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"Although our Changsun clan has paid the price of a dozen or so elders, there is still a magic tool that has been inserted inside that has allowed us to know about the situation inside. According to the news that we survived the two elders, that alien Heavenly Demon should not be able to release any of the alien Heavenly Demons in a short period of time." Right now, we should hurry over, we might be able to stop this alien Heavenly Demon. " Zhangsun Jing clearly saw Wei Suo as the only person left to save the cultivation world, so he quickly answered Wei Suo's question, "According to the news that we received from the two elders who shot down the magic tools previously, many of the restrictions there are at least at the fifth level of the Divine Profound Realm, and there is even the possibility that they are at least at the True Immortal Realm. So, if we want to deal with that alien Heavenly Demon, we definitely have to find a way to lure him out. Luckily, that alien Heavenly Demon was very bloodthirsty, once it discovered something wrong it would rush out. Our Changsun clan has a Sky Origin Divine Pill. Do you want to raise your cultivation before battling that alien Heavenly Demon? We can immediately send a message to him, and then we can find a way to send the message to us. As for magic tools and treasures that can withstand heavenly tribulation, we actually have a few of them. "

"Can I enter that black dome of light outside?"

"Go in?" Even Zhangsun Jing couldn't stop spitting, but Wei Suo's words made him momentarily unable to think straight. If he wanted to fight the alien Heavenly Demons, he could only fight them outside, but Wei Suo actually had to ask if he could enter. What was the meaning of this? Could it be that he felt that the alien Heavenly Demons were not strong enough, so he needed to make things a little more difficult for himself?

"Can you go in or not?" Wei Suo immediately asked. A crazy idea formed in his mind. Whether he could do it or not depended on this Zhangsun Jing's answer.

"We can enter if we want. The two of us Elders used an Ancient Talisman of Breaking Heaven to break open the black dome of light and enter into several magic tools. We still have the Ancient Talisman of Breaking Heaven, but …" Zhangsun Jing looked at Wei Suo and was at a loss of words. His expression was already quite clear: "You can enter, but why do you want to enter?"

"Prepare the Heaven Breaking Talisman and all magic tools and treasures needed to withstand the heavenly tribulation. Especially magical equipment and magic treasures to defend against heavenly tribulation. If your Changsun family can collect them, you must help me collect them. Then, you must hand them over to me along with the Heaven Origin Divine Pill! " Without wasting any time, Wei Suo said, "You guys should have some powerful magic tools that can allow us to get there quickly."

"I already said that you will definitely agree to go!" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Zhangsun Jing didn't even have time to react before Zhangsun Xiaoru let out a cheer. Her eyes were full of worship as she said, "You're worthy of being my idol."

"..." Zhangsun Xiaoru's reaction stunned Wei Suo.

"Big Brother Wei, can you give me a normal thing, with a name engraved on it or something, or help me engrave a name on my thing?" The eldest grandson, Xiaoru, said excitedly as she looked at Wei Suo.

"..." Zhangsun Jing couldn't help but roll his eyes. He then looked at Wei Suo helplessly and said, "Please forgive me, Master Wei. My little sister has always admired you for your deeds and has always treated you as her idol." This time, she was the one who insisted on coming along. "

"It's not like I'm the only one … I wonder how many people have taken Brother Wei as their idol? " Seeing how her grandson looked at her in disappointment, her lips curled into a disdainful smile as she muttered to herself.

"God Lord Wei …" Zhangsun Jing was speechless. He couldn't help but want to say, "I'm really sorry. My little sister still doesn't know what to do. But before he could say anything, Wei Suo reached out and activated a talisman."

Immediately after, an elder from the Great Smelting Clan rushed in.

"Inform the Divine Cloud Shadow Lord and Sect Master Huang for me immediately. Have them contact the people of the Sun family immediately and have them bring the things they prepared for me and the people of the Changsun family to meet us together." "Also, inform the other great sects to help the Yellow Hall prepare the materials for my 'Instant Caldron'. They must complete it within two days. When the time comes, you can listen to my orders." As soon as this Elder of the Great Happy Sect rushed in, Wei Suo quickly explained the situation to him.

"Let's go." Let's go and check on the situation first. " Before Zhangsun Jing could recover his wits, Wei Suo had already finished giving out the instructions. He looked at him and said.

"..." This time, Zhangsun Jing was even more confused. He knew that Wei Suo definitely knew about how sharp this alien Heavenly Demon was, but Wei Suo had actually said that he was going there so straightforwardly.

"Hurry up and go, brother. What are you waiting for?" Upon seeing this, Zhangsun Xiaoru rolled her eyes at him and immediately started flattering Wei Suo, "Brother Wei, do you have any storage pouches or anything of that kind that you find troublesome? I'll bring them to you."

"Could he actually be that confident?" And there's a method that we don't even know about? " Zhangsun Jing couldn't help but glance at Wei Suo. However, he recalled that he had originally come to invite Wei Suo to help. Now that Wei Suo had agreed, there was no point in hesitating. The moment this idea appeared, he bit down and pressed down. He reached out with his hand and took out a few magic tools.

"Immortal Ascension Platform?" The moment these magic tools were taken out, Wei Suo was slightly startled, because these were clearly space transportation magic tools, and among them, three of them were even Immortal Ascension Sect's Immortal Ascension Sect's Immortal-ranked magic tools. The method of refining this kind of teleportation magic tool was gone from the Immortal Sect. He didn't expect that the Zhangsun clan would have these.

"Earlier, we had some cooperation and deals with the Immortal Execution Archipelago, so we obtained some Immortal Ascension Sect items from them. Of course, they also exchanged some good items from our hands." Zhangsun Jing saw through Wei Suo's intention, and after explaining the meaning behind his words, he immediately said: "We will first leave the Great Sect, and then spread some information out. Then, we will first pass through a few formation arrays, and only then will we be able to use these magic tools once we reach the Profound Sky Continent.

"Let's go, brother. Let's not waste our time talking so much nonsense." We just need to bring Big Brother Wei there as soon as possible. " Zhangsun Xiaoru felt that Zhangsun Jing was being overly talkative, so she looked at Zhangsun Jing with disdain before quickly leaving.

"Big Brother Wei, I told you just now that you should think about it. Just give me something so that I can collect it." Think about it, if you manage to deal with the alien Heavenly Demon this time, if you fall, I won't have a name like you anymore. Pah pah pah, I was wrong. Big Brother Wei, you're so powerful, how could that Otherworldly Demonic Beast be your opponent? If you go, of course, you'll be able to take care of that Otherworldly Demonic Beast … Brother Wei, you better give me something that has a special meaning. It's best if you refine it yourself. " After Wei Suo and Zhangsun Jing rushed out of the sect gates, Zhangsun Xiaoru turned to Wei Suo and said.

"..." Zhangsun Jing almost vomited blood. Her little sister usually looked extremely smart, but why did she seem so stupid in front of Wei Suo? Just a moment ago, she had asked him if he was carrying some kind of treasure bag, did he think that carrying all of them was too tiring? If it were any other time, people would probably think that she was trying to rob the storehouse.

"Alright." Wei Suo felt rather embarrassed to meet such an admirer. He took out a Fireball Talisman and condensed some Water Spirit Essence, leaving a mark on the Fireball Talisman with his name. He pointed at Zhangsun Xiaoru and said, "I made this myself when I was in Spirit Yue City. I'll give it to you."

"Wow, it's time for you to become a small rogue cultivator in Spirit Mountain City! You actually knew how to refine talismans! This talisman is so beautiful, I'm so happy! " When she saw that Wei Suo had actually given her an item that was refined by Wei Suo himself, she was so happy that her eyes turned into two crescent moons, "Big Brother Wei, why don't you tell me more about yourself? Right. And … was that Extreme Yin Godking, back then, really a disguise? "

"Little sister!" Zhangsun Jing couldn't take it any longer. He clenched his teeth and glared at Zhangsun Xiaoru. "Stop nagging at Divine Master Wei. He'll definitely have to make preparations along the way!"

"That's true." Zhangsun Xiaoru felt that Zhangsun Jing was right and stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. After looking at the Fireball Talisman a few more times, she put it away as if it was a treasure.

"God Lord Wei, I just heard you say something about a four-sided seal that would lock down the cauldron. Do you want me to spread the news again and invite all the other restricted masters I can find over there? After all, given how serious the situation is right now, all the sects will definitely come to our aid once they find out." When Zhangsun Jing told Zhangsun Xiaoru not to speak, he couldn't help but ask Wei Suo this question. Although he had invited Wei Suo, he wasn't confident.

"There is no need for that. No matter how powerful a restricted master is now, it is impossible for him to surpass the restrictions set up by those alien Heavenly Demons." Wei Suo shook his head and said, "Rather than that, I might as well try to find some magic treasures and magic tools to withstand the divine retribution."

"God Lord Wei, what exactly do you mean? I'm completely confused. Furthermore, why are you in such a hurry to defend against this divine retribution? " He had no idea what Wei Suo was thinking. He said that he wanted to place many restrictions on the area outside of the black dome of light to lure the alien Heavenly Demon out. This would at least give the alien Heavenly Demon quite a bit of trouble. However, Wei Suo seemed to not be answering his question.

"Nothing, I want to go in. When I can't beat him, I'll cause heavenly tribulation inside." and also use the heavenly tribulation to deal with the alien Heavenly Demons. " Wei Suo looked at Zhangsun Jing and said.

"What!?" is he trying to stir up the heavenly tribulation? " Zhangsun Jing and Zhangsun Xiaoru were so shocked that they almost fell from the sky.

"Big Brother Wei, you're too cool. You even dare to do that. I really admire you." After a while, she was filled with admiration towards Wei Suo.

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