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Chapter 293: 293、Meeting Little Fury Coincidentally! (Part 2)

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After Lu Shu confirmed that Chen Bai Li was still breathing, he concentrated on preparing to fight. The magical energy on the left felt rich and overwhelming, and Lu Shu was worried that he might not be able to fight what might be coming.

However, nothing came after waiting for half a day.

Lu Shu felt that something was off. That magical energy didn’t move a single bit, it didn’t come nearer neither did it go further… This place is not a holy site, right?

Lu Shu had faced too much danger in the relics. Now that he was facing the magical energy, he unconsciously thought that it is offensive, and concentrated on preparing to fight it.

It was only now that he suddenly thought of an issue, there were not only offensive living creatures in the relics, there were also treasures!

After Lu Shu had this thought, he became motivated. He proceeded on while he carried the old priest on his back. The Corpse of the Dog and the Concealed Arrow in the Celestial map were ready, and his hands were even readier to be prepared to throw out his lance.

However, after traveling only for a short distance, the forest became broader, the down-slope because steeper as if it was a mountain stream. He followed the path of the steep down-slope carefully, and he actually heard faint sounds of water. The air in this area seemed to even moister than other areas.

Lu Shu was stunned suddenly. Under his feet, he saw a small amount of stream flowing between the gaps of mountain stones. The steam is deep within the gap, if he didn’t pay close attention, he wouldn’t be able to see it.

Furthermore, the stream contained a high concentration of magical energy. It was comparable to Lu Shu’s idea of magical stones!

There is no need to care about this now, Lu Shu continued to carry Chen Bai Li on his back and walked towards the upstream. The magical energy became richer, while the sound of the stream became louder and louder.

Right after exiting the mountain stones, the originally narrow upstream became an open space. Lu Shu actually saw fascinating matters and objects…

This time, the scenery that greeted his eyes was an extremely clear blue pond, it was so clear that it was able to refresh one’s soul with just a look of it. It was like looking at the Jiu Zhai Valley that is pollution-free, like a picturesque.

In the middle of the pond, there was a green plant that had three blue flowers blooming. The blooming speed was extremely quick, similar to the appearance of the epiphyllum. However, Lu Shu was very sure that it wasn’t epiphyllum.

He could feel that all of the magical energy, seems as if it came from the root of this plant.

However, this wasn’t the weirdest, the weirdest was…

“Little Fury, what are you doing?” Lu Shu asked.

In front of him, Little Fury was by the shore and confronting a little green snake which was in the pond. Little Fury didn’t enter the pond, nor did the little snake go onto the shore.

The moment Little Fury turned and saw Lu Shu, the latter could see the +1+1+1 started to flow from the back-end of Little Fury. What is this situation, shouldn’t him be happy to be able to see himself…

The little green snake also looked towards Lu Shu, the eyes were cold without any feelings. Lu Shu tapped Chen Bai Li who was on his back. “Old Man?”

There was no reaction after some time and Lu Shu was relieved, but this is not the end. He took out a short-sleeved black t-shirt from the seal of land and placed it on top of Chen Bai Li’s head. Then, the next moment, the Corpse of Dog flew out from the Celestial map. Just looking at the speed, the little snake could be seen as becoming Level D.

But it was still that logic, even if it was fast, it wasn’t as fast as the Corpse of Dog.

Lu Shu chopped the little snake into two with one stroke of the sword, and it got drawn down by the magical pond into the downstream.

After Little Fury had a look, its heart felt frightened. The enemy whom it was confronting for so long, was easily dealt with by Lu Shu with just one stroke of his sword… What, it didn’t think that this fellow Lu Shu was any special when they were in Beimang relics in the past. But after they came out, it saw that it was absolutely wrong about it!

After Lu Shu gave a look at the flower in the pond, he asked puzzledly, “There is nothing special about this flower, what are you looking at?”

After Little Fury thought for two minutes, it started to write. Lu Shu scratched his head, “Using writing to talk, are all the homework wasted?”

“Little Fury distress value, +1+1+1”

It dipped its little paws into the water and wrote on the stones along the shore, “I am looking at fa, this fa is really pretty. You may go ahead first, I will catch up with you later.”

Lu Shu was stunned after seeing the sentence. Then, he lifted Little Fury over, even his fingers were dipped into the water. “What is this pronunciation, it’s looking at flower (Hua), not looking at fa. What was your hometown build of?! I’ll punish you to write ‘Hua’ twenty times.”

Little Fury, “???”

Was this the place to do homework?! I knew there would be no good thing since I saw you!

“Little Fury distress value, +1+1+1”

But now is not the time to think about this, Little Fury quickly dipped its paws into the water and wrote hue for twenty times. Then it wrote: You go ahead first.

Lu Shu looked at Little Fury with the corners of his mouth curled up, “There is something wrong with this flower right?”

“Little Fury distress value, +1+1…”

“This flower has benefits for you, right?”

“It’s from…”

“You’re scared that I will snatch it from you right? Can I be someone like that… I am.”

Little Fury lied on the shore in a flash, it messed up, there is no more treasure… However, Little Fury wasn’t sure why something is weird about the look of Lu Shu looking at its two front teeth…

Even though it was not sure what was going on, it instinctively kept his teeth in its mouth…

Right at this moment, the petal suddenly began to fall into the water. It became a glittering and translucent blue light and disappeared after bending into the water.

At this moment Lu Shu could feel that when one petal withered off, the magical energy of the water became one level richer.

That’s wrong, it’s not the water that has magical energy, but it is the power of this flower petal!

He couldn’t care much anymore. Lu Shu left Chen Bai Li on the shore immediately and stepped into the pond that was not knee-deep. As each petal withered, he would use the seal of land to keep it. When this flower petal meets water, it will transform into the rich magical energy, but nothing happened when it fell into the palms.

Lu Shu collected 11 petals in total, the rest had fallen into the water previously. At this time, the plant in the pond is still three little green branches that were barren.

He roughly had a feel of it and realised one petal was probably worth the richness of ten magical stones. It’s no wonder that this magical energy of the pond was so rich.

He did not think that he could have such a huge gain even after entering the relics. Then, even before he turned to return to the shore, transparent blue fruit grew from the three barren green branches!

Little Fury who was by the shore sat up in a moment. Lu Shu came to a sudden realisation, so this was what Little Fury and that little green snake were waiting for!

Waiting till the moment when the three blue fruits stopped growing, the entire mountain stream emitted a faint lucid fragrance. In one reach, Lu Shu managed to keep all three fruits into the seal of lands. This thing might be edible, but now it was not the time to eat it yet. Who knows what will happen after eating it?

Little Fury was in despair when it saw Lu Shu kept the blue fruits. Chen Bai Li who was unconscious on the shores seemed to be awakened by this environment that had extremely rich magical energy. He asked weakly, “Lu Shu… is it night time already?”

Lu Shu immediately started to think about how he should explain it is only in the afternoon, after seeing the black t-shirt that is still on Chen Bai Li’s head.

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