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Lina was shocked because she never expected Ange's actions and words.
Lina and Yale were faking their relationship for mutual benefit, but since they were still close to each other, Lina decided to take good care of Ange.
However, Lina never expected to be considered like Ange's new mother.
Strictly speaking, with Lina's age it wasn't anything wrong with having a daughter, but both of them seemed to have similar ages on the outside since both looked young, so from an outsider's point of view the situation was weird.
Lina didn't know how to reply to Ange because although Lina liked cute girls like Ange and wouldn't mind accepting her as a daughter, she felt that maybe Yale would be angry if she decided to act like Ange's mother. After all, their relationship was fake, and they were faking being a couple, but not a married couple, so Lina didn't need to agree to Ange's words. Of course, the truth about them wouldn't uncover due to such answer either; it was just that Ange was very happy, but she didn't have high hopes.
However, when Lina looked at Ange's pure eyes, she felt that there was no way she could reject Ange's words.
"For now, I am just your father's girlfriend, we have yet to marry, but if you want, you can consider me your mother from now on."
Ange was extremely happy when Lina said those words. Ange always longed for living with a family, but in her past life, her father disappeared too quickly due to needing to reincarnate, and Ange's family after reincarnating had been a mess.
The Roanmad Clan treated Yale very bad and her mother died, so it wasn0t the ideal family in her mind. Even after recovering her memories and remembering that she was Yale's daughter, she always felt that her family was incomplete.
She secretly hoped that Yale would marry someday, and she would be able to have a complete family, but she also knew that Yale never showed interest in romance before. Thus, Ange was very happy when Lina introduced herself as Yale's girlfriend, which led that she acted like that.
Of course, the scene also shocked the rest of the people who saw it. Shirk and Driwna felt that the scene was touching, but Lar and Aizu were scared to death.
After all, Ange never treated them like a mother while she started to act like a spoiled child in front of Lina immediate after meeting her.
Aizu had always seen Ange as a big sister, so she always felt it weird when she learned of Ange's identity. Moreover, that was a huge handicap because Ange considered Aizu like her little sister, so it was impossible for Ange treating Aizu like she treated Lina.
Lar was in a better position since she was in the same position as Ange's original mother, and even tried to act motherly with Ange while they traveled together after being separated from Yale, but it never worked. At that time Lar used her adult form, but that didn't work at all.
The first impression was incredibly important, and the first impression of Ange from Lar and Aizu didn't fit at all with her image of a mother, and even if they managed to marry Yale, Ange would have never treated any of them as a mother.

On the other hand, she felt that Lina was perfectly matching her image of a mother and since she believed that Lina was Yale's girlfriend, she felt that would be alright acting like a child in front of her.
Lina herself understood how it feels not having a mother, but she was unable to treat the new wife of her father as a mother no matter how hard she tried.
Since Lina knew how difficult that situation was, but Ange still accepted her, Lina decided that regardless if Yale and herself stopped being related in the future due to an end of their fake relationship, she would still treat Ange like her daughter.
"I love you, mom!"
Ange was very happy that Lina had accepted, so she grew close to her immediately.
Lina never thought of being a mother before, but she felt happy when Ange called her like that.
The only problem left for Lina was how to explain the situation to Yale. She didn't want that Yale thought that she was trying to win over his daughter to force him to turn their fake relationship into a true one.
"I am happy that you like Lina as your new mother, but now you need to stop acting like a spoiled child because I need to speak with her in private."
No one expected to hear Yale's voice, but it wasn't just his voice, he had just reached that place in time to hear Ange's last sentence.
Yale followed his role in the fake relationship and didn't say something that would uncover the truth, but Lina was still a bit scared when Yale asked to speak alone. She didn't want to trash her relationship with Yale due to a misunderstanding.
Lina felt fear, but Aizu and Lar felt like crying since Yale acknowledged his relationship with Lina without any hesitation.
Yale noticed about that but making them stop pursuing him was still part of the reasons to feigning a relationship with Line, so he didn't mind at all. Moreover, that was for their own sake, so Yale decided to be heartless with them while punishing Lina a bit at the same time.
Yale walked towards Lina who was just freed from Ange's hug and hugged her suddenly.
"I am happy that my beloved daughter likes my beloved future wife. As I expected from the woman I chose, you are perfect."
Yale was just teasing her in public as revenge for her previous act of acting like Ange's mother without his permission while in the process he provoked endless jealousness from Lar and Aizu. In fact, those lines were slightly modified from those that the main character of a romance book that Yale had read in the past.
Ange was happy looking at the scene, while Shirk and Driwna felt that since they owed their own relationship to Yale, they must support Yale's relationship with all their strength.
Lina was doing her best to restrain her emotions when Yale suddenly hugged her. After all, she didn't have experience with men and Yale was completely treating her like a girlfriend, so she was completely embarrassed.
"We need to discuss some important matters; wait a bit for us."
Yale said those words while still hugging Lina, and then he isolated the area where the two of them were. Although they hadn't moved at all, no one could see or hear them.
Yale freed Line before speaking.
"Now, explain. Why did you suddenly become my daughter's mother? We are feigning being a couple, but since we aren't married, you don't have any need to act like Ange's mother. Wouldn't she feel dejected they day she discovers the truth? I know that she longs for a mother, so she is happy now, but that would only make her suffer more afterward. I hope that you aren't planning to use her to force me to marry you or something like that."
Just as Lina though, Yale misunderstood her intentions with Ange
"This is just a misunderstanding! I treated her well because she is your daughter, but when she heard that I was your girlfriend, she asked me if I was her new mother, and I was unable to say no after seeing her eyes. I never wanted a daughter before, but I don't mind adopting her if something happens! My relationship with you didn't matter at all..."
Lina knew that there was no way that Ange would leave Yale to go with her, but it was true that she wouldn't mind adopting her.
"Then, if I die, I will entrust her to you."
Lina was shocked when she heard Yale's words because she didn't say it with that meaning, but in any case, it was true that even without Yale asking for it, she would take care of Ange if Yale died.
"I knew that probably your weakness for cute girls triggered again, but you deserved a bit of punishment. Don't worry I am not foolish enough to think that you have romantic interest on my or that you would try to use Ange to bind me to you. Moreover, seeing how much you like cute girls, I started to think that maybe you don't like men at all."
Yale completely omitted that Lina also hugged him in his kid form because he was a kid after all, and the same applied to Wyba, but Aiwai and Ange didn't look like kids.
"You are wrong! I like cute girls as my sisters, but I haven't any romantic feeling towards them. It is just that I am bad dealing with men since everyone is trying to get some advantage from me..."
Lina was speaking the truth since she just had a problem with bad experiences in the past.
"Don't generalize. I am not doing anything bad to you."
Yale said those words while joking, but Lina blushed when she heard his words. Lina truly didn't know what that feeling was.
Yale though that Lina was embarrassed for having put him in the same pack as the men who harassed her, so he didn't think too much about it.

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