharp Strength Qi that erupted from the sword beam had rushed out of the sea of flames and shot forward, leaving a long and deep gash in the ground.

Tang Huan stopped walking and retracted the huge fiery red sword. With a slight frown, he closed his eyes as the Perception Ability was raised to its limit.

He knew that the last thing the man in black wanted to say was, "I'm not the one who assassinated you!"

After their first confrontation, he had felt it. The first attack to assassinate him was definitely not something that this guy in the origin realm could use. The first one who did it should be at least at the peak of the origin realm, or even at the Yin Tribulation Realm.

Although he was well aware of it, Tang Huan's attack was not slow in the slightest.

Even if that black clothed man wasn't the assassin, he must have had some ulterior motives for sneaking up on them. Since that was the case, why show mercy?

Becoming the assassin's scapegoat didn't count as an injustice to him!

"Over there?"

Tang Huan suddenly opened his eyes, and looked towards the left front, where at least a few hundred cultivators were gathered.

"Whoosh!" "Woosh ~ ~ ~"

With that in mind, Tang Huan moved his feet, just as he was about to walk over, six figures appeared in the surroundings, surrounding him, all of them had faces full of anger, looking unfriendly.

"Tang Huan, if my Junior Brother Gu Xiong dares to offend you, then it's fine even if you discipline him a little, but you actually killed him in public in Eastern Wasteland City. Isn't that a bit too much!" Directly in front of him was a burly and burly man in green clothes. At this moment, his beard and hair were all tied up, and anger was burning between his brows.

"This is simply too arrogant!" In all these years, no one had ever dared to kill anyone in Eastern Wasteland City! Pity that Gu Xiong's brother is already dead! "

"To not make a move in the Desolate City of the Secret Realm is a rule that has been passed down for countless years. Tang Huan, since you broke this rule, don't blame us for being ruthless."

"No need for further words, kill him!"


Angry roars sounded from all directions.

"Gu Xiong? So that's his name? " Tang Huan raised his eyes to take a glance, the sword beam and sea of flames had already disappeared into thin air, and the black clothed man who had been slashed by the sword beam yet was also engulfed by the sea of flames did not have any trace of existence.

In that moment, Tang Huan suddenly understood why the fellow hiding in the darkness would suddenly kill him and create a scene where Gu Xiong was acting as a scapegoat for the dead. The goal was to kill or force him to stay in Eastern Wasteland City.

From the looks of it, even if he showed mercy in the end, Gu Xiong would most likely be killed by that person, and the culprit would be pointed at him, letting him be the scapegoat.

However, that person's plan was destined to fail. Not to mention, he would never be killed so easily, much less be forced out of Eastern Wasteland City so easily. Taking a step back, even if he was really forced to leave, he definitely wouldn't give those people that had ulterior motives an opportunity to do so.

"What a big lineup!"

Tang Huan laughed sarcastically, "All of you came over here wanting to fight for Gu Xiong's sake, then stop being so noisy. In here, no matter what rules you have, they are just bullsh * t, and all you have to do is rely on your strength to speak."

"I'd like to see what kind of ability you guys have to stand up for that unscrupulous person!"

As he finished speaking, Tang Huan's tone was filled with extreme coldness.

However, he did not underestimate them. These six people were all stronger than the Gu Xiong he had killed, and they had reached the pinnacle of Yuanfu. However, compared to a powerful figure like Li Shijun who could step into the Yin Tribulation Realm at any time, they were still weaker.

"Tsk tsk, killing Gu Xiong, Tang Huan is in deep trouble now."

"That fellow seems to be called 'Thunder Light' right? "He is indeed Gu Xiong's senior brother, both of them are from the same sect. However, since when did their relationship become so good?"

"Don't just look at how indignant they are, they might even be overjoyed in their hearts. If Gu Xiong doesn't die, how do they even have an excuse to kill Tang Huan in Eastern Wasteland City?"

"Haha, that's right. Right, have you seen how Tang Huan and Gu Xiong were fighting?"

"Not good, if Tang Huan dies, that auction would definitely be in vain, how can we buy weapons? Lei Hao and the others definitely won't sell these weapons. "


All sorts of murmurs rose and fell from the surrounding crowd.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Lei Hao, the muscular man in green, seemed to be extremely angry, a sinister smile appearing on his face. Good! Tang Huan, you said it yourself! Since you want to see our abilities, how can we let you down? Everyone, take out your weapons! "

With that, Lei Hao reached out with his hand, and the long-hilted giant axe that was tied behind him landed in his palm. With a humming sound, a golden light shot out from the axe's body, revealing its sharpness, forcing people's minds to go crazy, and the other five peak Yuan Dan cultivators also raised the weapons in their hands at the same time.

"Heh, this place is quite lively!"

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out without warning.

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