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Chapter 2766 - The Unparalleled Tragic BOSS

Misfortune Spray, a special item.

It was also a one-time use item. Once used, it would be useless.

This was a special reward from the system.

There is no such thing as this world.

If the target was hit, what would happen if the target continued to suffer misfortune for the next three minutes? This did not explain.

Spraying, Long Fei did not dare stay and retreated quickly.

Because …

He did not know what would happen next. To him, the safest thing was a instkill spray. What Downgrade Spray?

walked to the front of and took out a strange thing to spray at him, then hurriedly ran back to him.

Leng Feng was dumbstruck.

He muttered to himself, "This is killing Gui Shou?"

"This …"

Gui Shou didn't react at all, the aura on his body was still cold. The chains around the butcher's blade were still sharp, and the surrounding temperature was still as cold as ice.

There was no change.

Long Fei felt a chill in his heart, "Damn, could it be that the system is rewarding me with an expired Unlucky Spray?"

"F * ck!"

"Does it have to be so darned?"

Long Fei wanted to cry.

This was the only thing he could rely on.

If it didn't work, then he really had no other choice.

Leng Feng looked at Long Fei and asked curiously: "What did you do just now?"

Long Fei:...

He could not speak.

He didn't know how to say it.

That he went to use the Unlucky Spray?

He felt like a comedian right now.

Gui Shou laughed sinisterly, "Foolish human, become my slave."


The butcher's blade moved, and swept out heavily.

The red flame on Leng Feng's body moved, and said to Long Fei: "You run first, I'll hold it off!"


If not for Long Fei, they would have died a long time ago.


Just now, it was only because Long Fei lured Gui Shou away that they were able to escape. Long Fei had saved him.

Long Fei was reluctant, "That's impossible, right?"

"It's really expired?"

"There's no production date on the bottle either."

"Could it be fake?"

At this moment.

Leng Feng was just about to rush to the front of Gui Shou, when he shouted to Long Fei who was still conflicted about the 'unlucky spray', "Let's go!"


The butcher knife that was still hovering in the air suddenly hacked down.

Leng Feng immediately retreated, continuously flipping backwards, jumping up and dodging the attack.

Just when he wanted to attack again.

A strange scene appeared.

The instant Gui Shou picked up his blade, the area around his feet suddenly caved in, forming a huge crater. He didn't even have time to react before he fell to the ground.

"Awoooo …"

Gui Shou shouted in panic.

Half a minute later.


With a loud bang, he landed on the ground.


"Why did he suddenly fall in?" Leng Feng was slightly taken aback.

Long Fei's eyes flashed with a bright light, as excitement filled his heart. "Hahaha... Hahaha... The Misfortune Spray has started to take effect, hahaha … "

"Is this great?"

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei quickly ran to the side of the deep pit and looked at the bottomless pit. The bottom of the pit was covered in dust and he could not see anything. "No matter how amazing he is, throw that butcher's knife again."

"Get up if you dare."

"Hahaha …"

It was so strange that it seemed like he had sunk into the ground.


It just so happened to be under Gui Shou's feet.

Was there such a coincidence in the world?

The red light on Leng Feng's body faded away, he walked to Long Fei's side and also looked down into the pit, seeing Long Fei's excitement, he asked, "You knew it was going to be like this?"

Long Fei was not surprised.

It was as if everything was within his expectations.

However, in Leng Feng's heart, he was incomparably surprised.

Long Fei shook his head: "He asked for it. Who asked him to swing his butcher knife everywhere."

Leng Feng said: "Let's go."

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak …


A gigantic butcher's blade flew out from the deep hole.

Leng Feng's gaze tensed up.

Long Fei secretly cursed, "Damn it!"

He had not heard of the system beep, which meant that the Boss was not dead yet. Long Fei couldn't even see how much HP he had right now.

But now, a butcher knife suddenly flew out …

The butcher knife fell to the ground, stabbed heavily into the ground and Gui Shou would fly back out later.

When the time comes!

Long Fei's gaze tensed up, "You can't let it out."

"Pull the butcher knife out."


Gui Shou was too fast, he was already about to rush out of the deep pit, but he couldn't stop himself from moving. At this moment, several huge rocks at the edge of the deep pit suddenly tumbled down.




All of them smashed onto the head of Gui Shou.

He couldn't hold on.

His body continued to fall down. Half a minute later!

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With another thud, he fell into the bottom of the crater.


The mountain shook slightly.

Long Fei exhaled, and thought to himself: "How damn unlucky are you? "It's simply luck — a thousand."

"There aren't any system beep s, and they aren't dead yet?"

The butcher knife was still stuck in the ground, and the chain was still connected to the deep pit.

Gui Shou could still get up.

I absolutely can't let him get up.

Long Fei went from in front of Tu Dao, and in that instant, the originally relaxed chain suddenly tightened, "Weng!"

Gui Shou pulled on the chain again.

Long Fei glanced at the edge of the deep pit. There were no longer any rocks around and it was impossible for them to fall back down.




The chain issued a series of ear-piercing sounds.

Leng Feng immediately said: "Go, quickly go!"

He couldn't hold on any longer!

Gui Shou was about to crawl out of the deep pit, and in this little bit of time, he still had a chance to escape.

Long Fei was unwilling.

It would be a pity to just let a Boss go.

He wanted to pull the butcher knife out of the ground, but the knife was too heavy and couldn't be pulled out.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

Gui Shou laughed madly, and was about to crawl out of the deep pit.



Tu Dao suddenly moved.

Gui Shou's eyes darkened as he stared at the blade. He did not know why, but fear rose in his heart.

Today was too unlucky.

Very unusual.

After falling into the air, he did not dare to move even a bit. He stared at Tu Dao as if he was praying, "Don't move, don't move …"

At this moment.

Gui Shou suddenly exerted force, wanting to rush into the pit.

At this moment.

The entire butcher knife was pulled up and dragged on the ground.

Gui Shou was startled, "Wuhou …"

His body once again fell into the deep pit.


This time, the only difference was that the butcher knife heavily fell down from above.

"Awoooo …"


"Pa ji!"

A blood-curdling screech, a dull thud, and the sound of a fly being swatted.

And then … There was no 'then'.

The deep pit regained its calm, not a single sound could be heard.

Another voice sounded in Long Fei's mind.


Long Fei's eyes burned with passion …

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